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Glad it worked out great in the end, sometimes all you need is a good talk.
Quote: Originally Posted by PG2G You don't have to dress up to not look poor. Has nothing to do with looking poor, it's just a fact that young people dressed casual get stared at when they're not shopping for casual clothes.
Exactly 7 Km this morning. Going to start picking up my old routine again.
TBH i dont like it at all, there are a lot better coats for the money
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 +1 Especially if you are young and dressed casually. This, I'm usually dressed casual for shopping and I'm 21, so when I'm walking trough a store, especially if it's around the bit more expensive clothes, I always get stared at from the employees, I hate the uncomfortable feeling of being stared at but I hate the idea of having to dress up when buying clothes for dressing up.
I am disgusted by most of these looks, wearing tshirts under button up shirts? come on guys
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff It is so messy for a variety of reasons. Please explain because i cannot see why they are messy, decent stretch boxers don't bunch up at the crotch and at least you don't look like an old man to the ladies.
This could be a matter of cultural difference, Joe Centofani sounds italian, mediterranean people are know for not being as subtle as northern people. If your tailor tells you you are fat, you have two choices, find a subtler tailor or get over the cultural difference.
Same as Timeless Fashion, except those i wear often usually end up anywhere but the shoe rack.
Quote: Originally Posted by binge Pink Floyd NO, seriously just no.
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