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Good beer
Material and construction are my two main priorities. I find that most ties will do a good know though the type of knot might become a factor. I generally don't spend more than $30 or so for a tie though. I might splurge once in awhile if I find something I really like.
I have a coach moneyclip/card holder wallet. I dislike anything that's much bigger
Been looking for the same thing. I've heard rumors of a few good ones in the Little Saigon district but not sure about any names.
Chicken burrito. Needed something a bit basic after a huge French meal yesterday.
This is not only odd but a waste of trees.
Quote: Originally Posted by i killed judas. Financial Advisor here.My best suggestion is to ladder policies i.e. use a term policy for the death benefit and a permanent policy as additional retirement savings. Go for the most you can afford with term, because as you get older, it becomes more expensive. I assume you will have a family, expenses, etc in the future. The term policy will be for the death benefit for your heirs and helping your family...
I have a friend in Treasury Management who had to go over this stuff at some point. Might try finding an old CTP study book or something
My friend had this happened with that brand I believe, he told me he had to wait for it to dry an that helped a bit. Try to avoid running around the locker room with your arms up like he did though.
Use the search bar on top. I've seen this threads like this on several occasions.
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