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Maybe give these a go:
Bovine means the cows went to Bovine University
Hey man, I have a feeling you may be buying those for the brand and probably good price? The shape of those is kinda plain and boring imo, you may aswell fork out a little more for current season derbies if you like the CCP shape. With stores like pnp-firenze and darklands deducting VAT and offering free shipping, they're quite affordable these days.
The ma+ horse back zips were snug as hell on me when I first tried them on. The thing is, I'm usually a US 9.5-10 in most sneakers, but when I go for EU sized shoes/boots I go for 42 which I've always found to be equivalent, sometimes dress shoes seem to fit even bigger and I might need a 41.5. Is that normal for most people or is it just me?
They've actually had them up since 2011FW, they just havn't sold.Those are the same as the ones that I just sold but with the regular 2.0 boot shaft height where as the Sartorialoft version is shorter.
Nah got the 42.Edgein, yeah they're ma+.
Thank you Pnp-Firenze! Really liking the horse leather on these, thinking they will age better than the cow leather Maurizio normally uses.
They have that shape here:
God damn, just got a reply from Sartorialoft saying I can't return them since I was given a sale price. Isn't it a law in the US to allow returns?
Backzips are indeed horse. Quoted from Luigi: (I asked him what he thought about the horse leather used on the new wallets before so you can ignore that part haha) "The leather is a beautiful, very smooth and thick horse leather. Very different from the one he used for his wallets and not shiny. The Horse is also much stiffer compare to the cow leather he uses sometimes. They going to be incredible when they have been worn for a while and broken in. The horse leather in...
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