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HLorenzo has already done it.
Also a calf version with shearling lining:
Yeah I had the same thought when I first saw those on SZ. A few pairs from this collection seems to have changed from her distinctive kinda squared off looking toe shape.Nice buy Eck, did you have a hard time thinking between this one and the version Antonioli has? That one seems really nice aswell.
That red is just so bright, if I were to get a pair of red boots (which I don't think I ever will) I'd go for these instead:
While it's definately not something I would get, the guy's house burnt down and he just wants to replace a jacket he likes.I just want to help the guy out.
I think this might be the jacket you're after:
It's wool:
No idea about the Levi's. Nah I don't read Japanese, I just have a translate button on my toolbar for easy browsing.
Have a browse though here: Edit: This one seems very similar, it's sold out but you can be notified when they restock it. This one I...
Sorry to hear about that, do you have a budget? That style of jacket is quite a classic design and alot of brands have similar jackets. Would you mind something slimmer fitting? As I find that Levi's one to have pretty baggy looking sleeves. If you wouldn't mind paying a bit more, a lot of Japanese brands like Lad Musician, Lounge Lizard, Nonnative would have jackets that would make a good substitiute.
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