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Nice E, you don't vibram the heel on the ma+? Only put a tap on?
I don't thnk it's which period of your life, but more the fact that the leathers from 2011 onwards has been mostly awkward.
Good price on this Attachment leather.
Yeah, on my second pair actually, had them in cow but sold them, regretted that decision so I bought them again but in horse leather.No issues what so ever, the backzips are sturdy as.
Woah, I didn't take a long look at them but I thought they were MA+, now that I look at them longer, the derbies look a little different but the back zips look so similar.
Oh I thought you meant you just received them from Japan and was asking if you got them for Japanese retail, coz that would be damn baller lol.
Japanese retail?
Haha, gotta love a quick trigger finger
MA+, more than what you wanted to pay, but still sick
I think the dry gainy look was what the boots were suppose to look like. Pnp takes pics of items as soon as they arrive so their pics are not of a pair that has been sitting on a shelf.
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