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Excellent price on this Julius leather: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php?/topic/144486-fs-juliuslucleurowjk-44-46/#entry2872087
Also available in the full backzip.
Just e-mail one of their relailers and tell them the design, leather type, colour, size, etc that you want. They will be able to contact incarnation and see if it can be made for you and quote the price.
It would be better to contact one of their retailers about a custom order instead. I've made a custom order through Parable Sydney before. Incarnation won't sell to you directly.
Havn't seen them in person, but they are the same as mine but just in a different colour.A's pics are always great so I'm sure they show the true colour of the boots.I really love the horse leather Maurizio used on these, it still has the same clean look like the cow leather he normally uses but has a darker more rich shade of colour and less matte. On my pair there's some very slight scaring at the heel area and some variation along the shaft, that's perfect for me as I'm...
Yeah the soft sole releases had a really thin sole and the toe shape looks more narrow compared to normal ma+ boots. I wasn't a fan of the 2011ss releases.
Haha not quite, still a fair bit below, but keep in mind the pair at A is the soft sole version. Anyways summer is coming up and I started a new job recently so I'm not really in a hurry to sell them anymore.
Lol you don't often see the bottom of your boots when you wear them. It's the design and toe shape that I like about ma+ boots.
Yeah but I prefer to have it removed and replaced with vibram. The ma+ heel isn't very sturdy and seems like it will wear quite fast.
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