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Any pics of the 13FW boots? Btw mad drop of colours on the CCP drips at Darklands.
Some Julius leathers have fairly short sleeves, such as the 2010SS moto with the holster or the 2009FW leathers with the ecxeption of the lamb nubuck jacket. You can also custom order Imcarnation leathers and have the sleeves made shorter.
Double post
Oops meant to say quote not quite.
I think someone on SZ said he's working for Rick now so not doing his own stuff anymore. Don't quote me on that though
All the fit pics of 10sei0otto leather jackets I've seen look kinda boxy and doesn't seem to have a nice fitting cut. This one looks promising, looking forward to seeing how it looks worn.
It is definately that Julius lamb nubuck from FW09. That selvagejean link was my thread from either SZ or sufu btw.
In sinnedk's case it was a pre-order, all CCP orders are small runs, stores don't make huge runs on CCP, usually 1 or 2 per size. If you want a specific leather, colour, treatment, etc that's not on order then you would need a special order. Price is mostly the same, it's just the wait will be much longer.
God damn 6k, that's more than CCP retail
Sometimes different pairs can vary in sizing in this niche, one size 43 can fit bigger than another for the same model.
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