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Anyone know what leather this is?
I remember hearing years ago that Orlando Bloom was quite a regular customer at Eastern Market whenever he visited Melbourne. Also sometimes he would fly to Melbourne just to go to Eastern Market when they got a piece in that he was interested in.
We all know you're in the other 5% Very nice buy, looks like there's much less upturn in the toe too!
Just go on SZ to see the outfits.
The cordovan cont does look very nice. Must be tedious to put on with slim hems on pants though, I sometimes find it hard zipping up my ma+ back zips with slim hems so I think trying to do up laces would be difficult. Or maybe it's just my big calves lol.
Green is not a primary colour Black deer looks pretty sick.
They seem very durable to me, all the stitching and finishing is done very well as to be expected. The fabric feels nice and dense with some give to it. Some people say the stitching at the hem may come undone over time but mine doesn't show any signs of that at all. Although they're not a pair of jeans I wear very regularly.
My current pants/jeans that I pair with boots: CCP Dead-end jeans BBS P13 wax pressed jeans LUC Signals Washi j-pants Julius destroyed waxed twisted jeans (tapered and shortened for a much better fit) Drkshdw bitter waxed detroits (hardly ever wear as I find them too slim in the thigh/crotch area). Have a bunch of Uniqlo slim jeans in black, grey and olive but I wear them more with sneakers or for work.
Sleeves are way too long for you...
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