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You can go for this oiled lamb version instead: Has the zipper in the middle instead of the asymmetrical design.
No I'm trying through Anchoret.
It's not a definite possibility, just inquiring with an A1923 stockist to see what they can do.
Some may be interested in these
I use FromJapan, you get to control everything so it's easy to use.
Not white but still a light colour: It should be on sale too.
Maybe it's Rudo or Rude Gallery, just try googling those.
The angle of the shot on that blue ma+ looks sick, too bad the sleeves are so long, I just know the sleeves will proabably end up covering my hands entirely. The 13AW BBS overlock looks pretty cool, but the elbows from the back look so weird from ArchiveSF's pics.
Thanks, I'm now trying to see if I can special order a pair in either oiled llama, llama reverse or kudu in that order of preference and then have calf as the last option if those aren't available.
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