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Just wondering what the point is for adding the heel tap on the vibram heel? The vibram heel is pretty thick and isn't going to wear down any time soon and can just be replaced when it does wear down over time.
Fit is good, but probably shouldn't be buying that if you're still growing.
Retail is 157,500 yen There's also the presentation version:
I'm more surprised to see them stocking 20k blacked out Rolex's.
Sartorialoft LA for a physical store and PNP-Firenze for online.
I'd say the toe shape on those are quite different,As for MA+ and C.Diem back zips, all C.Diem back zips have a narrow toe and MA+ have the slight bulb shape. For me the shape of MA+ boots is nothing like C.Diem at all.
MA+ and IS look nothing like Carpe Diem. Their shapes are completely different, although I gotta say IS is looking a bit like MA+ lately. Now Lien, they seem to make reference to MA+ a lot, not just boots but wallets too.
turkeyschmitt if you're after brown boots you should consider those Guidi & Rosellini up there.
First M_Moria boots to hit the classifieds?
Vertice lists them as cracked bison.
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