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Steely Dan = a bunch of melodic geniuses that I would gladly push into a vat of acid.
Quote: Originally Posted by lefty They let Duffy come back and play? lefty I really liked the first movie, but this is gonna be shit. No Willem Dafoe = No chance in hell.
Quote: Originally Posted by ssnyc So I just purchased the dark brown (right) Abington guide boots from Proper, they'll be here in a few days. Maybe a bit hasty since I won't really be wearing them for a while, but decision made. Thanks again for all the input! Post some pictures when you get them. I have a hunch their photography is a little deceiving.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Good question. Just watched the episode. Another snorer. I sure hope the season finale in two weeks will at least be interesting. Anyone think that Bill will try and turn Sam to keep him out of Maryanne's ritual? Can shape-shifters be turned?
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek disappointing episode tonight imo. +1. Worst episode yet. Only redeeming moment was Andy and Jason burying the hatchet.
+1 on Our Legacy. Also: Billy Reid & Rogues Gallery
And, of course, all the No Limit covers:
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll No one is perfect. "Who by Fire" is one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. Cohen's a class act.
Quote: Originally Posted by limping_decorum Is this the girl from Mad Men?
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