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"It's called 'Box Office Poison'"
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak Her name is Frida Gustavsson. Here's another of her: dunelly, the girls you posted look good but you have to post at least somewhat steezy chicks. She looks a lot like this girl... http://papermode.cyanatrendland.com/...-zoo-magazine/
Quote: Originally Posted by Bellum I don't know about you guys but I've been wearing sackcloth and ashes, fasting and self flagellating since Jan 13. Tomorrow I'll ritually cut off my balls. This is no time for me to indulge in hedonism. Thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by somatoform +1 and replace the both of them with 2 straights hours of Fallon.
Quote: Originally Posted by Wolf Among Wolves + Infinity
I don't know, but I'm pretty sure they're not hyphenated.
Thigh measurements on the WWM?
I'll just watch this again: IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view content from an external website. We can not be held responsible for the suitability or legality of this material. If the video does not play, wait a minute or try again later.       I AGREETIP: to embed Youtube clips, put only the encoded part of the Youtube URL, e.g. eBGIQ7ZuuiU between the tags.
I just watched UP, and I don't really get the hype. It was heartwarming, and the animation was beautiful, but something about it seemed a little off to me. On another note, Fantastic Mr. Fox was fucking incredible. After seeing the trailer, I wanted nothing to do with it, but I'm glad I gave it a chance. The perfect medium for Anderson's idiosyncratic "message."
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan ^What I said earlier. What of the above quote is wrong Matt? I merely pointed out that insurance was not an example of socialism, that it is a feature of it and grew from it. Why do you characterize this as stupid? Quote: "...Because when you get 100,000 people together as part of anything, from a union to the AARP, and you say, "Because we have this group actuarially, more of us are...
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