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Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Wish the weather would make up its mind. USN MFSCx2 Cabourn NdG MOMA Still feel like if you're gonna go full Mr. Freedom, you need some proper boots. Those MOMA's look too Kenneth Cole-ish for me. Also, I'd steal that Cabourn like a Starter jacket. Chad
Saw it on Kottke. Reminded me of the whole story behind "Catch Me If You Can."
Quote: Originally Posted by NH_Clark thanks Hussein for putting the brakes on any kind of recovery Hussein? Really? I agree with the sentiment, but you sir deserve a hefty kick in the cooter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire I read that too. One time charge, as they adjust to the new level of taxation. It's not going away, it'll just be incorporated into next FY budget. They did not expect it when they did the current FY budget, but now that they know about it, they must take the charge. So yes, it's a one time "charge." No, it's not a one time cost. Get the F*#@ outta here with your levelheadedness!
Terrance Hayes - Wind in a Box Kevin Young - To Repel Ghosts
His Caravaggio was great.
Quote: Originally Posted by alex99 Anyone know what ever happened to this shirt? I was looking forward to seeing it as part of SS/10 but haven't seen it anywhere. Maybe it never made it to production? Or maybe it has been pushed out? Yeah, look like Adidas, maybe some sort of collab? I'd love to know as well, they look pretty sharp.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim THAT BEING SAID. I still maintain that running around and passing the ball back and forth is not "action". If you distill a soccer match down to the parts where someone makes a really brilliant pass, shoots and scores, makes a spectacular save, or penalty shootouts, you will get roughly the same amount of "action" that you get out of a NFL game. The fact that there aren't breaks in the coverage doesn't mean that...
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