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Quote: Originally Posted by javyn Same thing aren't they? Kinda. Shogun Assassin is a pastiche of a few of the Lone Wolf and Cub variations. If you're just gonna watch one, go with Shogun Assassin. One of my favorite narrator voiceovers of all time.
Lone Wolf and Cub. Shogun Assassin.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 The obvious choice of tie for a navy suit is the traditional wedding tie (lots of threads on that topic in MC). The combination of the relatively formal navy suit and informal seersucker seems a little odd to me. It sounds like you want to coordinate what you and your groomsmen are wearing and I don't know why you'd want to do that. If it were me, I would have them all wear different ties that worked with seersucker. ...
Wedding Attire Question... For my mid-summer wedding, I'm wearing a navy suit and my groomsmen are wearing blue & white seersucker. It all looks great together, but I'm still confused about what ties everyone should wear. I'm thinking something that echoes the seersucker for me, and maybe plain navy for them? If it helps at all, the bridesmaids are wearing coral/pink colored dresses. Any ideas?
My vote: No-hitter on LSD... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dock_El...1970_no-hitter
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto Curious... what do you think would of happened if Barky didn't bailout the top banks? Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto What would of happened if a bank run occurred? People would of panicked and pulled their money, and the FDIC would of had to gotten the taxpayers money from somewhere. But where? Can the FDIC fleece cash from other banks that are not failing, and use it to...
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta the first quote is from luke 17:20, second is from john 18:36, third is from corinthians 6:19 and is not a direct quote attributed to jesus, sorry but i write from memory so the 3rd one is my bad, sort of. but why would you claim i'm not quoting the bible? oh snap? (just checked these on google, out of curiosity. all pretty much correct.)
Quote: Originally Posted by b-ill http://mistercrew.com/blog/2010/03/2...-at-two-years/ Anyone have a pair of the Ultimate Indies in 8 or 8.5? These have convinced me, but looks like Leather Soul is sold out.
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