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Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 The obvious choice of tie for a navy suit is the traditional wedding tie (lots of threads on that topic in MC). The combination of the relatively formal navy suit and informal seersucker seems a little odd to me. It sounds like you want to coordinate what you and your groomsmen are wearing and I don't know why you'd want to do that. If it were me, I would have them all wear different ties that worked with seersucker. ...
Wedding Attire Question... For my mid-summer wedding, I'm wearing a navy suit and my groomsmen are wearing blue & white seersucker. It all looks great together, but I'm still confused about what ties everyone should wear. I'm thinking something that echoes the seersucker for me, and maybe plain navy for them? If it helps at all, the bridesmaids are wearing coral/pink colored dresses. Any ideas?
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Quote: Originally Posted by b-ill Anyone have a pair of the Ultimate Indies in 8 or 8.5? These have convinced me, but looks like Leather Soul is sold out.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Wish the weather would make up its mind. USN MFSCx2 Cabourn NdG MOMA Still feel like if you're gonna go full Mr. Freedom, you need some proper boots. Those MOMA's look too Kenneth Cole-ish for me. Also, I'd steal that Cabourn like a Starter jacket. Chad
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His Caravaggio was great.
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