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right beneath the crotch. i just remeasured, and 11" is more accurate. thanks for keeping an eye out! chad
SOLD SOLD SOLD! Thanks Jamie. Chad
Anybody have a picture of someone actually wearing these? I'm about to go for them, but I'm afraid the heel may be a little high! Chad
Fiorentini + Baker Need some help finding boots similar to these Fiorentini + Baker's...that won't set me back $350 + Thanks in advance, Chad ****My bad if this is in the wrong forum!****
That's about what I figured. I'm kicking myself for not paying attention to my bid! Chad
I've been trawling these forums recently, and I figured you all might be able to help me with this. I was outbid on this bag: Here I was wondering if anyone might have an idea where I can find something like this...they are few and far between on ePrey, at least one of this quality. Thanks! Chad
Any ideas for vintage stores? I'm heading there on Thursday and would love to track down some vintage work boots... Chad (first post...eek!)
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