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The way it's written so far, it seems like Eric is in love/lovers with Godrick. He said he wasn't interested in Sookie, but he's obviously interested in Bill's attachment to her.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Pimp!
Looks like y'all have got some competition: (sorry if this has already been posted...)
Quote: we're going to make babies. ...and she's going to die during childbirth.
I'm excited about the movie, but +1 the sucky trailer comment. What the fuck is up with the trend toward long trailers? The Funny People trailer almost ruined the movie... If you can't sell a movie, especially an animated one, in under 60 seconds, you've got a problem.
What is this TOJ everyone speaks of?
Tell me about it.
Got it. I'm going to make sure to apply before I get that op scheduled. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger neither. the best fitting khaki pants I've tried on are either the rag & bone hughes chinos or the EG bucklebacks, neither of which were great. I think that nobody makes a decent khaki atm. Are you serious?
Thanks for the replies, guys, even the CE-ish stuff going on in the background. Any ideas for places to shop around? I'm not really familiar with this stuff at all. Chad
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