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Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero It's hard to say. It's never been tried. If we wanted we could fit the entire U.S. population in Texas without much problem. Houston and Dallas become the size, scale, and density of Tokyo and New York. Austin, El Paso, and San Antonio becomes new Chicagos and so forth. It would definitely reinvent the nation's living arrangements, but it's completely feasible. You're underestimating how much land there is out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Crakaveli i can't get into the british office. the accents make it hard to follow for me. SUBTITLES.
Like El Rushbo said, "It's not Obama's blackness people are worried about. It's his redness." Ugh.
Quote: Originally Posted by HuffPost Being Greek, I'm partial to Biden's classic use of the Socratic method -- skillfully eliciting facts in a way that lets people connect the dots that show how misguided our involvement in Afghanistan has become. This bitch is retarded.
NVM. JCrew ain't got no Jpgs
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik In this case, letting the market work it out could have meant Dow 3000 and half the industrial sector (which relies heavily on syndicated commercial lending, revolving credit, and commercial paper) in Chapter 11 before Christmas. Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan I don't think so. The market would have been heartened by the decision of Obama not to pull a socialist trigger like...
Drive-By Truckers - Two Daughters and a Beautiful Wife Dirty Projectors - Six Pack She's Hot to Go - Lyle Lovett Einsteain on the Beach (Act III) - Philip Glass Born Together - Plush Shake It and Break It - Son House Believe - Q-Tip Pledging My Time - Dylan Between the Bars - Elliott Smith Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite - The Beatles
Suck it, double post.
Quote: Originally Posted by naaaaate The jaspe t shirt fabric really is amazing, I've never felt anything like it. It's as if they did some special pioneering treatment to it to make it transform more and more from normal cotton to itchy sweater wool every time you wash it. Finally I understand it's hefty price tag, this future science is not cheap! I didn't have this problem, but mine did become toddler-sized after the first wash/dry.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I can't wear a scarf and a t-shirt on a sunny fall day with greatly varying temperatures. The skin showing between the scarf and the (too) tight v-neck is the problem. Wouldn't a light jacket/cardigan be more versatile, not to mention stylish? You're in great shape, but you seem to think a good fit means squeezing into the tightest clothes you can manage. I think your looks would benefit by loosening up the...
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