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The tag doesn't say, at least not one I can find. I might be looking in the wrong place? They fit similar to APC rescues. Straight-ish, definitely not bootcut. Let me know if you're interested! Chad Quote: Originally Posted by To Sir, with Love Which model Spurr are these? Straight, boot cut?
Quote: Originally Posted by kixslf Gitman hyr Filson tg Uniqlo Visvim excuse my fucked up shirt... I'm all for the roll, but that shit looks awkward as hell.
RRL's sold.
I can't stand Hurricane.
Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
By the tone of your responses in this thread, you don't seem like you're ready for a relationship of any kind. Might as well try being single for a while if that's what your gut/penis is telling you. Just calling it like I see it.
PM sent. Are these sold? Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888 Where do they fit on your toe. I just got some 7.5's that I am convinced are too long...drives me nuts My great toe comes JUST to the white stitching closest to the end of the boot...they seem to fit everywhere else, but just be strangely too long....bummer.....can't imagine I would wear a 6.5, but maybe I would in this shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mauro ^^wtf!?! tara is getting annoying she needs to get 86'ed +1.856 ^ 10
APC Rescue - $90 Shipped Preemptive hem job. Worn around the house 5 or 6 times in a desperate attempt to stretch them out. Minimal wear on the inside of the thighs. Waist: 16" Thigh: 10.75" Knee: 8.75" Hem: 8.25" Inseam: 29" (hemmed) Front Rise: 10.25" Back Rise: 13" RRL Straight Rigid Selvage Denim - SOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLD Way too small for me. Mismeasured eBay purchase. Bummer, as these are really cool jeans. Incredible construction and...
Those wing/aviator jackets are so dope. Anyone know who carries them (and in what colors) in the US?
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