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Or Sufu Bill: Quote: Originally Posted by Brutus Kind of looks like JDMay.
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 Cake with a shiv or AK-47 inside so I could make a last stand. Or maybe a stripper cake? I like your style...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Because it might take many more phone calls and more than 12 weeks to get your pair? Precisely.
Anyone know if/when we can expect the Russel collab to drop? Think it'll be exlusive to the Liquor Store?
I'd abuse her like a coffee machine in an office. (quote from the song...)
They're all over the place. Just google: stream true blood the first or second link are usually legit.
Anybody in New York up for stopping by the store to pick up a catalog?
Already got em!
Can anyone tell me anything about this bike, besides the fact that it's nearly perfect?
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