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Either I don't get the whole Philip K. Dick thing, or this really was just a bad film. One of the few movies where I've felt a need to check the reviews afterwards, just to make sure I wasn't the only one. I tend to agree with these reviewers: "Help, I'm being followed by super-human salesmen in cardigans and hats!" "Cradled in Damon's solidly reliable hands, even a movie as extravagantly silly as this one gains heft and credibility, an impressive accomplishment when you...
Thanks for suggestions, all, and keep 'em coming.
I'm helping out with the redesign of a men's clothing website and would love to know what your favorite e-commerce sites are. The best interface? The easiest to navigate? The most unique/interactive web experience? The one you return to most often? Any and all suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance, Chad
This threak...
Can anyone id these shoes?
BiG easurements, since they've been soaked. Thanks, Chad
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 this show sucks balls he is a dreadful actor, his delivery is like Forrest Gump Kunk, There's thus place neurosurgeons call "the apricot," where the spinal cord meets the brainstem...
I have one I'd be willing to get rid of. It's been used like crazy for about a year. PM for pics if anyone's interested.
Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism I have to revive this thread. I, too, find it so damn annoying that everywhere I turn people (and respectable literary institutions, mind you) are singing Freedom's praises. What a shitty book. Franzen sucks. He's a pretentious, arrogant prick. And a crappy author.
So, I got married in June of this year. I also just accepted a new job offer, so I'm filing out a new W-4. Problem is, I'm the first one to fill it out as "Married Filing Jointly" and I'm totally confused. Mainly because my wife makes nearly 3x as much as I do, and my suggested "additional witholdings" are way way way too high. Like, 85% of my check each pay period. Now, the reason it's so high is that it asks me to divide by the remaining pay periods in 2010,...
New Posts  All Forums: