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I've got a three piece shooting suit, but it's not Bespoke. I bought it for my first pheasant shoot in Exeter about a decade ago. Since that time, I've been on probably 3 shoots in the Borders (Kelso area). Pheasant shoots in Great Britain are elaborate affairs, even though you can get muddy. You wear a dress shirt and tie, vest/waistcoat, suit coat and knickerbocker style pants. You wear long socks and hold them up with flashes:...
In New York City, you could stop by Leffot. . .order a pair of Alfred Sargent jodhpur boots in suede. f.w.i.w. . .you mentioned you wanted to buy from a European website. . .Alfred Sargent are made in England.
I agree with the above posters. . .Patek
Well. . .I've actually worn a jacket like that while pheasant hunting the Borders. I think it would make a nice day coat while crusing the countryside. Don't think anybody would notice. Probably not something I would show up at the office wearing.
When I suggested the Crockett and Jones Northcote, I didn't realize you were looking for a hiking type boot. If that's the case, then I would highly suggest the Vasque Sundowner. I've had a pair for about 12 years and have put many miles in them, including several safaris in Zimbabwe. They hold up to a great deal of punishment and still clean up very well with a little polish.
Check out the Northcote at Barneys. . .It's made by Crockett and Jones and you can get them in brown. The toe is more like the 337 last than the boot pictured in your link.
Those are fantastic looking boots! Or, Foster and Sons: I've got a pair of the Sloane in chestnut calf.
The OP also asked about Foster and Sons and George Cleverley. I've got a pair of Chelsea boots from each company. They are Ready to Wear and made by Crockett and Jones. I think they're pretty nice boots.
I use my Rolex Sub as my weekend beater watch. For what it's been through for about 20 years, it's a great value.
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