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^whats more stupid is why didn't you just email Charly to ask?
^why not? it's a nice lubricant...
dead on ceoceo.
Looks good dbear! The leather looks nice and thick in the pic.
Looks real good Funksy! Looks great on the hanger as willy said.
Totally agree with this!
Artishard you're selling your bcdr?! That's a crime dude, it fits you really well and it's a awesomely hip yet versatile jacket!
^It's actually just right under my hip bone (or lack of, hip bone). It doesn't fall down, I swear!
Alright, sorry for the long ass delay. I have been swamped and haven't had time to setup a tripod to take a pic. Here is something for the overtime battle between Synthese and I. BCDR this time. Sorry for my lack of a butt
^They are nice if done right, I don't see whats so wrong with a hoodie on a leather jacket.
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