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Holy Moses. Just got a sneak preview at the Gimeno Tebas. This is gonna be fun. Check it :
Don't make me post.
you just got @DerekS excited.
Heads up - Arriving this week : 83 NWT Justo Gimeno Teba jackets (read about it in a great article by @dieworkwear here ) Will do a preorder with quick and dirty pics when they arrive. about 8 different patterns and clothes, sizes from 46-54. Also 50 NWT Brioni, Isaia, etc suits. Not sure of sizes etc on those yet but will keep you posted. And if anyone is a 8.5/9 US shoe size, check my last Instagram post (those Alden shell's are a 12 though)
making a better effort to post some pics. I have like 600 on my phone that I havent posted, uploading just takes so long. So trying this. Today : Arc'Teryx Susu wool vest (scared to try on, may keep) Recent T&A Insane full pony skin fur coat (mens) PRPS selvedge "Goslings" tie made for Black Seal rum by (duh) Goslings Bermuda Fake Birkin for my kid
RealSHIRT pocket? How the fuck do the pricers miss that weight in a SHIRT pocket?
about 1700sf, 60% of it is retail.
Yes real Hermes Paris Heavy Silk Woven Navy Blue Pink Signature H Mosaic Silk Tie France 758919T
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