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The Plokhov? Its not that crazy, its pretty awesome. Will get you measurements today - but it fits me pretty well, hence my slight reluctance to sell it So, about a 40.
good afternoon!
I hope you listed that Hermes as lucky tie.
please stop talking to my wife.
Did you open your secret santa already? Are you celebrating Diwali?
id like to know how you are the only other one awake at this hour. And the SD card thing. haha
Very. But in Marinella, that just means "classic".
SAMPLER PLATTER 12 NOVEMBER 15 1. Barbour Liddesdale Coat 2. Vintage Versace Silk Shirt 3. Vintage Madame Gres Silk Scarf 4. NWOT Deadstock Vintage Versace Towels 5. Lord’s Cashmere Intarsia Sweater 6. Lot x 3 John Elliott Hoodies 7. Loro Piana 100% Cashmere Sweater 8. Awesome Ties 9. Saint Laurent Paris Distressed T Shirt 10. Engineered Garments Mosaic Shorts NOW LIVE
Mine is super bloated. But GarageSale, the program I use to upload, only takes in pics from iPhoto (AFAIK), so…..
you might want to block this scammer. probably a women's only buyer but still. Bought these shoes had a brand new heel like this - says she got this files and wins a case but the dipshit forgets to upload tracking for her fraudulent claim, so overturned in my favor. Suck it.
New Posts  All Forums: