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^ that's a fine package you put together there, my friend.
You're forgetting I purchased something from you.
Yup. Or similar. In the fall, theres at least 5 rolling rack's worth. They stopped putting out new jackets maybe 3 weeks ago, and all thats left now are 3 or 4 moth eaten Jos A Bank pinstripe orphans in like 64 US Long.
I would report such malicious behavior of a SF user to Fok @LA Guy He will bring the smacketh of the bad santa.
Cheers Murl.
That is real.
Also a real quick fuck you to the thrift stores that REMOVE all suits and jackets when spring comes because "nobody wears those" in warm weather.
Not on the buy side but on the sell side : One of my long time clients is a porn star. Theres Buzz Bissinger. A few lotharios, degenerates, and nefarious personalties round out the rest. (besides you guys)
New Posts  All Forums: