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Thanks etsy!
^^ size tags are taken out of most - happy to measure to be sure. the ones that did were L's.
@sashae that chanel scarf is fake dude.This was all legit fruit hanging on the trees. I fruited the fuck out of it! But it was more of a pull over a manager and haggle a bulk discount (very successfully )great movie.im not PD but the spoilered batch is all no's. The Stud one is so fucking awesome and i want it
Not really, I'm a pleasant guy! New guy, extreme high bids, way past market value. This is how some people get their rocks off.and +1 to HB - people love it.
auctions ending in a half hour, tons of screaming deals to be had still! http://www.ebay.com/sch/balearic1/m.html?_ipg=50&_sop=10&_rdc=1
Ive got the two most epic pieces remaining, saving for fall, and will take on tour with the trunk show!would love to see a fight!
i just filed 18 unpaid cases which closed against him - don't predict him being a registered user much longer.
HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT can you imagine my conflict in the store?!spilling a little out for my homie Thrift God tonight as I dance in 15mil15. I hope one of you is blessed equally tomorrow.
highly suggest blocking this one, who wins 20 auctions worth $1500+ and never pays.
IIRC 3.5"Varying between 54-56 L EU.
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