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I dilly Dally I ran through the Alley I bumped into this hooker named Sally From the Valley
Around the shop…we open on Tuesday (finally!)
is grenadine is corneliani
X-post from the SWD B&S, Ive got 8 pairs NIB, sizes 8-12. I think my reputation here speaks for itself. $1250 each, shipped anywhere in the world.
Title says it all. I think my reputation here speaks for itself, all sizes from 8 - 12, brand new in box, 110% legit. $1250 shipped anywhere.
It was like 700lbs, but close enough This is awesome.
So, I'm going to be doing all this on insta and over in SWD, but Ive got pretty much a full size run (8 and up) of NIB Yeezy 750 Boost Glow's (6/11 release date) that Im selling for $1250 a pair.(not my picture)If anyone is interested in a pair at that price or very very close, let me know - and if you know someone that may be interested if not yourselves, let me know and ill send a finders fee to you!
TRIAL BY FIRE 15 SEPTEMBER 16 1. Maurice Juilan Silk Twill Madder Paisley Ring Belt (one of several) 2. 1940s Bakelite Bridge Green Glass Aviator Sunglasses 3. Gravati Alligator Belly Ghillie Laced Shoes 4. Invertere Alpaca Bearcat coat 5. Barneys Made by Caruso Cashmere Blend Jacket 6. Vintage Crewel Emboidered Robe / Dressing Gown 7. Vintage Made in Iran Persian Resistance Dyed Silk Scarf 8, Anderson & Sheppard Bespoke Tan Pants 9. Tiffany & Co. Sterling...
Ooooooh killem!
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