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i know… thats a keeper though. but thanks!
$25 for everything here, plus some more keepers for the wife and kiddo for tagging along. vintage maltese cross embellished milk crate plus 4 1930s-40s era tobacco cans schiaparelli scarf, liberty PS, CD/Optyll non prescription shades, Seiko made in Japan pure titanium glasses, pigskin wallet Two books for me, on the left is perhaps @330CK's life story japanese unfired zippo
Fuck yeah. 1973 bill graham original. Fifty cents. Keith moon overdose show
Sure, why not.
Love you Dr.liv, but 1000% disagree. Call to escalate the case on basis of that extortion, you win, he can't return it, he can't leave feedback, and done.
So pissed this doesn't fit.
who are my Mercedes people in size M again? @TheNeedMachine ? I found this : http://shop.mercedesamgf1.com/men-s-softshell-jacket.html With an AMG instead of the logo in the link, size M. Trying to pass on my good Car-Ma for the Maserati jacket inbound to me if anyone wants it.
Shout out to you for a sick pair of shades trades!https://instagram.com/p/4Cs6TvIGjy/?taken-by=luxeswap
read this while drinkingshowed restraint
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