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Skin shoes are expensive because you need two animals to make a symmetrical pair. Gator belly shoes as an example. They only have one belly, so you need two skins, so double the price. Ostrich you can usually get away with one skin (same with ostrich leg - 2 legs) because they're big and the same all over. but if you want to cheap out on a skin shoe (stacy adams, mezlan, etc), you patchwork the skins and you can get the most out of one. Or you make mismatched pairs by...
CORRECTION - 7 UK, were looking for a 7 UK.The first time I gave a piece to my wife, she said it felt like polar fleece, shrugged, and walked away. I however strongly consider it a bucket list item. I have a scarf and a sweater made of pure vicuna and theres nothing like it.I thought of this, and asked @edmorel to make me a tie but he told me that the fabric may be too old to fold, have inconsistencies in the color from the sun, and seam marks if a swath big enough cant be...
SAINT CRISPINS FANS IN A 7.5 UK If you're interested in something, PM me.
dark, dark charcoal.
one more week.
lol ^ working up some teaser pics of this weeks stuff in a bit…
Another great shoe - I had these up at 899 but marking down for SF members to 725! Deets here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-Saint-Crispins-Brown-VNA-Leather-402-Balmoral-Shortwing-Boots-Shoes-8-F-A1P-/361636847333?hash=item54333c5ee5:g:OEYAAOSwXeJXfuSj
Hey guys - I had these up on the bay at 799, but discounting here for my SF people at 625. Deets in the link below! http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-Edward-Green-England-Mink-Suede-Silverstone-Boots-Shoes-888-8-5-9-D-A1P-/311652120894?hash=item488fe9f93e:g:-SsAAOSwRQlXfuSi
Nobody else was mildly aroused at the Frank Clegg bag?
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