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yep, strippers tit.
in my closet
Business owners don't get vacations. Just more relaxed paced, drunker work with better views.
lots. 25 models or so, easy 30 shirts. some of which i have to sell/donate that don't fit. 10-15 hoodies. 10 hats. some shoes… goes on.
one time i brought a go pro to a thrift run and taped the process. mounted it to the cart handle. it needed polishing to be sure, but i couldn't save it as a half hour of HD shooting took up too much space on my drive.
this may be accurate, sure. i went to an estate sale last weekend where it advertised a "house full of mens clothing" and it was a house full of mall brands. the only things i found were two shitty Lucchese boots and a 1990s Gucci tie. i bring them downstairs and she says she's giving me a bargain at 160. I laugh in her face and literally drop them on the floor and say "look at ebay".some of my best consignors, who thrift themselves and those who purchase at full retail...
lol fueco
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