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You can, sure - but it wouldn't go live with the rest of the batch, it would be a few weeks later. You can list it at any format you like - doing the same style listing was just a suggestion. List however you prefer. There will be (hopefully) tons of exposure on the items, and feel free to promote them in this thread, social media, etc.
I don't know if they still do, but they used to sell Huntsman RTW.
Guys, please see this and participate if you can. Its important to me. http://www.styleforum.net/t/525112/forbrian-rip-hbkshin-styleforums-help-needed-to-aid-the-family-of-a-fallen-brother
IMPORTANT Im counting on you guys here. http://www.styleforum.net/t/525112/forbrian-rip-hbkshin-styleforums-help-needed-to-aid-the-family-of-a-fallen-brother I was going to PM everyone who liked the original post, but its over 65 of you, so I know you're reading, please help out and sell something with me.
Guys, you may have seen this posted in the thrift thread a few weeks ago, if you follow it but its below again : [[SPOILER]] Brian, known here on StyleForum as @hbkshin had a very long history with us on the thrift thread. He was a fantastic thrifter, with a great sense of humor, and phenomenal photography skills. He was an awesome guy to (digitally) know, and I'm sure even better IRL with his friends.Unfortunately, Brian took his own life recently.A friend of his had...
slam dunk. PM inbound.
Both suit and jacket are about a 40 R (fits me, but sleeves too short). G&G are 8.5F UK.
^^ Link to listing?
Good looking out concealed. Owe you a beer.Third one down is 15 grenadines.
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