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shit, i woulda bought that.
got invited to go to someones multi-million dollar home today and do their wife's closet. That was super fun! Not a whole lot of win in there, but I like where this is going.
Come on by!21 Berry Hill RdOB, NY11771Bring it man! Would love to have you. And thanks for that, its a sick coat.Thats so crazy how small the world is.
About a 38/40 R borderline S.Upton!GTFO. Really?
and if anyone is curious about the be speaker…. James John Simon Yorke was born on 1 September 1912.1 He was the son of James Hamilton Langdon Yorke and Violet Mary Vincent.2 He married Bridget Essex Curteis, daughter of Admiral Sir Alban Thomas Buckley Curteis, on 29 July 1938.1 He died on 30 April 1963 at age 50.1 He fought in the Second World War.1 He gained the rank of Captain in the service of the Royal Navy.1 He was decorated with the award of the Distinguished...
Wow, thank you man, I appreciate that!Thanks so much!
This just in.
Ermm, not 100% sure about those. That shape looks way clunky, the Loub D'Orsay is a really sexy shoe. More pics?
your lips to gods ears
I met him a few years ago and he signed for me. Didnt even flinch when I said "to spoo". haha.
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