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Do you sell the furniture or is everything a keeper?If you need room, ill take the RL chesterfield
random italian, not worth the flip IMOwhere do you put all this shit?
@noob in 89
indeed. a failed experiment which took about 40 days to grow a 5:00 shadow.
that was exactly our contention - that it lost the mom and pop feel of a community garage sale. and we were right. i have to dig up the thread if you feel like reading about our contentions with the new format, but we were all mostly right, from memory.
its not a sale until someone buys it.
i mean, where can you find deals like this today?!http://www.styleforum.net/t/254544/drops-kiton-7k-leather-reversible-coat-52-pal-zileri-silk-fur-leather-coat-56and, look at me an Noobster in the same thread 4 years ago
that sugarbutch is doing acid again.or, your top half of the outfit is of lighter color than the southern (pants) half.
it was a major thing in CM B&S back at the site switch. threads used to be bumped like here in CM. when that stopped, there was a major uprising and lots of the major sellers there stopped posting deals. and, at all, actually.
B&S used to be the most epic of places to get deals. I mean epic deals. All of us old WAYWRN guys used to do closet unloads there for peanuts. Once the site switched over and you couldn't bump threads anymore, that was the end of that. Man, it was the wild west back 5 years ago.
New Posts  All Forums: