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I just found me a cheapies entry.... HOOOO MUFUGGA
Shoot for the stars!
Also found this Christmas ornament.
SWAG 13 OCT 16 1. Polo Ralph Lauren Patchwork Indian Bleeding Madras Jacket 2. NWT Maison Martin Margiela Pigskin Suede Trucker Jacket 3. NWT Brunello Cucinelli Linen Peak Lapel Sport Coat 4. Kata Made in Italy Wood Inset Black Aviator Sunglasses 5. NWT Amiri Blasted Distressed Motorcycle Jacket 6. Yeezy Glow 750′s 7. Givenchy Minotaur Backpack 8. Vintage Surrey 100% Vicuna Overcoat 9. NWOB Brooks Brothers Black Fleece / Crockett Jones Shell Cordovan / Suede...
Theres a bunch of other guys here. But this is my job. This is how I pay my mortgage, my car payments, my dinners, my clothing bills (not in that order lol). And every job Ive ever had before becoming a business owner, Ive exceeded expectations far beyond anything that was ever required of me. Im an OCD Scorpio with an awesome personality and Im very lucky. I spend 18 hours a day either thinking about becoming rich or doing things to make me richer, smarter, or better at...
who's ready to party?
Real and old.
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