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this is the charcoal windowpane. my bad above
Heres some quick and dirty shots - first impressions : definitely true to size, Im wearing a 50 in all of these except the last one which is a 52 and im wearing a sweater underneath super comfortable all of them are spring weight, except the grey windowpane and the last tweed which are early fall the French jersey is super spongy and thick, a really nice cloth! I think I have to buy them all charcoal windowpane navy fresco green teal windowpane cigar windowpane...
London guys - Be safe.
you do have to look at every single one though
for sure, one is a sick navy jersey. Gimme a bit, working on still unpacking / inventorying and ill throw a few pics up.
oh man these things are nice
FTFYAs @voxsartoria would note, a room usually has 4 walls.....
One of each, obviously!Tracking says they are a few hours away. Im excited.
Not a single one!@dieworkwear +1 if youre looking for side work, HMU.Dads and Grads suit event starts a week from Thursday. Attolini, Brioni, Kiton, Canali, Zegna, many many more. over 85 suits!50+ NWT Brioni and Isaia and more arrive in late this week85 Justo Gimeno Teba jackets should arrive tomorrowAny smaller guys 36ish keep an eye out for this Thursday's auctions, theres tons and tons of stuff in all category, mostly supplied by my long time forum friend @clee1982 in...
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