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Oh my god it's happening to me
Which one of us will be blessed by the "Thriftening 2015™" today?
note to self - always double check spelling before publishing a "Cuntess Mara" tie. That O makes a big difference.
^^ I edited your post and spoilered the pictures for you.
yeah the comedown after one of those hauls the next time out is pretty fucking ruining.heres a storywhen i played semi full time poker, i went up to foxwoods for the weekend, for a WSOP tournament. my friends and i paid the $500 entry fee and decided to play a cash game while we waited (4 hours or so) for the tournament. i sat down at a 5/10 no limit table and was up about 3K in a half hour (the equivalent of bandits haul pretty much, in terms of the high). flopped set...
the answer is always Rob Ford.
when that shit happens to me, the initial scan of the rack gives me a little chub, knowing there are some potentially good patterns therethen that first label turns and its boaner time, we've got a winnersecond label turns, raging fucking boaner, vision gets blurry,third label turns, light headedness occurs, trembling sets in, thinking already about posting on SFif theres a 4th I'm not even looking, I'm a thrift god, soaring above the clouds, unstoppable, and know that...
i want torchys tacos.
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