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I have never been more tempted to use my dubious powers, which include editing thread titles as I have now.
hey hey there buddy!
SPREAD LOVE ITS THE BROOKLYN WAY 14 MAY 15 1. Buzz Bissinger’s Ostrich Skin Jacket 2. NWT Epaulet NY Thorpe Varsity Jacket 3. Buzz Bissinger’s Ashy Distressed Leather Motorcycle Jacket 4. A Trio of Italians, Brioni Cashmere Herringbone, Brioni POW, Kiton Cashmere Linen 5. Vintage Barrie Ltd. Shell Cordovan Bluchers 6. Epaulet Kelly Green Pants (one of several) 7. Hermes Geometric Tie (one of many, many super examples this week) 8. Danilo Carraro Green Wire...
Pit to pit 21.25"Sleeves from shoulder seam 25.75"Shoulder seams across 18"Across Waist 20"Length from BOC 30.75"PANTSAcross Waist 16.5"Across Hips 20.75"Inseam 31.5"Cuff height 0"Extra material under cuff 2"At cuff 8.25"Rise 12"
@jompso i mean this so seriously - i think you are a wildly talented writer who has a superb way of communicating a modern, street slang infused story intertwined with a strong point of view in a compelling manner. if you can figure out a way to sift out a lot of the detritus that comes with free flowing thought, you could have something going for you. Why don't you consider a tumblr to put down some of these thoughts?
Yeah man, link us when you list them.
my new favorite subliminally sexual term to use in listing titles is "Maxi Plaid". My all time favorite, while not used in titles but rather as a term of endearment to other menswear aficionados, is "ErmeneDildo Zegna". Never gets old.
Its just a normal 3 fold ( the PS) but lovely indeed!PM me your offer - I have to present them to the consignors, so I can't answer the question of "how much do you want for this", I would have to take your offer to the consignor to say "hey, so and so wants to buy that tie for xxx pre-ebay, are you interested?"
Thank god they got Looney Tunes involved to redeem themselves!
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