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hahahahah you don't forget shit!gatsby was on the gold coast of long island, not connecticut btw
halfway through a stags leap cabernet, grab a glass(riedel, discount)
still junk drunk and drunk great day great great day
So, i wake up this morning at the crack of my ass at 3:15, get some work done and realize I'm fucking exhausted around 10 when i finished. My wife asks if we are going to the thrift store, and I say nah, I'm not in the mood, maybe lets check out some estate sales. OK cool, good idea. Went to the first stop and its fill a basket for $50. Fun stuff. Found about 5 baskets worth, before the prince charming discount : rose quartz, crocodile, sterling silver cufflinks j press...
dude wait for this post its going to take me 45 min to do
Still going
I'm on fire
I picked the right weekend to road trip to CT then!1116 Ocean DriveMiami Beach, FL33139
ramen festival sounds awesome.
no hunting pee smelling tigers for you then.
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