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great, one more thing for the memory banks.
moved to B&S - please check there for further updates. Thanks all!
[[SPOILER]] TIES- all ties are between 3.25 and 3.75 except the gallo knit is 3. most are 3.5 and have rarely been worn.marinella yellow neat - 59battistoni wheat neat - 29dolce & gabbana wheat with red stripe - 19morty sills england green purple neat - 25morty sills x john comfort green elephants - 25morris italy brown neats - 25drakes x ls ancient madder maroon diamond (xlong about 67") - 59kiton steel blue w/ orange stripe 7F - 69morty sills blue/red diamond neat - 25j...
please head over to the vintage thread. amazing.
I didnt know you lived in Manassas.
How fast was the first plane traveling?
Wow. Yes.
This post can be moved to WAYWRN and still apply./vox
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