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I tell this to customers at least 5x a week and 4 out of 5 times they cant figure out how to do that. So annoying. I wish eBay would make that process a little easier on the buyers end to figure it out.
put some respek on his name
Got the photos all set. Im busy as shit today with shipping, so Ill drop the sale tomorrow morning. But in the meantime, heres the pics.
That NWT Deadstock Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren 98% Cashmere Martini Tuxedo Bear Sweater is incredible. Keep us posted on that.
Boogie Nights donut scene is probably his finest work.
I had a Spano end tonight at $375. Thats nuts.
Thats the newest label too!
So, heres my weekend, which Im happy with. Giacomo de Senese tie is awesome, its burnout velvet but its hard to see in the pics. Small guys, that swatch of solid classics with pois linings are all indochino bespoke samples and are small. Sunglass haul this weekend was crazy, B&L shooters with the Bakelite bridge (in peach!) are probably 50s. Ensign aviators are green mineral glass and probably 60s. Plaid jacket with the blue overcheck is cashmere. Cole Haans are made...
damn just missed the record tonight.
Auctions popping in about 30 minutes guys. Don't forget about the rich + clean promos, and to message me before paying (preferably through the auction you win) for your SF shipping rate!
New Posts  All Forums: