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I haven't had a POP in probably 6 months but caught one today and its my size and im very excited about it. got to take pics of all my shit tomorrow morning.
Was waiting for you bruh. Pretty warm but not an inferno. Warmer than a waxed but not too hot.Can one of you guys who got one already either a. post pics or b. comment on heat?
YUSSSSsadly (or not so for my smaller guy contingency) most of my Liverano sending peeps are below a 40.
(barely) preowned and ultimately for auction but certainly would like to sell pre-auction to one of you fine folk.
Navy pinstripe, IIRC. Theres more too. Chan bespoke 3 pieces.......Liverano bespoke tweed jackets....just opened the box, still trying to get these Barbour out of the way first!
Your poasting habits lately have been very 2014, if I must say.
Pics! Should arrive today!No sir. You have plenty of Brunello to keep you busy.46 EU!
I aim to please.Too bad I cant fit all these Ring Jacket and Dalcuore suits that came in too.
THE DANDYMAN CAN 12 JANUARY 17 1. Alan McAfee London Bespoke Seamless Front Alligator Shoes 2. Brioni 100% Linen Blue Double Breasted Jacket 3. Valentino x Jean Michel Basquiat Sequin Handbag 4. Bullock & Jones Wool Blend Jungle Paisley Shirt 5. Asprey London Deep Red Corduroy Pants 6. Polo Ralph Lauren Silk Shantung Double Breasted Shawl Collar Blackwatch Tartan Jacket (WOW) 7. Brunello Cucinelli Mottled Blue Wool Overcoat 8. Vass Shell Cordovan Double...
New Posts  All Forums: