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so back to my Thriftening ™ for a second - i think this is up there with one of the most diverse, expansive, Savile Row saturated hauls of both this thread and the old thread. Serious. Ive got shit from 1904 - 2014. I realize this is useless without pictures but its going to take me at least 3 hours to even take iPhone shots and upload them so bear with me. #norolexTrolex
FIFTH GRADE? Damn I feel old haha
Which one do you have? I have a the Zegna centennial suit and would love the right tie.
got married there! took the baby back for our 2 year anniversary.
BE YOU 1 OCT 15 1. Polo Ralph Lauren Suede Jacket 2. Ermenegildo Zegna 15milmil15 Jacket 3. La Matta Unlined Suede Shirt 4. The Armoury Wool Cardigan 5. Ring Jacket Plaid Jacket 6. Kiton Pure White Shirt 7. Gustin Selvedge Denim 8. Common Projects Achilles Low 9. Sulka Silk Ascot 10. Loro Piana 100% Cashmere Scarf NOW LIVE
comforters are greatchairs are great
pics tomorrow need to finish 75 auctions in 30m and drinking but FUCKING WOW tease - he was a 50+ year second generations A&S client thats all ill say thats cashmere
Probsbly 150 pieces
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