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Me too. I picked it up because I thought it was cool and Ive heard the name but had no idea that this type of jacket/line was so expensive. Along with another 15 Corneliani/PRL jackets, etc etc. Crazy friggin weekend dudes. Crazy.
Not least of which the 20+ NWOT ties from Drakes, Charles Hill, Breuer and more...
Glad I went back out today. Back to the scene of Fridays crime and a fresh restock of Polo. Another 35 pieces. And, this gem, which could be one of the best finds of the year for me, hopefully. Chado Ralph Rucci 100% double-faced cashmere couture cocoon coat. Sales usually go for 4 figures and up. Fingers crossed.
I have a thread first a cherry pop and if it sells the way I think it will, a HOF nom for myself. Not menswear. Still going
Is it bad that if I still haven't even got all the 150 items I got less than 48 hours ago unpacked, that I want to go out and get moar?
NEW PROMO FOR AUCTIONS ENDING TOMORROW, AUG 17th I have a ton of great stuff ending tomorrow - about 270 auctions, including about 100 stellar ties. If a SF member wins either/or - 10 or more items or a hammer price of $500 or more, you get a free Drakes x LuxeSwap tie! If you win 15 or more items or $750 or more, you get 2 free Drakes x LS ties and one of them is a grenadine. Links all in my sig, really take a deep look, some of the best stuff I have had in a long...
That was made to commemorate the WS store opening downtown. Very nice find.
PM sent.
Nat, how is it being a dad, by the way?
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