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had that in green years ago.
Zileri is a 56 L.The 44 Zegna jackets are all either 54 R, 54 L, 56 R, 56 L - most have their tags cut out but one guy was pretty darn consistent through the years.
grande size, 44 x 22 x 22
Thanks etsy!
^^ size tags are taken out of most - happy to measure to be sure. the ones that did were L's.
@sashae that chanel scarf is fake dude.This was all legit fruit hanging on the trees. I fruited the fuck out of it! But it was more of a pull over a manager and haggle a bulk discount (very successfully )great movie.im not PD but the spoilered batch is all no's. The Stud one is so fucking awesome and i want it
Not really, I'm a pleasant guy! New guy, extreme high bids, way past market value. This is how some people get their rocks off.and +1 to HB - people love it.
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