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He's got felonies on his record mang. Didn't pass the background check.
S/O to umlauts
Love that!but these guys are picking up crap, at least give me some suspense.
These jokers got a tv show and are in serious contemplation to buy a coffee mug and here I am with a ferrari out back.dafuqIf you're speaking about sports, you are speaking greek to me. It sounds like I'm going to use some Kiton jackets to dry my car?
TV ALERT Thrift Hunters on Spike TV in 20 minutes. Cant wait to see what these yodels do.
My bad wrong pic
Insane tie haul in progress Still drinking
I have a chauffeur and I'm drunk thrifting Watch out New York Hide yo vicuñas Hide yo attolinis
Still goin
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