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So a few weeks ago, when thrifting with Wes and found an original sketch, by E. Stewart Williams from 1939 for about 5 bucks. Went out on half off day, new cart rolling out, two more came a flowing. Amazing. Does anyone, maybe @330CK or other art finders have any idea on how to get these appraised? I can't find anything ever sold from his work. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E._Stewart_Williams
Much more than this, but figured I owed the little guys in the thread something great epic unobtanium
Id just like to give a 2 week advance notice for you all to prepare yourselves for the best halloween costume you have ever seen. Carry on.
you punched eddie in the face and stole his cart?
Well, just when you thought you saw everything.
SUP CRUE 330 and Kbadgs, I hope you slept well, Eddie just delivered your nightmares.
Normal - knits are almost always shorter.
[[SPOILER]] looked at these pics again and the green bb sweater made its way there by accident - just wanted to call that out.
I remember when I used to have just 30 or 40 ties in a bucket to list. I envy you, sir.
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