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If I was just a little bit bigger, there is 100% certainty you would have got the "Bro, so I love this jacket, right….." email. 100% certainty.
Though the consignor has a formidable collection of EG's coming up shortly
Is that the same one I'm selling? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Moncler-Down-Feather-Filled-Liane-Gilet-Body-Warmer-Slicker-Black-Vest-5-NR-AUTH-/351783843705?hash=item51e7f37779:g:7RUAAOSwaB5XiFxj
BE COOL, FOOL 21 JULY 16 412 Auctions just uploaded with some incredible finds from 10 states and 3 countries! My top ten tonight… 1. Vintage Made in Sweden Special Sanfor Indigo Chore Jacket 2. Trafalgar Limited Edition Calvin Curtis “Devil” Suspenders 3. Edward Armah Round Paisley Pocket Square (one of several) 4. Sartoria Partenopea Brown Windowpane Jacket 5. NWT Brunello Cucinelli 100% Cashmere Solid Navy Jacket 6. Polo Ralph Lauren Emerald Green Fringed...
If Vero removed your listing, the rights holder didnt want you selling it for some reason. But if the listing closed, its a moot point and should be removed. A Vero violation stays on your account for 1 year, and if you get more than one, they can restrict your listings/account. So I would have them confirm that there is no violation on your account, and if there is one, have them remove it because it came in post-auction.
Setting up credit card payments next week!
Definitely. They are on the account unless you get them removed.
its a little big on me and a wee bit short in the sleeves, FWIW.
Yes, I have - which is totally weird and the rep agreed with me. Call up, ask for Vero and tell them you got the violation after the auction ended, client paid and received. They should be able to remove. Mine was a super easy process to do but this was probably 3 years ago so things may have changed.
New Posts  All Forums: