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Lets go shoe pictures!
Thrift fit - Epaulet Harris Tweed jacket - "thrifted" from consignor Finamore shirt - discount J. Crew cardigan - thrifted Robert Talbott english printed tie - ended without a bid this sunday, so…. Random ancient madder PS - thrifted Epaulet flannel pants - "thrifted" from consignor Ralph Lauren Marlow shells - discount
Dunno dude. The print itself looks right, but that black tag has never, ever been on the fat end, only the skinny end. Id not list it coupled that with the white label that looks a bit off.I love those, what size are those?Im straight enough to wear those.
damn i wish those were my size. and totally forgot i was posting in my own thread for a sec.
you're nuts.
Navy socks are never, ever the wrong socks.Real
^ Not the best feeling about the Versace tie. Pic of the wide interior liner and the skinny end black tag? #chanelgate
wait till you see it - its amazing.
Good showing, guys - good to see so much StyFo in my inbox
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