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@tben and @MJMcRibb THANK YOU both for the stellar trades!
Rock on man! They are the best!
completely recognizing this is not the right thread for this but since you say you want to learn, and this is my last post before i pass out : [[SPOILER]]
this is jugs of fun.PS - Panta jacket is on consignment to a (smart, wise, hopefully deep pocketed) member to try on.
if its a buyers remorse reason you can call and have it escalated and closed immediately if "theres nowhere else to go".
you have a dachshund too?!?!?big BIG crush on SMG. Big. Like, huge.
I'm going to find all three tomorrow. in one store. on sale. in your neighborhood.
tits not a problem.
its incredible to me that it took three years for someone to say "tits" in this thread. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: