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Wait, you're still on yesterday, not starting today? What coast are you on?
Not only do you deliver but you deliver for the early bird special. Nice.
That jacket really is insanity though
you're me?
100% real.
Fuck. Mike, Im really sorry to hear that and my sincere condolences.
Send him a message saying you heard that you tried to reach us after business hours, we aren't accessible by phone but how can we help?
Can you tell us how you really feel though?
Cot damn, what a good week this is.
good day. first a question - anyone know anything about these boots? I couldnt leave them, talk about seeing some shit. I'm thinking 70s or 80s, fat talon zips, vibram soles, steel toe, no markings other than the one shown. you guys agree? I feel like they've been to a Bad Religion concert or two in their time. Pop on Salvatore Piccolo! Someone loved John Varvatos… not your standard jean jacket lined in the good mink and sheared mink body. and finally all those times...
New Posts  All Forums: