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Will you consign it back?
fucking awesome.why is this not in my house yet?
you have a PM and will have a PM every 10 minutes until these are mine, thanks
Return requests can be escalated to a case (the step in and ask ebay to help) button - usually on the 4th business day after the case is open, or if its a clear case of buyers remorse, at any time. You had a shitty ebay rep who didnt offer that to you.
going forward, nothing you can do except contact the buyer and try and arrange a revision.going backward, escalate the request to a claim to close out in your favor and they cannot leave feedback.
Doesn't mean they aren't real. They look older, so they may not have had the hot stamping in place yet.
it pisses me off so bad i can't afford that.
done lolwas not on LIE today. i try not to be most days. i was in a traffic jam at 1:45am the other day. bullshit.
Yup, its happened to me innumerable times.
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