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Synergy, broseph.
Good thing I bought a 50 for myself and a 52 for LuxeSwap.
It's been a long time. @LA Guy as promised. Barena Venezia jacket Borrelli shirt Drakes London tie Thrifted, hand rolled Irish linen hank Incotex trou Ralph Lauren Purple Label x Edward Green shoes
Oh, hai. 3 button, 2 vent greyish brown houndstooth S130s hand - everything, completely hand made, likely the best suit in your closet full canvas construction $6-7,000 retail Tagged 54 R EU OK ,ready? Heres the sex :
versace is real. show me that label though?
Sparco seatbelts?
Polo Ralph Lauren 1967 Custom Fit Embroidered New York Plaque Shirt
Both of them?
started from the bottom now I'm herewell done lol
The name of my first book.
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