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Ive been inside the main NY terminal that processes most every bit of thrifted clothing for New York. I thought I hit the jackpot and I would never have to go anywhere else. However, in reality, sorting through (literally) 20 tons of clothing in a room that smells like piss, if you find Tom Ford and Kiton, you deserve it. Id much rather roll the dice on the racks in the store. I never went back. Mind you, this was already in the pre-sorted "better clothing" room.
Picture dump incoming.
Yup, polite, super friendly, was totally on the seller side of the story. My issues were relatively open and shut (buyer remorse case, feedback removal) but the guy didnt give any hesitation, any resistance, and was so nice. I told him I wanted to speak with his manager to compliment him (Dan, also a great guy) and said he needed to be training other CS reps.
Dude you spelled my name wrong in your phone, its not Kim, but thanks for shooting those over, you have my addy.
Nah, just a standard douche.
Anyone who gets CS rep "Jordan" on the phone, you are blessed. I even held an extra 15 minutes to talk to a supervisor about how awesome he was.
@thriftvader Dude, you are an awesome guy. I mean, really - the package was so far beyond generous, the note was honestly super touching and I will never get rid of that. Thank you.
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