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Holy shit, where have you been?!?
Robert Talbott shearling is an XXL. Probably the softest interior shearling I've ever touched.The Hef is an XL. Does not come with playmates.
Size 54 EU -Pit to pit 28"Sleeves from shoulder seam 22.5"Shoulder seams across NA / RaglanTotal Length 28"
what was that Mike game on Turbo Grafx16? Now THAT was awesome.
whoa. lol
Pit to pit 24.5"Sleeves from shoulder seam 26.5"Shoulder seams across 19.25"Across Waist 22.5"Length from BOC 31"This is different, no -Pit to pit 22"Sleeves from shoulder seam 25.5"Shoulder seams across 18.5"Across Waist 20.25"Length from BOC 29"Yup!Pit to pit 21"Sleeves from shoulder seam 25"Shoulder seams across 18"Across Waist 19"Length from BOC 28.25"(this is the grey, see below for blue)Pit to pit 20.25"Sleeves from shoulder seam 23.5"Shoulder seams across 17"Across...
Working on that…. will PM you tomorrow.still trying to find some gator big enough….
Ask him when the last time he saw a faked Oxxford red sweater was.
Hes not a SF member, but buys frequently from us, is very nice, and re sells it himself.
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