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Quasi thrift related, I'm very excited to announce that tomorrow morning at 10am we open the doors to LuxeSwap to the public. I would not have been able to do this without this thread and StyleForum, so thank you to you all who helped me along the way. A few pics for those of you who don't follow me on insta or the LS thread…
Back at it again
Holliday & Brown.
Our opening windows revealed, come take a look Tuesday when we open our doors to the public!
Srs? If so, no, there is no BC diffusion line.But there was a store called E. Cucci, spelled "Cvcci" back in the 60s in Rome. They produced some lovely silks, Ive got a few.
someone has a pm about something
rounders is a poker movie.and everyone knows poker isn't gambling.
theres nothing left for you here, try next week perhaps
I forgot the on the way home pic. I got some funny looks lol
100% legit, no payoffs, no backpocketing, walked in and
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