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NEW ATTITUDE 28 JAN 15 1. Vintage Chipp Putty Overcoat 2. Polo Ralph Lauren Made in Scotland Cashmere Blend Shaggy Dog Cableknit Sweater 3. Poulsen Skone Suede Shoes 4. Stefano Ricci Silk Shirt 5. Authentic Vietnam Era Beo Gam Camouflage Jacket 6. Polo Ralph Lauren Dice Bow Tie 7. Vintage Lovat Tweed Jacket 8. Ornate Pocket Square 9. Vintage 1950′s Glasses 10. Clock Arabesque Pocket Square NOW LIVE
How much did that 1850s BB end at? Jesus.
Van Veen Im pretty sure those are shell - get a close up photo of the rolls! and the rest of you lot, WAKE UP YE LAZY BUMS!
Yessir. Gucci and Zegna are 8, Poulsen Skone is marked 8.5/9D.
I was actually standing next to the shoes when he shot them, and the brightness of my soul overpowered the studio lights.Last time I do that shit, I tell you.
Which tailor?Sick lapels!Halliburton is sick!Man, I am very sorry. You are in my thoughts and my most sincere condolences to you.
I thrifted these 1950's cat eye glasses, but really, Im just showing off some amazing photography.
I would like to introduce you to how we are going to increase hammer prices on accessories by a metric fuckton.
to the crue i say sup!
New Posts  All Forums: