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^^ real!
you spent the whole day with your daughter, didnt you.
Are you keeping?
your leftovers were delicious, thanks.
Fuck!! Size?Probably 90 cash 7 silk 3 vicuña
Live from LuxeSwap: Our lovely and talented photographer Karin, prepping next weeks auctions - here with an awesome Valstar tweed bomber. Have a great weekend guys!
Big big big shout out to @kbadgley84 for the tip off on this E thrift - with no mention of the ostrich lining under every flap or the 100% silk lining. I'm fairly certain this could be Zilli. And it fits me PERFECT. N/A
Well, no rest for the weary… working on next weeks auctions and thought you guys would like to see Mr. Big's offerings for next week….
The real draw there are the "Spoo was here" belts.
CHASING THE DREAM 19 MAY 16 1. NWT Arny’s Forstiere Corduroy Coat 2. Gant Rugger Sunset Madras Plaid Shirt 3. Vintage Ralph Lauren Donegal Tweed 3 Piece Suit 4. NWT Murray’s Toggery Nantucket Indian Bleeding Madras Pants (one of many NWT/NWOT pants tonight) 5. Sartorio by Kiton 100% Cashmere Grey Twill Jacket 6. Meermin Linea Maestro Espresso Brown Penny Loafers 7. APC Rescue Selvedge Jeans 8. Gravati Bentivegna Welt Split Toe Shoes 9. Vintage Matsuda 2803...
New Posts  All Forums: