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And the second one is in queue! Those Gaziano's and the Aldens look fantastic.
Working on something better than a Ferrari. Your support is most appreciated!
Slovakia in 1997 was not the hottest spot for Italian designer clothing, I don't think. The sweater is fake.
That is cash money, honey.
Hermes Paris Sage Green Foulard Twill Small Oval ELEGANT Silk TieContact the buyer - or try to delete a digit from the phone number on that screen and put it back (weird, but that works sometimes )I file all payments and communications I receive in a folder and if I need to see if someone contacted/won before I search their user name within that folder in my mail client.
Both real. Brioni is hella old.
sorry man, you didnt - that one is fake.
Holy shit. Where have you been?
Would never fit you, sadly. 28+1 IIRC
New Posts  All Forums: