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Man, Im posting like #jompso this morning.
Foxwoods. Nobody seemed to give a shit, but I was quasi-drunk and this was maybe 10-15 years ago.Another quick casino story (semi thrift related)My wife took me to Borgata in AC for my birthday a few years ago. I sat down at a hold em table, she went to the club to dance and shit. I was having a decent game, up a few hundred, collected some player points to pay for dinner the next day. She comes back to meet me at maybe 4am ish. Wasted. With some new friends she met,...
Im sure.One time, I was in a poker tournament and went a day early to get in on cash game action. It was halloween week. I sat at a 2/5 NL table for about 27 hours. I was so delirious at the end, I went damn near hallucinogenic. This dude in a clown costume sat down at the table and started winning every hand. Called all my bluffs, pulled river card after river card to beat my seemingly nut hands. I didnt even realize this guy was wearing a clown costume until maybe an...
If thats true, that is a fucking awesome job.
Whats your excuse for being up so early/late? This is an ungodly hour.
LOL. Im stuck at home all day with my wife and kid. Ill take the 3 hours early to get some work done before I have to play Uno and Wii and drink mimosas.
Zegna Couture : Pit to pit 22.5" Sleeves from shoulder seam 25.5" Shoulder seams across 19.25" Across Waist 20" Length from BOC 32.75" Kiton : Pit to pit 24" Sleeves from shoulder seam 26.5" Shoulder seams across 20.25" Across Waist 21.5" Length from BOC 32.75" Samuelsohn: Pit to pit 23.5" Sleeves from shoulder seam 25.25" Shoulder seams across 19.5" Across Waist 21.5" Length from BOC 30.75"
its pretty fucking bad out there. I feel like I'm in an igloo. Probably about 1.5 feet of snow so far and still going. Id send a pic but I woke up early AF and its too dark.
I had a very, very, very hard time to actually let this go.
Or, if you are my wife, you think its polar fleece.
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