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I don't look like a flipper.
No, just old and not that valuable. I would have bought it myself.Late, but real.Dude! Remember that one.
MOVING ON UP 19 NOVEMBER 15 1. NWT Filson Mackinaw Cruiser Vest 2. John Laing Scotland 100% Cashmere Sweater 3. Tom Ford Crocodile Zip Wallet 4. NIB Sutor Mantellassi Blue Shoes 5. Vintage Donegal Tweed Vest 6. Unlined Deerskin Gloves 7. Self Edge Selvedge Jeans 8. Kiton 100% Cashmere Suit 9. Lot of 6 Brooks Brothers Bow Ties 10. Vass Budapest Shoes NOW LIVE
For you, room for two.
If youre buying to flip, the only two pieces I woukd have bought are the belvest and the Jil suit. Would have paid $40 max for them both. YMMV and my opinion only.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NATAKU! Im punching your shoulder through the screen. :fist bump:ANOTHER ATMOS CLOCK!? Im drowning in auctions but can someone please post to the cheapies?…and damn Brunello cashmere is so soft.
I'd like to thank whoever had it last for sending a little thriftening back to new york.
oh shit shots fired lol
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