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I don't think thats close to being over still.
welcome to the thread.you get minus one point for not taking the name "SisDeeeeeetz".
^ If they were croc I could And Silverware, holy CRAP! Is it bad that the sweetest part of those finds are the hangers for me?
She will be loved.
Is there a major city in the US that is not represented here? Lets try and cover the bases.Quote this post and fill in your city and state (or nearest major city) so it remains in one post. Use this. Go! (sorry Canadians)
Caraceni :Pit to pit 21"Sleeves from shoulder seam 25"Shoulder seams across 19"Across Waist 18"Length from bottom of collar 30"Zegna cashmere :Pit to pit 22"Sleeves from shoulder seam 23.5"Shoulder seams across 20"Across Waist 19"Length from bottom of collar 30.25"Harris :Pit to pit 21.5"Sleeves from shoulder seam 25"Shoulder seams across 17"Across Waist 20"Length from bottom of collar 29.25"Correct, black patent leather / silver CC flats - 38.5.Outsole Length 10"Outsole...
once you go blackā€¦.
Working on all your measurement requests, fellas. This is shaping up to be a real kick-in-the-ass kind of week, sorry for the delay. In the meantime -
one stop, the united nations. USA Vintage deadstock Bausch & Lomb Ray Ban "Gatsby" model N/A INDIA Giant vintage "sartoria" Burlap wooden frame bag, some brooklyn hipster is gonna love this ENGLAND My favorite thing about Liberty is I get to call it LOL JAPAN RRL selvedge, long fringed hand rolled music and mythology scarf N/A RRL is 38 and very "A"
Yes, I did.But in hindsight, i wish it were all ties, not shirts.
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