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That gif is extra extra creepy.
Im looking for some casual hoes, Brian - hit a brother up!
@thefastlife Bought that this morning!--Said thrifted PRL jacket, the only score from my travels
thanks! I just got the jacket yesterday so still lots of life ahead of it. If less than 25% of your attendees haven't attended the last function you wore it at… wear it again!
Polo Ralph Lauren silk / linen Hibiscus print blazer
 Thom Browne white OCBD
 Turnbull & Asser grape spotted pocket square 
 Man Fur 
Bally alligator belt 
 J. Crew Bowery pant in Oxford cloth
 Gaziano & Girling “St. Tropez”
"LOUCHE" 17 JULY 14 1. Vintage Grenville authentic pinup girl/poker/beer tie 2. Sulka crystal weave silk tie 3. Revo NASA technology reflective lens sunglasses 4. Hickey 100% Silk plaid jacket 5. Gamme chocolaté velvet hooded jacket 6. Alden Indy 403 Chromexcel 7. 14K / .925 Sterling Comstock Heritage belt buckle set + belt 8. Brooks Brothers shawl collar tuxedo 9. Porsche Carrera aviators 10. Paul Stuart ghost grey windowpane suit NOW LIVE
if you don't have a tan suit and white shirt in your closet….
You're missing something.
Took everything in me to list the T&A one. that is gorgeous.Alden is 13.
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