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So, its that time again. Anyone need Yeezys? Ive got all sizes in the new 350 in all color ways : Pirate black / Red Pirate black / Lime Pirate black / Copper
And, Ill support that. Its a very soft "fluffy" cashmere, not like some of these wimpy wool-feel cashmeres that you see. This is legit.
^ You'll be pleased with GS, I promise. I dont have tips for you as I came from TurboLister to here, but I started from scratch which I would assume was easier than trying to figure out migration (for me anyway YMMV).
I do, the Valdez cut. Its kind of skinny and not my thing personally but theyre made in Canada to Samuelsohn standards.
I had plans to meet @Shanejosephxxxat a spot this morning but I had to wait for a delivery and couldnt go, so he trudged off into the starlight and did well. Despite my late start, I think I held it down OK. any of the locals will know that is hella cheap for anything remotely made near Italy for this store. (they had wool Brioni suits priced at $638 once) Its very similar to this, except it has zip pockets and no quilting - and the one on NM.com isn't even lined in...
interesting choice of item to cover her up.
I thrifted stuff in my own store today, a-la Pawn stars. Was about 6 kinds of awesome. its really nice when it comes to you and you dont have to do any work to hunt lol. deets soon, and I owe you a bunch of pics, but been busy. Soon.
That is a friggin fantastic deal for personal kop.
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