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Untagged with a size, probably about an XL.Sammy - 40Zegna - 48 (EU) Milano cutCanali - 17.5RRL - LBorrelli - 16.5
that Zegna DB is the tits. Relevant http://www.wsj.com/articles/why-you-should-give-double-breasted-jackets-another-chance-1453915862 written by my boy Jake
You're good. Its the sellers job to get something that functions (electronics) to your door in the same condition that its sent in - which if they say it powers up and is good to go, you're fine.Customs, depends on the carrier. FedEx you are fucked, that I know.
So proud of you bro! Great lighting.
if you're coming thrifting with me, you're getting drunk.not only for the good times but for the fact that you won't remember where we went.@capnwes @GMMcL @brianpore can attest to the drunk part anyhow
if it felt like sandpaper its definitely the most supple horse dick skin I've ever touched
Lets go shoe pictures!
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