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straight outta cairoa crazy motherfucker named Easyhe picked up brioni crocs, sleazypost vacation pics like barrelbro deets on the travelbut first let me stop what I'm doing cause I'm about to ruin the image and the style that you're used to.these look funnybut yo will they make me money, see?I don't know nothing about jawnz so help me gthese jawnz from the land of the rising suntwo strips on the seam thats selvedge sondenim heads help me with this brandtruly yours, this...
One time I spilled some linguini on my AttoliniI didn't care about the sauce I spilled my polo bearI dropped a soufle on my CharvetGot the thrift shop shakes, another buck is all it takesto replace the beer on my ferragamo tie don't fearThrifted it for a buck if i spill who gives a fuckI eat waffle house in my bestcashmere brooks brothers vestburger king barbecue sauce is kind of danki pour it on the jos a bankbecause fuck it why not, a goodwill and a buck still keeps me...
It stays up until someone pays for it.
My Blackcock is now up.
"THE LUXE LIFE" 28 AUG 14 1. Epaulet grey twill pants 2. Vintage Brooks Brothers tweed 3. One of the finest assortments of neckwear in recent times, over 80 all premium brands (Charvet, RLPL, Borrelli, Kiton, more…) 4. Common Projects low tops 5. Gaziano & Girling shoes with trees (1 of 2) 6. Bespoke 100% cashmere blackwatch jacket 7. Vintage Tammis Keefe pocket square 8. NWT Ralph Lauren Purple Label 100% cashmere sweater (1 of 2) 9. Ralph Lauren x Crockett &...
Still goin
My Blackcock goes live in just about 9 hours. That means if one of you wants my Blackcock, you could probably be wrapping my Blackcock around your neck in as soon as 12 days. That's super exciting.
Gimme more gimme moreDid he put up a fight?Hahaha… its all about Monster high now…I thought this was a stack of pancakes at first.God I want a pancake now.
New Posts  All Forums: