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Good, its a nice tie.
I see what you did there. ^
anyone? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Made-In-England-Mans-Tie-/292001404662?hash=item43fca3d6f6:g:uuMAAOSw5cNYfNVz
I am sorely tempted by those.
Is now.
Found this in brown today for $17. I HAD A DREAM https://axelsltd.com/collections/mens-outerwear/products/gimos-torato-quilted-down-jacket
To whoever named Phil O. who just bought a Barbour and got a shipping confirm email from me can you please let me know what size youre taking? It wasn't in the payment notes. thanks!
how was clean my wounds live?I was listening to albatross the other day, kick ass.
Sadly no. But memories.
^ school a noob.
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