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I have the best clients in the world. You guys' support means so much to me. Thank you. Fingers are crossed.
Offer made on our second choice house.
Was supposed to be my down payment week
TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT 19 MAR 15 1. Cartier Gold Plated Pen 2. Xezo .925 Sterling Silver Automatic Watch 3. Gaziano & Girling “Monaco” Loafers 4. Alden x Epaulet Wingtips 5. Cesare Attolini Red Trousers 6. Sulka 100% Cashmere Jacket 7. Sartoria Formosa Hardy Minnis Limited Edition Suit 8. Cantarelli Unlined Jacket 9. Isaia Silk Blend Boucle Windowpane Peacoat 10. NWT $4000 Chanel Jewel Encrusted Cuff NOW LIVE
what the fuck, i go out in the field today and do not find a Hockney. i want my money back
Ah, guys. A sad post to type but alas, no dice on my deal, much to my dismay. I appreciate the well wishes and the positive vibes - going to need one or two nights to drown my sorrows in Jack while I finish prepping tomorrows auctions. Then a regroup and on to the next. Long story short, its been apparent for quite some time that we have fully outgrown our current space - and have been hammering out details on my dream home, which would have also doubled as a phenomenal...
eazy - croc bag does not look real from here, and if it were, it would probably be best repurposed as something else - resale value on that era/shape/noname is absurdly low. though I have been wrong before Dudeshin - what size is the RL cashmere? silverware - JESUS I want the Barbour!
New Posts  All Forums: