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Its set now I couldn't wait after unpacking it to just get it on.Im a righty, but my dad is a lefty and wore his watch on the left - grew up watching that so….
Whats up with the muscular Canadians? First Frenchy, now Florian. Making me feel all scrawny and shit.
Rolex is the official sponsor of consignment.
You capitalist tool!
Haaa. Those are in the queue for shots man. In due time. In due time. Theres just sooo much Polo. I just happened to be in it.
At LEAST redline? I like the way you think.
Hmm. that is tempting. If it were 3 months ago, no brainer. But to hang onto that until april… not sure.I want that Capitalist Tool tie.FTFM :/
Thanks to @in stitches, heres my new baby!
Bam! Thanks @in stitches
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