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avail, but I've got a porn star on deck with illicit coke laced hundreds so lmk
thank you i am exhausted and on my way to drunki turned the label and i swear to god i said in my head "Kbaggggggs". its a 52 EU
unbelievable, but this is all today. escada shirt is 100% silk green versace jacket is goat suede and pre death blue velvet gucci suit is tom ford la matta shearling is FUCKING SEX the lot of Rugby shirts - please tell me someone here has a 6 year old son that needs new school shirts? the Robert Graham shirt - please tell me someone here has a 14-16 year old who has his swag on point?
Yeah that was a thriftening.
When you're hot you're hot
dudeiskin is honky tonk man OMG I'm on some 80s shit now! wes is ultimate warrior nataku is hacksaw jim duggan
Jompso is Paul Orndorff
barrelntrigger is Ricky the Dragon Steamboat
You are butter bean.
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