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sorry, there should have been a photo in there. Like this.
Sorry bruh I got you in a bit, let me just get these auctions tightened up…..He's promised me at least 52 more weeks of 50-60 items like this per week, not including about 2500 ties.
Tweed season is 'pon us! I sold a 1972 camel hair martingale coat for $150 last week, no name either.You know me well lol. I reeeeeeaally wanted that pen. But I need to pay the bills so….
RIP Sonia Rykiel. http://wwd.com/eye/people/sonia-rykiel-designer-dies-92-obituary-10514852/
Wait, you're still on yesterday, not starting today? What coast are you on?
Not only do you deliver but you deliver for the early bird special. Nice.
That jacket really is insanity though
you're me?
100% real.
New Posts  All Forums: