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Overseas reps are ON FUCKING POINT.Also, if anyone gets "Amanda" on the US side, she's absolutely fantastic. Handled 4 issues in my favor in under 10 minutes. She's a whiz.
Ive never seen that model, but Im 50/50 on them. Something about the etching on the bottom sole seems a tad bit "unclean" if that makes sense. check out these Loubs I posted tonight and see the difference I mean? Granted Im sure yours could be older but still. Not 100%.
What was?SHUT THE FRONT DOORwhat channel?
@A Canuker Need you hereā€¦.
FULGURANT 9 APRIL 2015 1. Ralph Lauren Purple Label 100% Cashmere Jacket 2. NWT Stile Latino by Attolini Suit 3. Tom Ford Silk Blend Jacket 4. Vintage White Metal Ray-Ban Aviators 5. Vintage Bottega Veneta Crested Velvet Loafers 6. NIB John Lobb Uppingham Shoes 7. Tons of great ties! 8. Hermes Plaid Wool Shirt 9. Lot of 7 Charvet Checked Shirts (Alongside a lot of 5 Solids) 10. Some Pocket Squares from my personal collection, including Attolini, Kiton,...
Id help you out if the sleeves were 2" longer.
had some extra time made some extra auctions
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