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like for me? Yes, all mine.thats great lolwas it long curly like this one? women's?
Some stuff. The last piece wasn't thrifted, and just barely doesn't qualify for the 90% rule, but close enough and I love it.
Happy Bday Vader!!
1930s or se ^^hahaha it was good meeting you, I'm surprised it took this long to get spotted. I grab the cart, didnt even make it to the first tie and I hear "Spoo!" Good times bro, good times.Line of the day was to a random woman who was eavesdropping on our flipping conversationHer "What do you guys do, resell them?"Me "No, we eat them for dinner" (straight face)Her "No really, like on eBay?"Me (more straight face) eBay? Whats that? Like a website?Real (both)
Sure, why not.
$1.50 total
Same exact version as the one on ebay, just a 52.They are not big at all, I say she would be fine.
good morning to the crue!
Im pretty sure I have a 52 as well.
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