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Then you should be sending me a PM stat.
Hey Steve -Appreciate the interest! Ive used all three of those and they're really great. Im doing the preorders now so Im able to add things that weren't initially on order for us for anyone interested.
fair warning for tomorrow night….
Because you love me and want to see me succeed in business?
Some very exciting news to post today - I had met up with @NewYorkIslander a few weeks ago for dinner, and when I hugged him goodbye, he smelled great. (wait, it gets better). I asked him what cologne he was wearing, and told me about a brand called The Rich + Clean. Some of you who attended the SF trunk show in NY this past fall may be familiar with it from there as well. Anyhow, it wasn't a cologne after all, but a full range of body products, all artisan made in...
Actually, I think I do. Proxy if available next time?
Naw, I'm with you guys. Ive only found one or two Kiton jackets at charity/church sales, never at a live thrift "store". Ive only got a few ties, thats it. But I think thats because (surprisingly) there really isn't a place to buy it anywhere on the island - as opposed to Zegna and Canali, which fall out of the sky like raindrops, and there are probably 250 vendors for them island wide.
imagine if someone was using selling stuff on ebay to really sell drugs? Wouldn't that be some shit? There has to be a story of someone doing that before, no?(entirely not condoning this of course, just saying #disclaimer)
lol i was looking for that gif and couldnt find the one in my head.
hustle hard
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