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4 more suits from the same consignor just arrived too… if you are in need!
Also, I hope you guys like Creed cologne. When I get to the store on Monday, ill have some serious work to do. Planning on a huge pre-sale flash sale here in the thread next week.
Happy with my one stop.
This is awesome! You wore it to graduation? That makes me so happy. Thanks again for buying that, its an epic piece. Congrats too.From Mr. Big? All should be US 8 or 8.5 - which ones are you eyeballing?Don't forget too guys, auctions ending in about half hour!
Thanks man! Good luck and I hope to find you in the winners circle! Don't forget to PM/message me on ebay before you pay for free US shipping (and half off international).
@va230815 are those the pants you were looking for?
the eagle has landed
Wearing it right now.Its a giant (well, adult size) romper/onesie for women. On the right body, this thing will look hot as hell.That looks dated to hell. probably 70s, and a quartz movement isn't doing much for the value. Probably worth just melt if its really 18K.
Couple of hauls I forgot to post the past 2 weeks. Have a great weekend everyone! [IMG...
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