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they already made two girls one cup.
so PM'd
Wifey killed it!! Im so proud. pics soon. First her reward
One man, two women.this is fucking awesome.
Wheres home?
my preview pics take the L this week tho lol
the preview may be a post-view but you have tons of shit going up Drizzy - Moschino and Saint Laurent included
Wow! Thank you all for such ringing endorsements and all the kind words. I know I've fallen behind largely on any meaningful content in this thread, and in fact, this week, fell behind on pictures too. Im doing my best to keep up with the volume of stuff you guys are sending but you are sending it in droves (don't stop!). Finishing up this weeks batch now, there are some doozies in there. Ill get you some more deets and stuff on whats up in the LuxeSwap-verse shortly. Stay...
i think my wife just had a thriftening. she's rattling off some shit on a text that i can't understand but "I filled up the car" is something she never said before.
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