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Yes, always free shipping for SF members in the US, and half off international shipments - I know most of you guys by email/ebay name but please PM me with the auction link if you win something so I can adjust it!Dude, so sorry about that - LMK if you need me to make something right for you.
Mornin! All are available
errryones conked out, huh?
Was looking at this but I can't say definitely so I kept my mouth shut. The no-google and pattern lining are whats throwing me off. Looks perfect otherwise.
that is super cool! ^
Thats called transaction interference, or intent to disrupt, and regardless of anything you are 100% covered on any claims, feedback, etc. Do not worry at all.
What the actual fuck. You're on fire man! That is super legit.
Bumping this for the 6 week mark - get your posts in to be included for a nom!
this picture? about 3 minutes, they are fresh out of the shopping bag
New Posts  All Forums: