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We will find out!
Thanks! I hit a good run the past few weeks. And God bless you for not quoting lol
some better pics of already posted, and some new. [IMG...
GENTLEMANS CLUB 27 AUG 15 1. Domenico Vacca Alta Sartoria Shirt 2. Robert la Roche Made in Germany Spectacles 3. Trafalgar Alligator Belt 4. Luciano Barbera Special Edition Plaid Jacket 5. Ermenegildo Zegna Trofeo 600 Suit 6. Oxxford Clothes 100% Cashmere Plaid Jacket 7. Huntsman Mint Green Horn Button Bespoke Jacket 8. Christy’s London for Burberry Plaid Flat Cap 9. Pal Zileri 100% Cashmere Grey Plaid Jacket 10. Bonsoir London by Viyella Tartan Plaid Wool...
Finally a decent fragrance.
No maker. But real
My first pair of Buday from Ed…. really, really impressed with these. One of the most comfortable shoes on the maiden voyage Ive ever had.
that will always be "woven grid" to me.
yeah you sure.
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