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No sir, sorry!
@Viral got the payment but you want ribbed or solid please?
SOZZI SOCK SALE STARTS NOW First, please refer to this size guide from Sozzi's website for sizing advice. For reference, I am a US 9.5 and take a M in these. 1. All sales are final 2. Socks are $15 each, or $12 each if you buy 6 or more 3. Due to the high amount of interest in this sale, I won't be able to update sellouts immediately but I can order more of most of these in the event one or more of your pieces are sold out 4. Payments are to spoopoker@aol.com by paypal...
30 seconds
5 minutes
8 Mountain Dews a day, holy crap.
20 Minutes!You would be a L.
I hope you got a good nights days sleep mang. Sounds awesome but none from me. I still do have those Chester Jefferies ones in brown and black.----Anyone else's feet cold this morning?
thats a french luggage company piece. http://sassyme.org/2011/05/vintage-louis-vuitton-the-french-company-101/
About once a week or so. I do make mistakes and totally own up to them when they happen.
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