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and the rolex?
those are gorgeous.
^ Thank you very much. That cloth looks gorgeous!
Of course.
Holy cow, that RLPL coat is gorgeous! Its a 42 S?Yes, please - I would love if someone did to let me know.@Claghorn any help?
i think 10 business days. if no tracking is uploaded, call and have the case closed. I wouldn't contact her again in the meantime.
Awesome jacket man, thanks!Im not putting anything in the body of the listing, but Im making my subtitle "Proceeds from this auction will benefit the family of a lost friend".Open to better suggestions for that if anyone has any too.
If I didnt buy it, they would have donated it and I would have paid a fuckton more than this at the thrift. Makes you wonder about the shit you miss though… the places that don't hire a sale company and shit. Gives me the chills.Sorry, I have to.
I got first dibs for the stuff I wanted and wound up with over 1200 pieces that were discards. sure i probably missed some awesome stuff in the middle but hey, thanks Long Island for not having good taste and leaving these for me.
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