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TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT 19 MAR 15 1. Cartier Gold Plated Pen 2. Xezo .925 Sterling Silver Automatic Watch 3. Gaziano & Girling “Monaco” Loafers 4. Alden x Epaulet Wingtips 5. Cesare Attolini Red Trousers 6. Sulka 100% Cashmere Jacket 7. Sartoria Formosa Hardy Minnis Limited Edition Suit 8. Cantarelli Unlined Jacket 9. Isaia Silk Blend Boucle Windowpane Peacoat 10. NWT $4000 Chanel Jewel Encrusted Cuff NOW LIVE
what the fuck, i go out in the field today and do not find a Hockney. i want my money back
Ah, guys. A sad post to type but alas, no dice on my deal, much to my dismay. I appreciate the well wishes and the positive vibes - going to need one or two nights to drown my sorrows in Jack while I finish prepping tomorrows auctions. Then a regroup and on to the next. Long story short, its been apparent for quite some time that we have fully outgrown our current space - and have been hammering out details on my dream home, which would have also doubled as a phenomenal...
eazy - croc bag does not look real from here, and if it were, it would probably be best repurposed as something else - resale value on that era/shape/noname is absurdly low. though I have been wrong before Dudeshin - what size is the RL cashmere? silverware - JESUS I want the Barbour!
oh snap
Only if you weren't drunk.
Not a bank, just a lunatic.
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