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Don't get excited, its like a corner. But its a good corner lol.
I didnt realize it would be of so much interest. Ill try and get more this weekend!Yeah I think 1999 collection, I have to find it on the runway.To be clear, this wasn't from a thrift store, this was from a sample sale years ago and has been in my archives for probably 10 years. Im setting up a museum section in the store and included that one. But still wayyyyyy under 10% rule, and Definitely under the 2% rule.
I am sorry man, I was working all day and didnt see this until it was too late. Its up now though, hope you take a stab at it.
Oh! that! lol. Yes, thats a good one. Its back at the store but Ill try and get more pics. Its a work of art.For those who don't look at my insta (though you all should )
No, garza grossa.I posted a lot today lol which one was it?Ive been neglecting the Ferrari. Ive been so goddamn busy Ive only driven it like 2x since January. But with the nice weather that will change.What do I like better? I dunno. Its hard to compare. Masi is ferocious and aggressive but is so comfortable and easy to relax on the inside. Its like a spa day. The Ferrari is extremely aggressive, its not all that comfortable, and everywhere you go people are taking...
Going live at $9.99. Its a friggin Domenico Caraceni navy flannel three piece suit. One of those moments opening the box and your jaw drops.
thats what she said?
Technically correct, but his is the 67 we want. Just not the vintage one.
That lot above is mostly EU 48/50, but I think I have some coming up in the next coupla weeks.Yes, you do.
FWIW, I wouldn't call those fodder, Id call those passes. YMMV though. The Caruso is sick.
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