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Anyone else who give two shits about the super bowl like this post.
it was all a dreami saw some aldens and some saphir creamaberdeen last and barrie up on my computer screenposting pics up on my wallevery saturday thrift attack cheap Cucinelli and no brands from the mall
i got 99 problems but aldens aint onehit me
i had a dream last night that I walked into a store and found 6 pairs of Aldens. 3 of them were 30 bucks each, 2 were 715 dollars each and one was 300. (Not shell, seriously, I remember that). I put them in my basket anyway and went to check out, and complained about the disparity in price, and they relented, apologized, and gave them all to me for 30 bucks each and gave me half off everything for their mistake. Hopefully thats a good premonition. Also a sign that I do...
very, very nice! Ive paid more than that at a thrift lolAlden restoration too.
i wanna come over your house
^ deets!
Very, very clever.
Go with the Ray Bans.
no shearling left behind!
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