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Thanks guys, noted. I hope to have that premier sale up shortly then!In the meantime, working on a few more closet clean pieces to add - scarves. Hoping to have that uploaded in just a bit.
INTEREST CHECK Guys, would you be interested in some basic, simply patterned NWT dress shirts from Robert Talbott? Nothing crazy, classic simple patterns, good collars, at $30 a pop? Hands please.
Pit to pit - 21.25"Sleeves from shoulder seam - 26"Shoulder seams across - 18.5"Across waist - 20.25"Length from BOC - 31.5"
SOME PRICE DROPS AND ADDED POCKET SQUARES----Here you go - happy to make a package deal on more than one piece - still tons of ties/ps's/scarves to come but thats another day. Sales tax in NY for $110 or more, all sales final, prices include shipping within the USA, outside the US depends on what you get and we can work out shipping cost…. yada yada yada GO!Tom Ford 3 piece grey cashmere wool pinstripe suit - infamous is not out of line for this one.$925 now $875 NOW $825...
Thank you! I don't know the exact name, but all of those were shot on the "action" setting - the running man on the wheel, in natural daylight, a cloudy day here in New York. No mods to the aperture or anything made - just right out of the box.I did appreciate the suggestion on the 5200 - glad I did roll the dice on this one though - but did consider your note in store. No moire so far, fingers crossed.
also, these are great finds but not for this thread (except the LP) - the thrift thread is where you should be posting the others!
I think you and I need to talk.
X-post from ebay thread - my trusty D40 died, so picked up a new camera today : http://www.bestbuy.com/site/nikon-d5300-digital-slr-camera-with-18-140mm-vr-lens-black/2067102.p?id=1219068635794&skuId=2067102&st=categoryid$pcmcat180400050000&cp=1&lp=1 This camera is awesome. Still screwing around with it, just wrapped up a 1000 shot shoot. Heres some unedited. They can only get better from here!
This camera is awesome. Still screwing around with it, just wrapped up a 1000 shot shoot. Heres some unedited. (D5300 btw) I always had a very hard time with getting blacks right on the D40, this is exceeding my expectations.
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