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if it helps, and @HansderHund is OK with it, Ill cover your shipping cost to wherever your secret Santa lives, all you've gotta do is find something to send. You've been more with generous and this thing is in the spirit of giving, right?Hell, Id be happy with some awesome Japanese candies and Hello Kittys from the dollar store. Its the thought that counts.Anyway, if you'll allow me to help, Id like to.
Here is Mr. Bigs latest outerwear list, to start you all salivating.
I usually get 250 payment received emails on Sunday nights, didnt get a single one. Had to toggle back and forth from PP, copy the auction number and go to eBay to print the label. Took about 9 hours as opposed to the usual 5. So damn annoying. and of course, today after I finish. I get 500 payment received and ship receipt emails back to back, and have to sort them all to see if I did them already or not. Fucking PayPal.
FYI, its a thing.https://www.paypal-community.com/t5/Adding-and-updating-info/Not-receiving-emails-from-PayPal/td-p/440811/page/13?profile.language=en-gb
This is quite annoying.
OMG that Etro is gorgeous.
is anyone else not getting PayPal payment notification emails or is it just me?
you guys killed it tonight, thank you! Not quite the record but just a few thousand shy. I appreciate all your bids!
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