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how was clean my wounds live?I was listening to albatross the other day, kick ass.
Sadly no. But memories.
^ school a noob.
dassit.also, auctions in 10m, good luck all!
the thrifting here sucks, go to Jersey
dont get me started on concerts, I've been to over 200 and I've seen U2 over 20x highlights are winning front row seats to kiss on the radio and gene Simmons bled on me But the best show ever was the first show at the Garden that was after 9/11, was U2. my friend, who was my dads best friend who worked at Cantor Fitzgerald got me GA seats for the show but sadly passed away in WTC on 9/11. I bought a huge American flag to bring to the show and we were 2nd or 3rd back from...
OK, marking down the Sozzis to $10 a pair flat, shipped anywhere in the US. Outside the US is $15 for shipping up to 8 pairs. Updated the inventory list below too. Payments to spoopoker@aol.com as a standard payment for goods, NOT personal, and you have to put the size and color of the ones you are taking in the payment notes. NOTE I WILL BE UPDATING SELLOUTS IN THE B&S THREAD IN MY SIGNATURE SO PLEASE CHECK THERE FOR UPDATES IN INVENTORY Heres the three new colors,...
+100 I loved them hardcore but then I saw them live and Billy Corgan absolutely fucking sucked. Then I was at a meet and greet for the Mellon Collie album and talked to him / heard him answer other peoples questions and hes a level 100 douche. Still love Siamese dream though.
CK sweater is certainly a thing!
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