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super legit.i do has a want
OMG where the hell have you been!Yes, it is!Aw, man - comments like this make it all worth it. Thats so much appreciated.
^ I think thats the first non-100% wool sweater Ive seen come out of Ireland.
Thanks man! Google gave me some of that but I didnt know if they weren't just actual fluff or a real thing.RRL are way big on me at 34, probably fit more of a 36.I think before they moved into that - called vintage slim straight on the tag.
So, went back. Glad I did. available RRL selvedge is 34x32 i don't know anything about strivers - SWD peeps clue me in? @barrelntrigger not available - cannot believe my luck with finding my size in anything, let alone cool stuff. wallace x3, first one selvedge prps which i know is a thing, but is this particular thing more of a thing? my favorite jeans, can never have too many stopped at whole foods on the way back for some beef empanadas and some anchor...
all star breakfast, scattered, smothered and covered, side of bacon, orange juice and a coffee, and the waffle done LIGHT.
so i had a pretty damn awesome day today. so raely do I find clothing items that fit me - like, maybe in in 200 or so. lucky me, someone with monkey arms like me just made a drop off. my stuff aspesi ultralight raincoat so many pops here, only the brioni isn't my size more pops, damn sad the RRL is too big on me. now for some flippity dippity doo a grip of Stewies nwt 7f and a daks for me and the piece de resistance, red wing and chippewa vintage engineer boots
Another fiver that says wowniceshirt wins it.Hard to say… but I'm leaning towards real.
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