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I did thrift some incredible sea shells from the ocean - and some huge pieces of coral while snorkeling - that satiated that itch.Thankfully, i just flew under the radar as your average Spoo.That is shell.Don't you dare send me that Reindeer tie lolsympathies for your loss man.
know that feel hahaha
Those feels.
Hahah good morning barrel!And yes, their stores that sell (non-camo) shorts were very nice and accommodating while helping me select a replacement option.There are also no thrift stores in Barbados, FYI.
Overall just one of the better experiences in the Caribbean. We were at Sandy Lane :http://www.sandylane.comIve never seen bluer water and whiter sand. Anywhere. No kids running around per se, completely tranquil environment. The nicest locals, and even when we ventured into the tourist-y and off the beaten path areas, it felt completely safe. The finer dining establishments offered better fare than other comparable places on the island, we never felt like we were really...
True story -My wife and I went to Barbados a few years ago (best fucking island in the Caribbean by the way - do not hesitate to book that trip). I have a nut allergy, and on the flight from Miami to Barbados, they served peanuts and it gave me a reaction and my eyes were super watery and red. I was miserable. We landed at the airport, I was so glad to be off that plane. We are waiting for our luggage and these giant military dudes with these assault rifles come running up...
UNOBTANIUM 25 JUNE 15 1. Issey Miyake Men Wave Patchwork Jacket 2. Isaia Red Sea Island Cotton Jacket 3. NWT Corneliani Blue Knit DB Sweater Jacket 4. Ralph Lauren 100% Silk Cableknit Shawl Collar Sweater 5. Polo Ralph Lauren Full Strap Alligator Loafers 6. Japanese Cotton Woodblock Print Handkerchief 7. Alden Gunboat Longwing Shell Cordovan Barrie Last Shoes 8. Avi Rossini Emerald Green Double Sided Wholecut Tubo Alligator Belt 9. Gaziano & Girling Vintage...
^ This guy right here, I love him. Post 29,999!
Gator! And if they're around a 9.5, id like them. Probably made by Gravati too.
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