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Thanks!No consignment money went to the Ferrari. All my sales contributions to it were thrift funded.
Guys, this is a post that pains me to write. Unfortunately, due to (many, legal, and boring details) several issues, the deal for the house we were selling and subsequently, the house we were buying has been lost. Just days away from when we were supposed to be closing, had everything packed up, and ready for a fresh new start, we were shocked to find out that it has been killed.For lots of reasons, mostly non-LS related for my family and I, this is a real heartbreaker,...
I sure as fuck did Currently somewhere in California getting preened for its trip to the east coast I want to say this one was thrift funded but it was LuxeSwap funded, so thank you to all my consignors I am (as always) appreciative of you!
had an awesome day. no pics of the fodder, theres a bunch of the usual suspects. One pop though : the hunt for street signs is real. found some great ones today : 1919 and 1921 Harvard yearbooks My Ferrari was complaining she had nobody else to speak Italian with in the garage, so got her a sister
Absolutely real.WTF
Paid up enough for this to probably not be a thrift, but it's just amazing. Also, still going.
Got the same message.
i smell a road trip with the top down FYI northeast
looks like buffalo.
@suited This is a reptile called "Karung" most commonly, but for keyword value, its "elephant trunk snake". Its not the most expensive exotic but its one of my favorites.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elephant_trunk_snakeOMG I LOVE IT
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