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its so awesome having 1600 extra square feet
Jompso nailed it. I would not sell LV without tags.
about 50% unloaded
I know. Though for the really right price I would. That one in the picture is a canvas monogram from the 20s, I think. Im pretty sure I paid $500 for it on Craiglist about 8 years ago. Love that fucker.
It is a Uhaul. Was not a sale but rather me moving my thrift backlog from my house to the store. (trip one of three, mind you). Ive got about 10 LV trunks, and despite my protests, my wife made me take some to the store - but they are 1000% not going for sale. Just atmosphere.
What site are you using to test these DL speeds?
the ones i looked at the tag for were 54/56/58 but theres still 700 more
^^ allen edmonds
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