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that tie is certainly real.
^ legit!
With zero question, this is an Italian brand.
dont decline it, call and escalate to case, buyer admits item is no longer in condition you shipped it in. you win case, no FB
scarves, gucci is 36" and NWOT and was one dollar squares, 1984 sanrio and 91 kero kero keroppi love the kos prl cashmere, gran sasso oatmeal, NWOB Gant bucks to put on ice till April, 11 and available GA, Bulgari, US Ski Team (very vuarnet / pouilloux), Dior Peruzzi Firenze nappa leather 58 EU avail killer GB made I. Magnin reversible navy/tan wimmenz barneys nappa leather south wick tweed, burbs black 100 cash
had that in green years ago.
Zileri is a 56 L.The 44 Zegna jackets are all either 54 R, 54 L, 56 R, 56 L - most have their tags cut out but one guy was pretty darn consistent through the years.
New Posts  All Forums: