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Dang, I'm sorry you've had shitty luck man. Truly. That blows. But don't send that to China unless theres exceptional feedback there. Only cause your luck has been in the shitter. On the upside, Ill send you $100 for it and you would only have to ship it a few miles away, nothing to worry about!Nope.
awesome. next time, bring home 1200 pieces of ralph lauren, see what she says.
Great first post and you look awesome in those jackets - many here wish they can have a fit like that pretty much OTR. Keep reading and honing your finds and you'll do great! (and find something else too for your wife so she gets off your back )
I don't know if you've all ready @ChetB's tribute post to Brian, but you all should. Check it out here.
^ Nice lot! Thanks for participating man!
and the bigger the better.
ah, you grabbed that! Very nice. The hand on it is incredible, isn't it?Shades are dope too.
is that the first time crying jordan was posted here? Pit to pit 21.5" Sleeves from shoulder seam 27" Shoulder seams across 17.5" Across Waist 20.25" Length from bottom of collar 29.25"
Probably a turd for resale and you've gotta change that crystal to wear it, so id say yeah. cool though!agree with this
ill just leave this here.
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