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Its tailored clothing, and 100% Vicuna by a premium maker.I said 100% vicuna.
Just confirmed what is likely the single most expensive piece of clothing at retail I've ever had will be offered for sale here. Client is sending it early next week, and I'm quite excited about it. Deets soon.
Are you calling my shorts pajama pants?!
If anyone was thrifting in NY today, sorry about that. You had the double team of all ages all up in your ass. Yes, thats right. The double reverse Macklemore happened today. No less than 15 hefty bags were filled on a 7 hour mission throughout the great state of New York. Many grail kops were had (no Kiton, no Vicuna, despite our best efforts) up to but not including this… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E._Stewart_Williams --- Also BIG s/o to @rayxlui for a...
Can the consignor who sent a large rectangular box from a UPS store in Manassas, VA contact me? I dont know who sent this - there was no name/info inside the box. Thanks!
Yup, they can - they are non functional!
ties have become a major part of my business - and I've got lots more multiple tie selling and cross category selling since I added that.
lol I've told knock knock jokes before
Its close. Last week I did 244 which I think is the record, but Im slightly emaciated and sleep deprived, not sure how I can make next week happen. Absolutely knackered
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