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No, @Jack Flash did!Panama is J. Peterman, an XL, and currently in my closet
Back to the scene of the crime. One stop.
@capnwes how the fun did you know they were stacy adams? thats seriously impressive.try rolling up to savers (rather, rolling out) in a ferrari.
One stop.
IM IN LOVE WITH THE LO LO 23 APRIL 15 1. Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Wool Cap 2. Ermenegildo Zegna 100% Cashmere Jacket 3. Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Flag Patchwork Sweater 4. Loro Piana Hemp Blend Unlined Blazer 5. NIB Edward Green 888 Last Westminster Shoes 6. NIB Crockett & Jones Pebblegrain Brecon Chukka Boots 7. Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Plaid Shirt 8. Brunello Cucinelli Grey Flannel Pants 9. Lot of 4 Classic Pattern Ties 10. Ray Ban Pilot...
I know, tried them on and they almost fit. Roomy 9 id call them.The BB is white woven spotted yes. But being listed as a lot with a few others.
It is a glory, hole.
Chester Barrie for Knize (thrifted, but not by me) Finamore shirt (discount) Nicky Milano tie, thrifted by me Ancient madder PS, thrifted by either me or Ian
catching up on ties…
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