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thank you!Heres some inspiration….
OK, gonna try something new here. If it works out well, I can do this daily or weekly. Im hosting a no reserve auction here in the LuxeSwap thread. See below for details and let the bidding begin! 1. The auction will run for 48 hours only - meaning it will end on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 pm EST 2. Opening bid is $10, bidding increments are in $5 marks ($15, $20, etc) 3. At the end of the auction, the winning bidder has 2 days to pay with Paypal, or the item is offered...
and some teasers for the rest….working as fast as I can and getting info on pricing from my consignor.
quick and dirty pic. Bespoke pieces made from 2012-2014, about a 36-38 R@jdrizzy1. WW Chan bespoke Harrisons grand cru cloth 3 piece pinstripe2. WW Chan bespoke drapers cloth grey suit3. Sartoria Attolini solid navy jacket4. WW Chan bespoke Drapers cloth air force blue suit
Epaulet X Southwick jacket Borrelli shirt Drakes for LuxeSwap tie Drakes Mughal square
Epaulet X Southwick jacket Borrelli shirt Drakes for LuxeSwap tie Drakes Mughal square
Its real. Made by D'Avenza. And ColorLow is right, the Norma etc… 1973 is just a mark that Italian makers used to be required to put on a composition tag, like we do with dry cleaning instructions etc. in the US.
Yup, those are in the store and as soon as I get through shipping tomorrow Im going to organize a flash sale for thread members.I saw sizes (UK) 6-11.5 at least on first glance.Fo sho! Thats with the shoes, Ill have that popping this week too. I saw for sure Royal Oud, Tabarome, Green Irish Tweed, Santal, Virgin Island Water and a bunch of others.
4 more suits from the same consignor just arrived too… if you are in need!
Also, I hope you guys like Creed cologne. When I get to the store on Monday, ill have some serious work to do. Planning on a huge pre-sale flash sale here in the thread next week.
New Posts  All Forums: