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Appreciate that, and glad I asked. So more than likely, Ill be canning the bold fee starting next week for all auctions - which means another $2/item on your checks.
Well, thanks all for your input.
I sure as fuck did lol.
Sure, why not.
'16 Ghibli S Q4.
I have a quick question for you guys. When you are scrolling through listings, Does the bold font make any difference at all to you? Im starting to wonder if its a wasted charge at $2/auction, especially on ties.
Are you available for a PR gig?
Don't get excited, its like a corner. But its a good corner lol.
I didnt realize it would be of so much interest. Ill try and get more this weekend!Yeah I think 1999 collection, I have to find it on the runway.To be clear, this wasn't from a thrift store, this was from a sample sale years ago and has been in my archives for probably 10 years. Im setting up a museum section in the store and included that one. But still wayyyyyy under 10% rule, and Definitely under the 2% rule.
New Posts  All Forums: