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Chimay is good shit. Ommegang too.
what happened to @Takai?
I thrift a whole bunch of random cases which come to like a quarter each.
appreciate always the flooring look-outs breaux.
holy $$$$hit
Yep. Ralph Lauren Purple Label RLPL Italy Cream Tattersall Plaid Brushed Cotton Shirt 16.5
was feeling super lazy and quasi took the day off, only a few estate sales. streetlight (people, up and down the boulevard) is from the 50s and is amazing Lounge sign for the man cave. 1930s telephone brass sign, want a phone booth to match it now. PRL pima for me, stetson boater.
I did thrift some incredible sea shells from the ocean - and some huge pieces of coral while snorkeling - that satiated that itch.Thankfully, i just flew under the radar as your average Spoo.That is shell.Don't you dare send me that Reindeer tie lolsympathies for your loss man.
know that feel hahaha
Those feels.
New Posts  All Forums: