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Did you wind up selling them? What did you get for them, if I can ask? [[SPOILER]]
Hey mang. Long time no speak. Someone just sent me that exact vest in that exact size on consignment. PM inbound.
@Brianpore I swear this said your name
WTF is up with your Xmas section of the thrift man haha
likes : dachshunds waffle house U2 ferraris Maseratis blondes rolexes
missed the record by 2.5K and thats quite OK with me. Thanks to all of the (many) of you who made some great scores tonight!
32.6K come on y'all!
$36,988 is my record for best week ever. Right now with 1h to go we sit at $31,672.62.
hope to have you!Sold about 1/3 of it both online and in store. Kept the rare stuff and the fall winter stuff, still about 300-400 pieces to go and $3,000 into profit already.
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