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^ White chucks. Awesome dog and I feel like Ive been drunk in your kitchen once.
About 19".
yeah some ho hum.Crazy boxes today, seriously guys. Way to step up your games.Bettanin & Venturi norgoveseRLPL 100 cashmereOrazioRubinacciGGmoar….
@Gajsek Welcome to the thread… and that is EXACTLY the kind of first post I like to see! Well done. The scarves in particular are great.No 3 piece left behind. Most of the time.
It is awesome. I put in an offer, thanks!
Going to get those shot this weekend, hopefully. but imagine pretty much grail staples from unattainable brands and there you go.
The eagle has landed. You best prepare your trigger fingers and wallets. These are INCREDIBLE.
I think I'll put "humbler" in the next auction.
New Posts  All Forums: