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Im just not opening new boxes - Ive got about 8 weeks of stuff in queue so you won't feel any relief until the move
Not much space, but it did the job.
75 degrees windows down music up good finds first pair of shorts of the season stags leap in hand the most perfect brooks brothers 1/4 lined brown herringbone tweed three piece. Soft shouldered glory, basically the suit the guy who wrote the trad bible was wearing when he wrote it. Not a single moth hole. maybe the 5th pair of shoes lifetime I've thrifted for myself - AE "Stewart". I was just saying how I wanted a PTB to fux with this summer and was a few clicks away...
Ill take the Serengetis That fit works for you, you need to keep that.You may have a PM idk
LOL nice catch, thanks!
ALL EYES ON ME 16 APRIL 15 1. Smith Optics Interchangeable Lens Toaster Glasses 2. Vintage Saks Red Double Breasted Jacket 3. NWT Polo Ralph Lauren Corneliani Brown DB Tuxedo 4. Kiton 95% Cashmere Brown Jacket 5. Loro Piana Unlined Plaid Wool Jacket 6. Brunello Cucinelli 100% Linen Houndstooth Jacket 7. Vintage Vuarnet Sunglasses 8. Alden Weather Walker Split Toe Shoes 9. Drakes London Silk Scarf 10. Gucci Leather Motorcycle Jacket, collection of Buzz...
the '53.
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