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So many OTC's my goodness
I missed this, sorry - .25" or so smaller than the 50 thats listed.
Thanks man. I do take a loss on shipping most of the time, which is why it really pisses me off when buyers who have no idea how much shipping actually costs accuse me of profiting off of shipping when in fact I probably eat $100-$250 per week on shipping costs. Im more than happy to do it for the SF community because breaux for life but when some random tells me I'm making money by charging high on shipping $40 to the UK when Im paying $49, that bothers me.
thats abbreviated as ASS, I.I think Id go with Oops, Rekop.
Sheesh, no interest at all? :/ Well on the other side of the coin, socks arrived. I need a few days to sort them out and ill have them up for you.
PMFREs to anywhere in the world, with an eBay shipping discount cost $32 flat. He sent those messages before I knew he was Canadian - to Canada is $25 for the same PMFRE envelope, which I do apply at checkout for anyone for Canada, and if they overpay, I refund. I don't ship first class at all, maybe Wes does.(and I do 1/2 off for SF members on international shipping so its only like $12/tie for you, for future).
best ebay messaging thread of all time.
A perfect, perfect example of how to find money when its not in front of your face. Im proud of you, Doc!
I would never do that shit and give up my secrets. But I will write a book one day, thats for sure. First I just need to thrift my waterfront house.
FLASH SALE BEGINS NOW1. All items are NWT/NWOT unless specified2. All prices include shipping within the US, for shipping outside the US, please add $25 for all single RTW pieces, $15 for the gloves. If you're buying multiples please tell me what you're getting for a rate but shouldn't be more than $30 total3. All sales are final, but if you need a size exchange Im more than happy to accommodate as long as the size you need is still in stock.4. This sale will be exclusive...
New Posts  All Forums: