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Mainy, what the actual fuck man!!!I know, no kidding! Carmines is great. Tiny, tiny portions though, Im surprised you were full at the end. (kidding, of course)Thanks man - a few Cifonelli in there, but all leather pieces, sorry!
Ah right, duh.
NOW LIVE THROWING FIRE AT THE SUN 26 MAY 16 1. Derek Rose Wool Dressing Gown 2. Chanel “Drawstory” Lambskin Quilted Handbag 3. Seraphin Motorcycle Jacket 4. Fenestrier France Alligator Shoes 5. Quoddy Green Hand Stitched Unlined Moccasins 6. Charvet Silk Braces 7. Brioni Donegal Jacket 8. Luciano Barbera “Blancs” Carlo Barbera Cloth Jacket 9. Vintage Bleeding Madras Bow Tie 10. Polo Ralph Lauren Silk Taffeta Blackwatch Vest
YessirGermany?!and the Cifonelli is NWT leather, thanks
Scarves and ties!Dude, I am all about the swag! If I could brand toilet paper I would. We have LS mugs, mouse pads, travel coffees, candles, pens, pads, post its, you name it.. lol. I want matchbooks but that seems to be more difficult than it seems for some reason.Thank you brother!
I'm completely shot from a 4 hour drive and need to get my auctions popping but today's haul with a sampler platter. It's all killer, no filler. More tomorrow.
Yup I owe you dude it was 50x better than expected
Y'all ain't gonna believe this shit.
Only appropriate I put it on top of Buzz's $60,000 Gucci coat.
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