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Embossed.Camelyoure building a mystery.
She does not. And thanks for the reminder. Of course she is. But she's feisty!All my inboxes are usually full (TWSS).But thanks! Ill get back to you in a bit. In the meantime, go return some of those purchases to get ready for the Lattanzis.
I do also accept PMs.but not PMS, you can save that shit, I get enough of that at home.
Best for me measured on a sport coat is 22.25" across the pits and 18.5" across the (front) shoulders.Lattanzi are the business, bro. That is a serious shoe. 8 or 8.5, IIRC. I think 8.Small guy stuff is awesome! Every category - suits, jackets, pants, sweaters, shirts, some really nice stuff.And I just got a box in from Singapore yesterday with 20+ top tier shirts all in 15-ish! Borrelli, Finamore, etc. Thats a few weeks out though.
Working on that. Trying to hit the sweet spot. Retail is 695ish.
this is the charcoal windowpane. my bad above
Heres some quick and dirty shots - first impressions : definitely true to size, Im wearing a 50 in all of these except the last one which is a 52 and im wearing a sweater underneath super comfortable all of them are spring weight, except the grey windowpane and the last tweed which are early fall the French jersey is super spongy and thick, a really nice cloth! I think I have to buy them all charcoal windowpane navy fresco green teal windowpane cigar windowpane...
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