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Engineered garments leather would be a pop for me. Still going.
Ive got at least 12 Rick outerwear pieces, at least 10 shoes including geobaskets, and next week I should have like 20 NIB Guidis.But no gimp masks.
let me see if my reading paid off. Im going to guess no. That is a Cortez but a recent one. The computerized tag on the inside should have the date on the bottom - the good Cortez are before those tags, and especially the ones that Forrest Gump wore. How'd I do?
If you'd like to schedule an appointment, I can appease.Hey, I used that when I played Myst! That was at the top of the lookout tower, right?I love my fucking oompa loompas.But seriously, another Spoo dream? What is up with that?! I spend more time on SF than anyone and I don't think Ive ever had a SF dream.Truth. But those HK based "bespoke" mixes of vicuna and wool or even vicuna and cashmere usually feel like shit and I would be pretty surprised if they contained actual...
he wants leather, i got leather.
You should come here.
Knew it!Caruso a few more weeks!
lol i love that gif and, thanks to you all - by far and away a record number of SF bidders and winners - you guys swarmed the auctions, I appreciate that! Those with the quick payment get shipped out tomorrow. I appreciate you guys!
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