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Thank you.And TWSS
Ive got the first 20 on deck, wanted to poll the field again, Im no good at BINs and really want to nail the price point. Heres my list of the suits going up, all are double vent, most are pleated pants. Any three buttons look like they've got a little roll to them. Ive abandoned the 24 hour thing but will run them as 30 days with OBO - but want to have a 100% Sell thru in 30 days on all.Im thinking 325 OBO on the Canalis and 365 OBO on the Zegnas. does anyone disagree?
Oh, and all you small guys who always ask for stuff, these suits end tonight too, they come from a very, very good provenance, let me tell you!
^^ Hes not kidding, there is some seriously awesome pieces that were in those boxes. Theyre already in queue to get rolling!---And for my tie guys, you dont want to miss these, trust me. I dont have any more really, after this so youve got to get in today.
was it as cool in person as in pictures? (the house)I thought I was the only one who did that
yep, probably iguana.
At the widest, across the middle.
x-post over from the LuxeSwap thread, any of you guys experienced this before? its weird.
I see what you mean. Weird ebay glitch there, going to X-post over to the eBay thread to see if anyone else has the same thing.
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