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cashflow is not a problem, its the ROI and break even time.
Ill never get over macho grande.
Im torn. I have an opportunity to buy 300 NWT suits, about 90% Canali and Zegna. The rest Boss/Armani and similar. Theyre about 10 years old. All sight unseen, working off a manifest, I just see two button/pleated and three button/pleated. PPU $60. WWYD?
happy endings abound.
that feeling when you check your feedback and see red.... but the good kind
I never would have thought that there would be better thrifting in Central America than in some metropolitan cities in the US. Very proud of you John! Charvet is a beaut. And Burberry is made by Belvest.
Good, Im glad to hear it! Because I just got in a massive new delivery. Ive got these on deck for a week from tonight, but many other sizes coming in these same styles behind it. Let me know if anything sounds appealing to you!
I hate that panicky feeling I get when I miss something but feel so at ease when they arent my size.
LOT x 2 Tom Ford Replacement Labels for Shirt Jacket Sweater + 20 THICK Mother of Pearl Buttons NR
New Posts  All Forums: