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still junk drunk and drunk great day great great day
So, i wake up this morning at the crack of my ass at 3:15, get some work done and realize I'm fucking exhausted around 10 when i finished. My wife asks if we are going to the thrift store, and I say nah, I'm not in the mood, maybe lets check out some estate sales. OK cool, good idea. Went to the first stop and its fill a basket for $50. Fun stuff. Found about 5 baskets worth, before the prince charming discount : rose quartz, crocodile, sterling silver cufflinks j press...
dude wait for this post its going to take me 45 min to do
Still going
I'm on fire
I picked the right weekend to road trip to CT then!1116 Ocean DriveMiami Beach, FL33139
ramen festival sounds awesome.
no hunting pee smelling tigers for you then.
Waat those are the best days to thrift!
Somehow, some way, I need these.
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