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Alright guys, coming down to the nitty gritty here. 24 hours to go until launch - One more push for anyone who wants to contribute on the sell side!I leave the last push with a quote from Brian himself….Cant wait to see these auctions go off tomorrow!
Much respect. thank you @jerms24k.
^^ Will get to those in a little bit. First, a few shots from around the shop today… including me in : Finamore jacket Barba shirt Lands end knit tie Vintage Tammis Keefe pocket square Epaulet pants Gaziano & Girling shoes
Is the diamond on the bottom back blank, or does it say "Atelier Versace"? Is the size inside the left seam of the shoulder? Any other tags?
^Very awesome stuff, Dirt. Thank you!
Barry -thanks for the win! Shoot me a PM with the link of the auction.
The bottom row in this picture are the ties that are going up tomorrow, to whet your appetites!
Top row is Big's.
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