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Thats very kind of you, and I appreciate you signing up for SF to say thanks! What did you win?
I like your photos and I like that you do the AVG PPU as well. Individual price per piece is usually irrelevant to me as long as the haul works out.
Awesome! I agree, its a whole different feel when you get out of the shower - not like you're coated in chemicals.
fucking fits too. didnt want that conundrum.
Today. Legit moncler (verified and now registered to me) and EG X Golden bear limited edition Bedford jacket in elite cowhide - $25 total. Yes thanks.
go back immediately
Engineered garments leather would be a pop for me. Still going.
Ive got at least 12 Rick outerwear pieces, at least 10 shoes including geobaskets, and next week I should have like 20 NIB Guidis.But no gimp masks.
let me see if my reading paid off. Im going to guess no. That is a Cortez but a recent one. The computerized tag on the inside should have the date on the bottom - the good Cortez are before those tags, and especially the ones that Forrest Gump wore. How'd I do?
New Posts  All Forums: