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Three button notch lapel V neck designer sport coatJust let me know when it's live.
good stuff, but the zegna ties are fake.
Jack. Then thanks to you humps I did Biggie karaoke all night.
SOZZI SOCK SALE STARTS NOW First, please refer to this size guide from Sozzi's website for sizing advice. For reference, I am a US 9.5 and take a M in these. 1. All sales are final 2. Socks are $15 each, or $12 each if you buy 6 or more 3. Due to the high amount of interest in this sale, I won't be able to update sellouts immediately but I can order more of most of these in the event one or more of your pieces are sold out 4. Payments are to spoopoker@aol.com by paypal...
Mornin. Nursing a pretty good hangover here but will try and clean up the sock inventory later today, but it should be mostly accurate right now. Im putting the sale over to B&S for the rest of the weekend, and after those sales die down, ill place a reorder and give you guys first dibs on the new stock.Thank you for all the orders!
This is what I came for. $1.99
more like money, bros and clothes :/
Haha that is a BOSS move
can whoever just sent an order for 4 pairs for with the initials CMG please let me know what size you need? it wasn't in the payment. thanks!
Thanks man - no notes came in with the order. got it noted!
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