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It happens to me too, its annoying. To fix it (iPhone) I eithergo back to another page on the thread and then the icon for upload shows uporgo to "full page editor" and it usually shows up there, and if not, refresh on the editor page and it says "submit again" and say yes and then it shows up.
Still trying to figure that out. Thankfully theres an array of sizes here to try on.
Never heard of them brother, Im sorry!
^ Not shell.
they do!
Paul Stuart is Adrian Jules…
$2.50. NA
It seems that Derek and massacio both bid the same amount at the exact same time. Didn't see that one coming. Let's see if there's any more activity before I make a ruling on who would get it if it ended here.
ha. ha.Zegna Centennial it is! Good eye.
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