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I guess this is the thunderdome after all.
red bull / ambien / eddie murphy for you
PHENOMENAL REFERENCE between this and the thrift thread tonight we are full on 80s. love it. would you like a nice, greasy pork chop sandwich served in a dirty ashtray?
i said i i i i iii want the kniiiiiiife(for you @noob in 89)
oh god, great fucking movie, great scene.very nice! ring for your woman? new tooth?speaking of mozambique, once, on holiday in nantucket, i stopped in a store that sold spices, and bought a dry rub from mozambique. it was the hottest, most flavorful, most intense dry rub i have ever had and made ordinary supermarket steaks taste like peter lugers. i have no idea what brand it was and can't find it again.but i digress.
definitely not.
this was from a blind safety deposit box auction. its a blue topaz though, is yours an aquamarine?
i was making a joke that i do all the work for herbut she ships it all. every last piece.
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