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Naw, i mean his message to you. Was there one?
Post the full message they sent.
That's a great one. Brooks Brothers, shantung. About 3 7/8" wide.
Theres so much Drakes!
whatever was the biggest one they make. Battenkill.
I found that same bag last month. I have no idea how to ship it, you can fit a body in there. I may just put it on Craigslist.
^ Carroll is a grenadine and a beautiful color at that.
when he uses my name, he better put some respeck on it.
I can honestly say I have no bad passes. Ive always erred on the side of Kop now, ask questions later.But near misses, I can clearly remember walking into a store, grabbing my cart and seeing some tall hipster looking lanky dude walking out. We locked eyes, then he did an immediate pivot, ran back to the coat rack, and darted for this leather moto jacket and scooted right to the cashier and paid. I have no idea what it was but that will always piss me off not knowing what...
New Posts  All Forums: