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Saturday morning jumped out of bed and hoped to find the best suit got in my car and raced like a jet because i am spoo knocked on the door, you open at 10 to ask you a kew-es-shun do you have clothes from an old fashioned man yeah can i thrift kitons for the rest of my life say yes say yes because i need to know you say ill only find sean john till the day i die tough luck my friend but wes says go why no kiton for spooooo don't you know i want vicuna toooooo why no...
That was very clever! Thats exactly why I bought it, actually. I wore it once.
Here you go. Im headed off to bed, Im shot. Will get back to PM's in the AM.
I usually wait until next week to upload preview pics, but I think this is one of the strongest tie weeks Ive ever had. So, Im uploading now if you animals want any, so I have time to list more before next Thursday if you gobble them all up. Upload in progress, stay tuned.
So soft. If I had to guess, goat.
FULL CARMINA LINK - 19 PAIRS! That size does not come my way often, hombre. When you see me post one, instakop.
APRES 16 OCT 14 1. Polo Ralph Lauren Alpaca Blend Coat 2. Vintage Ray-Ban by Bausch and Lomb Clubmasters 3. The Flat Head selvedge jeans 4. An enormous amount of premium neckwear 5. Vintage Pirelli rubber briefcase 6. Vintage Incline Made in Japan Tri-Tone Sunglasses 7. Vintage Levi's Panatela Buddha graphic shirt 8. Bally Leather & Cashmere Gloves 9. NWT Brunello Cucinelli nappa leather bomber jacket 10. Carmina Dub Munks (one of about a dozen NIB Carmina...
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