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The mailman was kind today. First, this RLPL alligator jumbo sized double faced travel wallet which Im posting here hoping someone buys it pre auction so I don't have to then these sexy motherfuckers
Paulina Porizkova.
auction ends in 4 days, 7 hours.unpaid item case closes in 3.
Well that's interesting. That shirt hasn't even been paid for yet.
A few from the last few days… Isaia David Chu Marinella Thrifted Universal Geneve 18K Panta Corthay Boglioli Borrelli Attolini Thrifted batik square J. Crew Carmina Etro Barba Exquisite Trimmings Robert Talbott J. Crew Gaziano & Girling
Well theres one in there but its a damn nice one. Lets see how you do this Sunday and we can knock the dust off some more. ALREADY? Damn man that was fast! Moarrrr picss!--Side note - is anyone in marked for an 18K Cartier trinity ring in tricolor?
He knows I love him.
Not at a size 33 they aren't
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