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One stop. Y3 jeans Iceberg History with Mickey embroidery Outlier blue 5 pocket (my size N/A) Save Khaki Bills Khaki Rogan toggle horn clasp leather jacket LL bean shearling boots (never saw shit like this) moschino high waist skinny pants Oliver Spencer chambray (my size, i look sexy as fuck, N/A) Woolrich navy unlined flannel shacket thing EG army canvas flannel lined blouson bomber (holy shit) NWT EG knit surfer dude print shorts (my size N/A, despite my...
Oh look at that. NWT engineered garments.
In the field. Outlier is a thing right? /SWD voice Still goin
@Brianpore Brown/White EG 888 last, 9/9.5?
depends if he consigns with me or you
MERRY CHRISTMAS Last upload of the year, first one to end in 2015. Some fantastically rare things just went live, starting at $9.99 with no reserve - 1. H. Herzfeld 100% Alpaca Bearcat coat 2. NIB 2014 Adidas Consortium Made in France Superstars 3. Imoni green snakeskin gloves (from the Buzz Bissinger collection) 4. Sulka alligator belt 5. Ties are back! 6. Mark Cross porosus alligator breast wallet 7. Loro Piana 20K Storm System jacket 8. Vintage Brooks...
Surely of lesser quality that you want LuxeSwap to sell to fund your Liverano purchase, no?
You know, I need to practice what I preach. Plus he gave it to me.
Christmas Day thrift fit Belstaff Luxe Trialmaster in forest green leather - thrifted from Buzz Bissinger Bullock & Jones 100% cashmere sweater, Scotland - $3.99 J. Crew selvedge - on sale, i forget unseen - vintage Onisuka Tigers, grey suede, thrifted yesterday
New Posts  All Forums: