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Yarmulke challenge. I can feel it coming.
Comes with free Molly. So you can throw it out the window and say you don't pop Molly but you rock Tom Ford. EZXXX it is.Pricing… working on that.
Is 75% silk 25% linen shatnaz?
Pit to pit - 21.75Sleeves from shoulder seam -25Shoulder seams across - 19.5 (front)Across waist - 19Length from BOC - 30.5PANTSAcross waist - 17.5 (room to let)Across hips - 22.25Inseam - 30At cuff - 8Cuff height - 0Underneath - 2Rise - 11.25
You're paying royalties to the court, right?54 EU. Deets soon...
hermes is fake
Hard to answer that without knowing you outside the thread, so thread related answers you get!Anderson SheppardMacklemore HuntsmanGianni VersaceIsthisa ThingInn StakopPah PintagsSpoy Lerfliptalk
Three piece, baby.
Mine does that shit all the time. Usually its with crap but once I saw them do that with a Ferragamo and a sweet BB England.Well, now I want to know what the rarities of the world are.Gucci is real.
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