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Thank you!
LOL.@barrelntrigger @Nataku @Thrift Vaderanyone?
ST JAMES II 8.5 TG73 Any takers pre auction? @steveoly you were right, my bad!
Are you sure it wasn't Cantarelli? Cantarelli makes for Faconnable all the time.
Guys, any assistance appreciated here. I didnt thrift these but someone did. Do any of you know what this says?
Im shooting some NWT RL and other etceteras that day, perhaps you've heard?
I sold this sweater for like $20 and she gave me shit about it and wanted to return it, by the way.Also, I just did the pull for the haul that goes up 2 weeks from now - being that Friday is a bonus day off, I thought I would beef up the assortment with an extra day to shoot.Start saving.
Is there anything inside?This is a dope sign. Is is brass?Send it to me so I can try it on tell you.Where the fuck have you been?Ostrich and gator, yep. Nice!
New Posts  All Forums: