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Theres a trump/clinton joke in here somewhere, I just cant find it yet.
Oh, Mr. Big, you crazy thing, you.
Re raise. [[SPOILER]]
Probably mens. Meant to hold lots of guns and coke underneath.Not so much, I think. I had a fantastic vintage green shearling with a red fur shawl collar knee length coat a few weeks ago, went for only a couple hundred IIRC.I call and raise (not thrifted and not mine though so you win)
Way pre death, probably 89-91, probably made by Ruffo.
this and metroid took up a large part of 7th grade.
Its true what they say.
FTFM On awesome dog notes, this came in from a consignor and I thrifted it from her (aka, she gave it to me) for my baby girl.#versaceversaceversace
And theyre much better in person than on paper.You would need a third mortgage if you saw the sport coats and shoes.These are all going to be sold in the month of November.(he says that the really good stuff will "start" happening in December)
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