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i love that feeling the night before you're going somewhere good.
Fee I insist on. PM coming.
Would you know someone who, maybe, has expertise in sneaker cleaning that I could say, send to for a fee? Look, I did teach you that. And that is a rule. But as you are learning, once you know the rules, you get to fuck around with them a bit. Im not saying its right, maybe its just sprezz.
Not RLPL, but Ralph Lauren (better than Polo)
Thats real. For sure.Disagree. You can get some solid facts and comparisons down - be nice and point to ebay guide pages and use a tone of voice as if you're teaching your kid how to do math, not interrogating a potential criminal suspect.
solid stuff for me today, and a real rarity, i get to keep things! nothing ever fits me. Quite pleased. grip of no brainer ties caught the new shoe rack as it was coming out. BB/Peal/CJ for a US 9, Prada for a US 10, Gucci 42.5, and these Nikes are kind of a thing, right? Dale x Olympics J. Crew fun Goat suede and paisley wool waistcoat, N/A green irish tweed Brooks Brothers Italy frames Tweed rug This baby is nice. Probably mid-60s Id guess? No tags,...
nataku, incredible. That first Brioni cashmere is stunning. eazy, i want those pants! Great stuff. Pair the jacket with grey flannels. i had a very awesome day myself, news in a few.
New Posts  All Forums: