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Wool, a glorious, rich, textural wool.
Left about a grand on the racks then. the ones with the flag necks?
Cant keep it all. And its Paul Smith.
From the Spoo-Chives! Make me offers I can't refuse. Daddy needs a new watch.
90s hilfiger is a thing? that watch is sick!
Correct. Id feel more comfortable shipping to that address than most of my relatives.
^ Yup. Also, I've done a closet clean, and you're going to see the photos here in just a bit - less than an hour. . Theres TF, suits, Kiton, more.
FWIW, the 4283 express lane address is probably the biggest freight forwarder in the country - thats a totally legit address.
I don't usually thrift on a Tuesday, but when I do, Canoli, Canoli, Ermene-dildo XXX, Talbs, Random British neat, Zegna cords, and a sexy pair of HF brown herringbone trou made for my doppelgänger Yeah yeah standard fare. Then turned over this bad boy 1940s WWII Era Naval jacket, minty fresh, the best possible vintage aroma, all buttons, Junior Lieutenant stars (thanks wes) bu bu wait it gets worse Loewe madrid chocolate brown chamois goat suede bomber ...
New Posts  All Forums: