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Which tailor?Sick lapels!Halliburton is sick!Man, I am very sorry. You are in my thoughts and my most sincere condolences to you.
I thrifted these 1950's cat eye glasses, but really, Im just showing off some amazing photography.
I would like to introduce you to how we are going to increase hammer prices on accessories by a metric fuckton.
to the crue i say sup!
hate that, but you probably knew that it wasn't when you touched it to turn the label. whats worse than that label is seeing vicuna color, touching something soft, and finding out its Michael Kors. Or finding a flag sweater hoping for vintage PRL and finding out its Coldwater Creek Or when your eyes aren't so great and that new Izod label is Isaia Or Sean John purple label is purple label Or walking up to the rack and seeing a wild patterned jacket, hoping its some crazy...
54 (EU).Full shot :
I would have bought that for $15 all day with no hole, sure. But to be sure - the Fozzie from yesterday is a bearcat coat and highly coveted. Yours is an older Zegna coat. But I would have Kopped.
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