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@impuntura or any of the bike experts, how am I looking at 75 bucks on this?
Holy Effing Shiz that is legit. Was that a true thrift? Available? Am I your secret santa? Tom Ford are by Max Verre.
In our eyes? Yes, of course he did.In eBay's eyes? Not even close.
Yo my dad just came home with the illest Cucinelli sweater!!
Not bad for 3.5 hours of work. Glasses are vintage Calvin Klein made in Japan. Versace tie was free - found it in the pocket of the Zegna suit. Leather horsehide at the end is 1973 NYPD issue. Good shit. Have a great weekend you guys. Everything available to those homies I owe for trades.
On second look, I could be wrong about that.
Hard to say but that stitching looks sloppy so better be safe than sorry.
I would do bad, bad things for the leather moto with the gold embroidery. Bad.Good luck whoever got me.In terms of real, yes. In terms of money, not really.----I just cleaned up on outerwear today. Like, yeah. Pics hopefully tomorrow.
OUTLIERS 5 NOV 15 1. Vintage Avirex S-36 Flight Suit 2. Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Bondage Coat 3. Loro Piana 100% Cashmere Black Horsey Jacket 4. Dior Homme Black Jacket 5. NWOT Turnbull & Asser Purple Horizontal Corduroys 6. Gitman Vintage x The Hill Side Camouflage Shirt 7. Rick Owens Memphis Patch Jeans 8. NWT Ermenegildo Zegna Quindici Tie 9. Vintage Porsche Design Carrera Aviator Sunglasses 10. Alden 405 Indy Boots NOW LIVE
New Posts  All Forums: