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Final number. This is going to be a hard one to beat.
I wish vintage. but recent, NWT, and a highly desirable XXL at $9.99.
I get them every day.Theres a place in settings to do one or both - but it takes forever to upload if you do, FYI.
PM Sent.
New weekly record set! Due to a computer glitch I have about $1500 or so (Currently) ending tomorrow morning, so about $41K.
RECORD SET! Thanks to all of you who contributed with either a dope consignment or some bids - last week we had some computer glitches and the last auctions dont end until tomorrow morning, which are currently about 1500 bucks or so, but completed so far is : So right now about $41,000 or so, will update tomorrow with the final total!
You should, theyre stunning.
I say yes. Those extended numbers are indicative of a special edition - remember your Wall Street editions had the same extra numbers and labels? I just dont know which edition it is. could take some deep googling but its out there.
if you had a problemyo rob ford solves itcheck out my crackwhile my PR team resolves it
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