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Hans, that's not Versace.
oof. one of those mornings.
it was one of those (awesome) days.
who were the tall guys in the thread around my size that were looking for pants again?
ah, missed those. thank you. time to stop drinking. lol
what kind of fuckery is this?
Really, whats up with this pillow? I can't find shit on ebay or Etsy for one, no completed items. Are they that rare? The only thing I found was this ancient Pinterest post.https://www.pinterest.com/pin/162622236517624538/
congrats and RIP to your sleep Hans!
7 DAYS, 10 WAYS 1. Davies & Sons Bespoke DB Jacket 2. Harris Shoes 3. Neoclassic Pocket Square 4. Versace Silk Medusa Table Runner 5. Versace Leather Desk Set 6. Lot of Bow Ties 7. Jean Charles de Castelbajac Wool Scarf 8. Ties! 9. NWT Ralph Lauren Purple Label Sweater 10. Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Denim Trucker Jacket NOW LIVE
New Posts  All Forums: