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Moved to B&S. You guys are missing out on these, big time FYI.
Once or twice.
You meantGO!
Bout so, yup!
Pit to pit 21.25"Sleeves from shoulder seam 25.75"Shoulder seams across 18"Across Waist 19.75"Length from BOC 31"PANTSAcross Waist 17.75"Across Hips 21"Inseam 31.5"Cuff height 0"Extra material under cuff 1.75"At cuff 8.5"Rise 11"
Etro is a 50 (EU)….and its possible it could be made in HK - your Zegna, that is. Pic of label solves all!
Thanks man! I matched that Etro orphan 7 days apart.
moar stuff
waat deets
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