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I think its time for another tie cull / closet cleaning.
I know Head from the rackets, but never saw sneakers before. They are awesome. If you are ever near that shop… would be curious! Theres really nothing on the inter webs.
If I ever get rich enough to commission a bespoke vicuna jacket, Im having the name put inside as something super fun, like Mike Ockenballs.
I am SUPER jazzed about these. Can any sneaker heads comment on the rarity? I never leave a sneaker made in France, but shocked to see these fit me perfectly. N/A but super curious as google gives me nothing.
I thrifted the hanger.The coat is mine, but not thrifted.
Thanks! I wish that bumped it still G, you would kill it in this
I send checks to all domestic clients, and anyone overseas who needs a payout gets a paypal payment with no fees deducted for them. You shouldn't send it as a payment for goods and services as if you are paying a consignor, you are not paying them for any goods and services. I attach a PDF of their consignment receipt to the payment which matches the payment to the penny.Heh he…fire..fire! Heh heh…/Beavis
Best Friday night post ever.
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