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*orders 10 iphones on apple.com*
PM me if you want it!Do tell!
All the Burb's look legit from here, though the raincoats are probably not worth the time. Thrifts/consignment stores love to attach a high value to them always, and theres just too many of them in the market. I don't think Ive taken one in a few years, unless its dead mint with the lining, and under 25 bucks.Ties look a bit dated, that gold barocco GV one is the ducks nuts though.
Probably 1998?Vintage Gianni Versace Animal Print Black Panther Gold Baroque Silk TieProbably 87-88, and virtually worthless on eBay.
But yours is much more detailed and well written!
x post from LS thread Can I just say….And a big to myself, my quote from the conversation from the consignor and myself when we were negotiating the deal :
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