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Catching up part 2 [[SPOILER]]
you really need the matching leash for accurate fit, but I had someone try it on who was a 2/4 and it fit FUCKING AWESOME
it was a sick haul. One stop. Kept hoping for his belts to come out, alas, just 15 exotic boots. Yee haw.
Catching up part 1.One boot in here pretty much paid for everything you see. [[SPOILER]]
and @Klobber
You should not be looking at watches at ALL bro Whatever happened with those shell Florsheims BTW?
I sold my last one for 10-15 whole money dollars. But they are awesome.@FlorianQC WHERE ARE YOU
Call PP. Their phone support has been much better lately.Prolly not.
LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY 2 FEB 17 1. Barneys NY 100% Cashmere Gauze Shawl 2. Isaia Napoli Aquacashmere Jacket 3. Ralph Lauren Purple Label / Edward Green Skull Velvet Loafers 4. Deadstock Vintage Ralph Lauren / Harris Tweed Houndstooth DB Coat 5. NWOB Edward Green Tan Wingtip Shoes 6. Kiton 100% Cashmere Brown Jacket 7. Seraphin Paris Grey Carpincho Texture Shearling Coat 8. NWT Brooks Brothers Black Fleece 100% Baby Camel Grey Flannel Pants 9. Kiton 100%...
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