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i would have the swag for that.
Absolutely amazing.
^ Thats pretty friggin incredible. Did you find that in New York?
All of my ties, with a .002% variance rate are 3.5", for example.
Nicky 3.5"Bloomies first one wool 3.25" second one twill silk 3.25"
please post or pm name for blockage.
FTFM:)I have, wear, and love those Stubbs slippers.Nat, those are ostrich claw, or Struzzo in Italian. Its the actual leg/claw of an ostrich which doesn't have the typical pimple quills you usually see on the body skin.
Am I being a pernicious enabler?
Welcome bud! And let me be clear - by extra large boxes, I'm talking about half refrigerator size. Hernia makers at 100lbs each. In the snow and ice. My wife was extremely appreciative of the vacuum sealed bags, by the way, she says thanks.There is more Harris Tweed in there than you can shake a stick at.
New Posts  All Forums: