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Got Formosa?
BEEN DRIVIN ALL NIGHT, MY HANDS ARE WET ON THE WHEEL 16 JUNE 16 1. Vintage Vicuna & Cashmere Blend Top Coat 2. Vintage Sporrong Gold/Lapis Enamel Crown Cufflinks 3. Kiton 100% Cashmere Jacket (one of several) 4. Arny’s Paris Brown Corduroy Forstiere Coat 5. Stronghold Los Angeles Herringbone Selvedge Jeans 6. Borrelli Napoli Chiaia Cut Double Breasted Suit 7. Vintage N. Peal Hogskin Unlined Gloves 8. NWOT Brioni Double Breasted Jacket 9. Cesare Attolini Brown...
PM'd ya.
I am!usually 30ish.
blue DB is Hunstman bespoke Brown corduroy is Isaia and a suit blue glen plaid is ultra recent Zegna Trofeo 600 wool silk and a suit grey plaid is Kiton 100% cashmere and unlined/unstructured and amazing blue/brown tweed is vintage louis boston
its these.
Perfect - then depending on the balance in your paypal account, you should be thrilled!
So, I did a little closet cleaning from my jackets and suits. Kiton, Isaia, Zegna, Hunstman, and a vintage Louis Boston. Is anyone around my size (or rather, the size that the 15lbs Ive gained make these difficult to fit into) around with a yearning for some new jackets and suits? If not, ill wait until a few of you are.
Thanks man! Some good stuff in there for sure.
Couple of shots from around the shop yesterday…. .
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