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This weeks haul! [[SPOILER]]
AUCTIONS AWAY! Just launched 185+ new auctions, and some great summer pieces in there tonight. For the ladies, there is a slew of Chanel and Louboutin among others listed too! Continuing my spring/summer top picks, my top ten tonight : 1. Isaia mini houndstooth sportcoat 2. Wynn Las Vegas distressed leather jacket 3. Vintage LA Eyeworks mercury red tortoise sunglasses 4. 3 Sixteen ST-100X Selvedge jeans 5. Bespoke orange silk shantung sportcoat 6. Brunello...
Yeah, this was a great batch. Wait for next week Inco cargos are a 36.This makes it all worth it. I appreciate that G The rest go up next week.borrelli 35'sAcross Waist 17.25"Across Hips 21.5"Inseam 35.25"Cuff Height 0"Material underneath hem 0"Width of hem opening 7.75"Rise 11"BC womens is from a few different people - which one?Nope, non forum member - but fits like a short M or S.lolbrodeetzGucci sweater (camel hair blend btw )Pit to pit 23"Sleeves from shoulder...
Pre-empting some questions - Thom Brownes are size 2 and run on the short side Kiton shirts are all 15.5 and about a 32 sleeve length
priority mail flat rate envelopes. Over 6,000 ties sold and knock on wood….
looks like kate upton from here
/thread #100%spoomethod
you would suggest registered mail? :poke:
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