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Id be willing to bet the English ones are Crockett & Jones, the Italian ones, no idea - but hard to say without the pics of the inside shoe walls.
Probably 50-100 bucks on a good day.
Ive got one of those too!
Whoever is selling these http://www.ebay.com/itm/480-CHURCHS-Custom-Grade-Mens-Chocolate-Suede-Desert-Boots-ForBrian-7-5-US-/252434538224?hash=item3ac6455ef0:g:5DIAAOSwOtBXTQ6v can you please get them in a 9.5? kthx.
it must have just escaped his ma'ammory.
Nailed it. thanks!
I'm trying to look for one of those rods with a hook on the end to get stuff off of high bars in a stockroom. kind of like a long fishing rod kind of thing. Is there a name for this? Im trying to find one on ebay and am drawing blanks.
The link under "Misc" should go to everything, no?
Alright, knowledge dropped and now I'm curious - how can you tell what is a Daiki piece and what isn't? Is there a date code or something? I mean for both Woolrich and EG.
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