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That tag appears on scarf prints and wovens.The other one appears on twill, whimsicals, and prints.
"Is that Mafoofan?"
That tie is so real, I just placed a bid.
No, just not the right shape for me.
pm sent
Its actually a quite rare one - its Brooks Brothers made by Baracuta (in HK) - exact same everything as Steve is wearing. Tagged a 38. Bought it for me but its just not quite right. Anyone a 38 that needs it?Ian, would fit you
Auctions ending in 3 minutes! Hey, also anyone need one of these?
BB x Alden shell!I just tried it on again to make sure it didn't fit me. I leave disappoint.Same shoe, just new. The black versions are currently running!http://www.ebay.com/itm/2K-Avi-Rossini-Galuchot-Stingray-Shagreen-Black-Exotic-Leather-Shoes-IT-8-US-9-/310920175994?pt=US_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item486449617a
New Posts  All Forums: