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that once read "Echtes Leder"
Not mine but I wanted it to be.Pit to pit 22.5"Sleeves from shoulder seam 26"Shoulder seams across 18.25"Across Waist 20.75"Length from bottom of collar 32.25"
Maybe they will be on instagram tomorrow.
He couldn't help Wes decipher a vintage tie.
this is the pale grey suit :Pit to pit 20"Sleeves from shoulder seam 24.25"Shoulder seams across 17.25"Across Waist 18"Length from BOC 28.5"PANTSAcross Waist 15.5"Across Hips 20.25"Inseam 31.25"Cuff height 2"Extra material under cuff 1.5"At cuff 8"Rise 10"The blue DB :Pit to pit 20.75"Sleeves from shoulder seam 24.75"Shoulder seams across 16.75"Across Waist 18"Length from BOC 28.25"PANTSAcross Waist 15.25"Across Hips 20"Inseam 30.25"Cuff height 2.25"Extra material under...
while those pictures upload, is there anyone here who is a size 9 US shoe and loves alligator?
y'all may shit your pants when you see some of the stuff I'm posting here in a few minutes.
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