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Right attitude.
^ excellent finds!
How many of you are women, looking to buy my women's jacket?
still a three figure sale as an orphan.
Noted - but I wasn't asking for someone to do my research or pull up runway pics - I was trying to ID a season, and the style of the jacket and didnt know how to read the tag. Over in CM, we have many tag specific threads per brand and offering information to help someone isnt a national secret - be it for sales or personal edification. Im not trying to be a dick, but if you're looking for assistance, the best way would be going to the source of experts, which would be...
Thanks for the thoughtful reply - but this piece is women's, so I don't think there would be too much activity for you guys bidding on it anyway, Ill try somewhere else.
Really? Wow, thats pretty sad. Just because its something to sell, nobody wants to help? I mean, I get it, to keep the "purity" of the thread but as I said - if theres a different place to ask, please point me there. In any case, at the very least I thought it was a very interesting piece and not only wanted to learn more about it but thought fans of the brand would be somewhat interested as well.Well, back to CM then.
Anyone know how to date yohji?
Appreciate that - I looked but didn't see the code on my tag. It looks like its only marked "H". Heres the tags and the jacket - if anyone has any insight I would be most appreciated!
Yup, they are running big. I usually wear a M/L and these were unfortunately too big. I just grabbed them all hoping I had a new shirt wardrobe, but alas…. here they are
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