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I know. i just saw that. i hate that you can't edit after a bid is placed.i spell lily wrong and faconnable wrong all the damn time.
Appreciate that -Fixed!
FINE PRINT 13 AUG 15 1. Vintage 1960′s Lily Pulitzer Psychedelic Jacket 2. Celine Cabas Tote in Tangerine Lambskin 3. Chanel Python Chain Sandals 4. Holland Brothers Atache 5. Faliero Sarti Silk Blend Scarf 6. Vintage Gianni Versace Sarong Scarf 7. Liberty of London Purple Scarf 8. Vintage Bleeding Madras Jacket 9. NWT Esemplare Camoflage Floral Pants 10. NWT Esemplare Camoflage Floral Puffer NOW LIVE
I'm still laughing
im finna finish uploading these auctions then have a battle royale with my daughterwhat was the panthers name?
just looked at completed listings for garbage pail kidsFUCK MENSWEAR
Thrifted my basement.
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