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thats the good stuff right there
Those things are like 8-10 lbs. Are you sure?
Aint no way was a 44 peacoat no 6 lbs.
happy with this e thrift, not for flips, for me. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mens-Elephant-skin-Leather-belt-34-in-length-and-1-1-4-inch-width-/111457537376?pt=US_CSA_MWA_Belts&hash=item19f3630d60
^ home run!
Oh dear.
Stitch, as much as he wants to, has never been in my cave Pulled about 30 premium ones out today. Will get cracking on those soon. Some TF cashmere and some suits too.Mrs. Spoo would be Alfred (access granted), my loyal pup is Robin (access occasionally granted, only on a lap, not allowed to roam the halls, hence a pee break beckons. Baby Spoo has full access and helps pack your packages on occasion. Aside from my employee and my parents, thats about all thats been in the...
YSL is likely 90s and largely unimpressive on the resale market, I has a sorry.Chanel is real deal, and you get carte blanche to use "handbag buttons" in the listing (win), likely early 90s.
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