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Oh man, not again…...
Its good to see you around here, Fok.
That really, really means a lot to me! Thank you!
you guys are awesome. Second or third best week ever. I appreciate your support!
sadly, no. If you want to be a dick you can decline the cancel transaction form and in 3 days open an unpaid item case though.
auctions starting to end in a few minutes and then in an hour or so - and don't forget about my promos that I listed on Friday!
Haha nice! The Versace is real. I was there yesterday too. haha.Believe it or not, thats not an orphan.
Headaches gone.
^ Those purple label shades are really, really nice, BTW.
Gotcha. Ive worn my standard size, 9.5 D in AE before - I think it was the Neumok? Whichever that unlined version was. And Ive also had a Dalton boot in the same size. If its a narrower last, Id compare that closest to Carmina Simpson. I don't have flat feet, so cant help with experience there, sorry.
New Posts  All Forums: