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Someone is going to own a Blackcock in a few minutes.
And some from next week to whet your whistles...
I know, I looked it up before listing but didn't know if there was some other inside name for it. Anyway, I would have totally kopped those if they fit me.
What exactly do you call that white taped detail on the Epaulet? Its not selvedge.
I do! PM'd you.Also guys, a serious batch of ties ends in about an hour, get your bids in.
Depends on who you ask. Sorry, just realized I missed your question before too - I have no idea which last they are on, but they seem like a roomy / wide fit.
Nice. Just remember I touched that bitch and I tagged that bitch. Then I slapped her on the ass and sent her on the way home to you.HANJOY!
Shirts are the easiest to look through, IMO as you don't go one by one, you just look at pattern. At least, thats what I do. hasn't failed yet.
New Posts  All Forums: