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Had me a pair of those too.
Vass Whiskey and Meermin.
NWOB Silvano Lattanzi shell cordovan norvegese
NWOB Silvano Lattanzi shell cordovan norvegese.
How are my animals doing?!
Waiting for that 9.9M bid now.Everything I buy is for R&D.
bring it French Brotana.
never, ever saw this before - 8 out of the top 10 posts yesterday were thrift thread posts. thats nuts!
Almost set a record tonight - many, many of you were winners I see - thank you for both the lead and supporting roles! We will be under a blizzard on Tuesday and not shipping, so if you want your pieces sent out tomorrow, Id need your payments by tonight, por favor.
Extra hour tonight to get your bids in!
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