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grabbed measurements off of one of them for reference - pit to pit - 21 sleeves from seam - 26.25 shoulder seams across front - 17 across waist - 19.25 length from BOC - 29.25
its 4am, you just got home from a wedding and you are proficient enough to post?!
These may be the Epaulet x Southwick jackets that are available in size 40 R…. if anyones interested in these, LMK today. Im in a crunch for timing on some other stuff so I can't really get other pics or measurements but I know there was lots of interest in these. Doing them at $150 per.
sup hangover crue!
i fucking love thrifting.
I saw this and it was worth every dollar I spent on it.I spent one dollar on it.
1945 soldiers guide to napoli - no mention of attolini or rubinacci 1954 MB Raggedy Ann game with all parts 1960s customized lunchbox, one cutout reads "LSD" ferragamo, alden shell, sending to @capnwes for a refurb, Giorgio Armani ankle boots burb italy, jpress, bb italian, vintage batik cotton, trafalgar 5x GA hand rolled deadstock PS cole haan lizard + surcingle leather + suede motorcycle pants drinking and driving, both N/A j crew baird mcnutt /...
I'm going to try and post a post with todays finds but i am super drunk, bear with me pls
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