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erm, wrong thread? ^
Birger Christensen is like the John Lobb of furs. They've got the Royal Order for the Danish court and have been around for 100 years or more. http://www.birger-christensen.com/en/ Their vintage stuff has a crazy following and if a piece is in excellent condition and is a great type of fur ( check, check ) prices can get way up in the thousands.
Thats fake man, sorry.
I have had the most incredible 48 hours thrifting. I think I may have beat or at least tied my all time record. Ive got a few hundred pieces to post (!) but ill just leave this here as a tease in the meantime. Mother fucking pop!! @330CK
half hour till someone owns that Wu-Tang sweatshirt. Will it be you?
sick nasty womens haul, all fur, leather, exotic and good good. Chinchilla, suede, 15+ shearlings, etc…..100+ pieces, under lunch prices per piece. Some pieces epic. Pics later in the week.
Im almost positive real.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Not to be a downer in the thread but 15 years ago today I watched some really fucked up shit happen with my own eyes. Its hard to believe that it was that long ago but it still feels like yesterday. That first plane flew right over my head as I stood on the corner of 5th Avenue that morning and I'll never forget saying to my friend just before it crashed "thats weird, whens the last time you saw a plane in the city?" After that, I walked over...
the past couple of posts seem shady.
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