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I really sold sunglasses to a blind man, and a pair of shoes to an amputee. I'm not kidding.rrrrrrrazzle dazzzzzzle!ancient but real - though looks like leather?what color?
Sure, why not
Is anyone an adidas 10 and need a superstar? Or one blue samba? If not off to the donation center tomorrow.
Yes, Degas. Thanks everyone!
#onestore #twoestatesales i usually never pick up zanella, but unicorn flat fronts with no pee stains in todd model... RLPL NWOT, PRL madras shorts 38 sammys for me, Polo XXL PS polo, Polo sport x 2 deadstock vintage green velvet tux tweeds PRL, RLPL camel hair/silk, RLPL cashmere wool, V2 versace this is an unusual bird. crappy 80s rental tux jacket but has been hand painted and customized by a very fucking talented artist. i know these characters from somewhere...
i had that smashing pumpkins box set!
i can't even deal today.
summers are slow around here.
this is my kind of thread! welcome to the affiliate-dom. What are prices like for these beauties?
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