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I posted these before but better pics (from my amazing new photographer!) for posteritiy and X-posting to the vintage thread. 1950s (confirmed from a Paul Stuart employee) DB coat in cavalry twill and a 1939 mossy green tweed coat, weighs about 15 lbs. Stone mint.
Thats what I said. Too damn small on me :/
that Caraceni is IN FUCKING SANE.
look at these things.
@2ManyShoes I remember this thread and Im sorry to hear about the turn of your health. If you may not know, we specialize in consigning high grade menswear, such as this. Id be happy to help you move these, PM me. Id like to offer my help at a seriously reduced rate.
Luciano BarberaClass 5Cartier
Despos is a super legit find.
Can anyone tell me what this says?
So this guy comes in and says he likes my tie assortment and has a bunch of similar ones that he may want to get rid of. We chat, he leaves and comes back the next day and says "I dont want to mess around with waiting or selling or commission or any of that, what would you give me for all these?Net net, we wound up with him taking one of my Sulka ties on the sales floor and $9ppu for each of these.
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