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First day on the job, trying to impress the boss. Dachshund included to show scale, it's huge. Maybe 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. I think to hold a military hat? Painted copper or metal, probably 1930s.
woke up and had the #1 post on styleforum. Thank you guys!
You are not obligated to send it back at all.
If by full time you mean 40 hours a week, then yes, I have.If you mean it was my only job, then no.Right now I would be shooing 95 ties to go up on thursday. Instead Im pre-gaming with a bottle of wine before the bar. So yeah, sure does.Thats pretty uncanny, because Im spending a month in Canada. Go figure
Today was a big day for me. About a month ago, I resigned from my day job to Swap Luxe full time. Today was my last day, and I am now a full time thrifter / consignor / entrepreneur. Not that I wasn't before, but now I have about another 60 hours in the week to be me. I am so thankful to StyleForum and to this thread in particular for making something like this a possibility. So, tonight I get drunk.
So, my schedule is looking kind of light today.
Jackets / Suits = 48 - 52 EU mostly 50Shirts - 15.5 or 15.75Shoes 8 - 8.5 USI havent, but Id like to.
Since Im down to only another 200 items from Mr. Big on his last batch, I have to go pick up Round 3 from him next week.Teaser in the spoiler.Yes, this is a human being. [[SPOILER]]
I would have called mine amaze balls but I ran out of characters.
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