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How many of you guys are sneaker heads? Like, grail, unobtanium sneaker heads (or know someone who is?)
those were awesome. I thought they were for you - I'm really glad they worked!
working on it!
Its a curly lamb. Not quite as young as a swakara, but it looks like its from the 60s. Usually the furs from that period are super dated (think about someone walking down the street wearing that) and are passes. Just like the beige mink bolero type pieces you see. What you want to look for in vintage furs (condition is paramount, firstly) is chinchilla or sable. After that, it mostly all comes down to styling. That said, $24 is super cheap and if you've got the gamble, you...
what is it?
I still don't get it.But, something else to troll the thrifts for. Maybe.
$179? Im good but thank you!SORRY WHAT
^ the Trumps!
New Posts  All Forums: