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I didnt thrift this but a friend did - thought it would be nice to preserve such an awesome find here though, especially after my B6 coat. I have no idea what its worth but I guess we will find out on Thursday. The tag is obscured in that pic but its a B6 helmet.
i mean, I'm outbid already. :/
Not only can you, you've got my bid on that sucker already.
i appreciate that very much!
Should we do this as a live auction here in the thread? Is there interest in this from the guys here?My bad, that was a typo - starting 6/30 and ending 10 days later on 10th.
We should all post pics of our local RG stereotypes. Id be curious to see how location plays a factor in their swagger."swagger".
Yeah the other one went for like 675.
^ looks like cheaney, in a pebblegrain leather.
Happy belated birthday bro!
See and its shit like that where you say "what the hell was I thinking, stopping?!"
New Posts  All Forums: