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62 pieces on a day where the 30% off kicks in. Awesome.
Yup, thats the one. Its incredibly nice. Just a wee bit tight on me, alas….
Not at all. I was floored. They are Isaia made, as Im sure you saw by now - but the fabrics are exceptional. As is that Adriano & Sons suit.We need bids, not eyes.He's not kidding. 100lbs of dappercanadian showed up the other day! NWT Saint Laurent anyone? Thanks mango.All up on the bay - bid now so you don't get hosed like last time!
^ Tim, LP shoes are legit. Ferragamo shoes for women are almost always a pass for me, unless its a skin. YMMV Zegna jacket is late 80s early 90s Charvet tie is sex covered in money
Nat, I think that's legit bro.
Sure, why not.
you win. call back.
New Posts  All Forums: