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Had a seriously awesome appointment today in the store... sold : RL/Corneliani Jacket Zegna Tux Chanel Dress Julius 7 bag Valentino dress Leather pants RLPL Coat Rogan leather jacket Chanel cardigan Akris lace jacket Shearling vest Not too bad at all for being closed
@Thrift Vader size L!!!!!
You did great! There are some really unique ones that end next Sunday too Yup, that was a winner.
Cant wait to see that fit pic! #trumpI stopped gambling on cards to do it on clothes. True story.
well done.
Crap, those are awesome. Yours?
if you guys aren't on that steal of an Attolini suit that ends in an hour......
Deakin & Francis I think is a thread first, I love those! Armani IIRC is Gruppo GFT
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