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Pics of that label, or link? Ive never seen that.
Its so choice.But you should really see me in the blue Loro. Im sexy.Id think a near mint 6 or 7000 dollar suit for 200 bucks still qualifies as being dibbed.
Busy as hell today. Got in 9 huge boxes from consignors over the US. Got in 100 lbs from Texas alone. Some kind gent in Illinois tired of a few Loro Piana cashmere coats (hey big guys) and theres a women's vicuna coat that I feel like sleeping in tonight. Thanks again to all of you who purchased last night! I purchased today.. couldnt help myself as we were checking in Mr. Big's latest pickup from over the weekend. Anyway, a few shots from around the store today. Me...
thats an awesome story. I wish I had the time to do that with the older things I find.
i can vouch for how awesome the fox suede is.
fake (but if you want to trade for it LMK)
That is not YSL.
Happy Fathers Day to all you dads out there! I usually do my roundup of Sunday auctions ending, but I was just surprised by my fam to a Fathers Day brunch. Ill try and get some links for you later, but theres a shitload of great stuff ending tonight, so if you've got some downtime, have a look through!
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