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Headaches gone.
^ Those purple label shades are really, really nice, BTW.
Gotcha. Ive worn my standard size, 9.5 D in AE before - I think it was the Neumok? Whichever that unlined version was. And Ive also had a Dalton boot in the same size. If its a narrower last, Id compare that closest to Carmina Simpson. I don't have flat feet, so cant help with experience there, sorry.
Interesting, I never heard of that. Will try. But I think the best remedy right now is to get back in the field.
Hey guys - For anyone who isn't following the LuxeSwap thread, we are now vendors of a great line called Rich + Clean. They're based in Brooklyn, and everything is all hand blended there too. Its a fantastic "guy" driven line of products. On Friday we took our first delivery of them and Id like to start getting them in your hands. So what Ill do to launch our first Rich + Clean sale is add on some incentives only for StyleForum members - I'm not advertising this on...
Thats allen edmonds?
my head hurts.
I stay north….centre island.I said thatgoal achievedmy brother
For the longest time I thought i had it automated to give one as soon as I got one but realized that wasn't working for some reason. PM me the transaction and ill take care of it!
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