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Hey guys - I had these up on the bay at 799, but discounting here for my SF people at 625. Deets in the link below! http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-Edward-Green-England-Mink-Suede-Silverstone-Boots-Shoes-888-8-5-9-D-A1P-/311652120894?hash=item488fe9f93e:g:-SsAAOSwRQlXfuSi
Nobody else was mildly aroused at the Frank Clegg bag?
More than likely Sassetti but need sole / interior pics to be sure.
dry as fuck out thurr
a few shots from around the shop today… Vintage 'lo pants and jeans - LVC, Epaulet, APC, Momotaro, more…. a skull, a croc livingstone, and a soon to be available Frank Clegg portfolio (that I really want) Four St. Crispins Attolini cashmere playing peekaboo Usual NIB Lobb, EG, Isaia, Cucinelli.
There never were any pants man….Basic BB pays my mortgage most months. True story.
Almost 100% sure Uetam.
Heads up - I have these coming in about 3 days, if anyone has interest in pre-purchasing. I don't have any other details than this now, but if you may be, post here and Ill let you know as soon as I have it. [Saint Crispin's] 401 - CRU BCK - 609-078 - STA - GEY012 boots - size 8 1/2 (1) 507 - BCR - 076 - STA - GE DAI beige suede - size 8 (1) Derby - INC - 078 - STA - GE10 - size 12 (1) 107 - JAN - 078 - STA GE8 single monk brown suede - size 7 (1) [Carmina] 732...
^^ Sorry man - you got the shirt back, no chance of winning.
gracias.yep, changed mine to 10 days.
New Posts  All Forums: