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In case any of you guys are interested, these are from my personal collection. http://www.styleforum.net/t/508899/vintage-ray-ban-x-bausch-lomb-original-gatsby-w0935-sunglasses
- There is no sales tax within the state of NY for items under $110 - First to pay gets it, there are no holds - All sales are final, no returns. - Shipping within the US is FREE. Shipping outside the US is $25 One pair of very gently worn Ray Ban "Gatsby" model glasses in brown with green lenses. All original Bausch & Lomb vintage. Very light scuffs from gentle wear. Excellent example!
^ Get that man the Knoweldge Box ™ !
Im sorry. Keep an eye for Rochester Big and Tall store closings in your area, in case mine was not an isolated incident.
No other tagged info than whats in the pics there.. but should be mainline. Its gorgeous. I was tempted personally.Auctions ending in 10m!
Someone friggin bought them all before i could get any I'm sorry mangos.
I've got a NWT pair all white size 8.5 I think if you want to try
gotcha. so far i have about 7 of them with interest. ill let you know how many are left when i get back.I've seen someone with a RealDoll in the HOV lane.
Stitching, font on the size tag, probably the most faked shape/pattern.
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