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Im working on finalizing the prices today, will try and have these ready to Kop by end of day or tomorrow. I want to move these quick (Because theres 40 of them!!)
Womens Barbour? Or moar womens? I picked up from CEO dudes wife not too long ago... some insane pieces in there, Chanel bags included and some of the moment pieces, Balenciaga, Vetements, Offwhite, R13, moarrrrrr.
a few of you guys asked for a fit pic, here you go. Im wearing a size 40 with a sweater underneath so Id say TTS on these unless youre planning to wear them with a SC underneath, then go one size up.
Its just old.
I think I will too actually. I've never seen a barbour this cool.
pm sent.
whew I can stop lurking these Canadian newspapers now!
Looking to make sure you haven't fallen off the face of the earth since youve been quite latelyhundred bucks Gmmcl PM'd you. not even tagging him.
Come by and try one!
New Posts  All Forums: