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you have a paypal
Thank you, guys. And on a back to business note, if you are a 15 neck and need Charvet shirts, I am your guy.
So, as mentioned previously, for several reasons - most predominantly because of the incredible success (to which I owe a debt of gratitude to all of you ) of LuxeSwap, we have outgrown our home. For the past few months, we have been working tirelessly to find a new space - both to support my family and to house the growth of the business. Today, we have officially closed on a fantastic new space that my wife, daughter, and dog are all very excited about. So, with this, a...
Announcement post imminent. Stay tuned.
I've got to say, that's just ridiculous.
Oh hai E thrift
Is that like looking for big E Levis and only finding Citizens of Humanity?
As a reminder, the benefit of me posting the preview pics (as above and yesterday) is to give the readers "first dibs" on items going up this week before they go to auction. So, which they are all consigned items and don't have a price, if you like something, you can send an offer for the item that I can present to the consignor, and if they agree to it, its yours without waiting or bidding.You know, if you like some squares. PS - ALLEGEDLY contract signing on the new Casa...
Did you ask the chick to marry you instead? That would be awesome.
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