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if you guys aren't on that steal of an Attolini suit that ends in an hour......
Deakin & Francis I think is a thread first, I love those! Armani IIRC is Gruppo GFT
@naspratt that one thing you're the high bidder on thats not mens.... its epic. Im gonna need a promissory note for a fit pic before I allow your bid to win though...
@Spruce Moose if you win that tweed and you hate it, will you sell it back to me? Its an epic, epic piece. kthanxbai
FYI theres another 3-4 of these saffron ones on the racks right now, all the same missing the labels... tomorrow would be a perfect day to grab them.
CEO dude was a (duh) CEO of a corporation that was more formal - about 8 years ago I sold all his bespoke, Kiton, Lobbs, etcetera. Now he's in something a bit more freeform, so he's rocking the cool kids stuff. The ties are a portion of stuff he forgot about when I did the suits and stuff. Ive got to tell you, he's a fun guy.So we've got 3 hours to roll on the auctions, I know a bunch of you are high bidders now, so good luck to you all and Ill see all my regulars in just...
Last run of the weekend. Time to ride out the weather with a bottle of wine and some 80s movies.
Good morning AVG PPU - 75 cents Car not included
When did Denis Leary change his name?
New Posts  All Forums: