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Monica's work is starting to come in so I thought Id share some. What do you guys think?
I vaguely remember that. But I guess I dont . What was that again?and good guesses, all. One of you is very close, within 12K.
So I was looking at all my annual numbers getting ready to close out my P&L for the year. Anyone want to guess how much I spent on thrifting/discount shopping this year so far? (still 5 weeks to go)
Exactly right. Though that thing is pretty damn hard to look at lol
The fall stock, part of it ended last week on eBay and the rest is going up on eBay next week.The new stuff, after thanksgiving!His words :"maybe the most expensive coat in my closet...a Zilli that is so Russian mob it probably knows Putin personally."
its snowing in Connecticut?!
Damn, Daniel.Me - anonymous navy velvet jacket $7.99Borrelli shirt - so long ago I dont rememberArgenio Napoli tie - freeTom Ford Pocket Square - $19.97J. Crew pants - long ago and cheap
Where the F did you dig that one up? That was a good restaurant - a little overrated for Michelin status TBH. But no, not there.
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