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This is true, according to my feedback.
Second wave of checks going out today or tomorrow - $82 - EK, TAMPA, FL $60 - YMM, HONOLULU, HI $30 - DA, CHICAGO, IL $100 - HGA, HOLDEN, MA
Im assuming they weren't referencing the auction directly as there was no mention of it in the listing and the buyer does not specifically say there was any on HIS shirt.Amirite?
what @capnwes is to shell, @Bahljs knows about sneakers, maybe he can help.
Ive had that happen to me, its extremely frustrating and I'm sorry.Heres a peek at next weeks ties, hopefully theres one similar for you there.
Some fun things around the store today.. Some Orazio "Super Cotton" and tweed, and an Attolini 100 ca$hmere Gren fina and my first ever grenadine pocket square (!!) And I pulled one of each of the things from the flash sale to get ready for the photo shoot …
We want you to keep bidding on our auctions, please.Does nobody like my Marihuana pants?
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