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the good news is, theres a full 7 days to pay
My turn!
I'm on fucking fire.
There are a ton of screaming deals ending today. I'd love to see them go to you guys rather than anyone else. Start fishing.
Got the samples in - belts and wallets, and they look awesome! Ill have some better pics up shortly for you guys but they look really nice, particularly the belts.
OK, dug me up a mohair scarf. @Chotii am I doing the title right? HOT Vintage Highlands Made Scotland Wool Extra Hairy Mohair Rainbow Plaid Scarf
Thanks! Looks like they also gave out free $20s with them too.
Ah, not really. I would be putting anything I had that size online as I don't think theres a lot of that size in Oyster Bay.Theres a whole bunch of Indochino custom in solid navy and grey thats up right now thats around a 36!
That thing is awesome.
theres a gunboat, a split toe, a loafer, and one other I need to go look again at. He's an 8-8.5 US.No, hes a 40 R/L.
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