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Carminas have landed. To keep the playing field balanced - 1. I won't answer PMs about what sizes/styles/lasts I received (literally haven't unpacked/checked in yet anyway). All Ill say is that there are 8 different styles, 20 pairs in total, no more than 4-5 of one style and most being onesie-twosies, no full size runs. There is shell cordovan. Thats all Ive got - any other questions, just hang tight till saturday. 2. Timeline is as follows - I shoot them on Thursday...
Isn't it almost bedtime?
That website is awesome. I like #19.Fake, sorry bruh.
LOL thanks for gently telling me to do my homework. Learn something every day!
That one for sure I would have taken.But there are most that I see that are flight-ish - sort of 90s hip hop stuff with map linings. Made in Korea etc. Maybe I should take another look.
or the bidding sequence at 630 on sundays
Avirex leathers are a thing? I must have left 10 of them in the past 2 weeks.
Isaia ArgentoPit to pit 24"Sleeves from shoulder seam 25.5"Shoulder seams across 19.75"Across Waist 23"Length from BOC 31.5"Corneliani windowpanePit to pit 24"Sleeves from shoulder seam 24.25"Shoulder seams across 20.75"Across Waist 22.5"Length from BOC 31.5"RRLPit to pit 23"Sleeves from shoulder seam 26.25"Shoulder seams across 18.5"Across Waist 21"Length from BOC 30.25"Harris TweedPit to pit 21.5"Sleeves from shoulder seam 24.75"Shoulder seams across 17.75"Across...
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