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I got this.
no B in there and you would have had a PP.
Well, its no secret I love purple - and I adore the shoes. Maybe its just nice seeing you a bit more peacock than usualā€¦ either way, well done.And yes, I want your jacket!
I think this is my favorite look you've ever posted.
11:05 UPS comes 11:10 box opened 11:15 I pass out Huntsman, G&G with trees, and the sickest, most ridiculous Anderson & Sheppard cashmere suit with ancient madder silk liningšŸ˜³
Im not into exotics either. [[SPOILER]]
Thank you!I would agree. Feels like it too. S140s. Paper thin. You know what I mean.Truth, not one stitch of alterations. I took the tags off and away I went.
Damnit, I forgot to take that out . The jacket is brand new and I was just excited to wear it.
Isaia jacket Frank Stella linen shirt Drakes cotton pocket square J. Crew Bowery pant Vintage Footjoy lizard skin tassels
Thrift fit : Isaia jacket (from my consignor, thank you ) Frank Stella linen shirt (thrifted by me) Drakes cotton square (super duper discount) J. Crew bowery pant (on sale) vintage Footjoy lizard tassel loafers (from @capnwes)
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