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Which ones?Um, probably actually.
No, actual painting. Better detail here :https://instagram.com/p/1eZmc5oGho/?taken-by=luxeswap
sure why not
^ capnwes, your setup looks different somehow
Wound up copping that painting anyhow as I did kind of dig it. But @barrelntrigger @Nataku@Thrift Vader@330ck@amerikajinda if any of you guys can help out with the signature, Id appreciate it! Also two pops (Fallan and N peal) a lady in a boat, and a pretty damn awesome black linen with gold metallic paisley hand rolled PS for 59 cents for me.
In the field and need help in 10m or less. 15 bucks, paint on canvas, huge. Halp
Those T&A shirts you asked about are both yours btw. Some competition in Ottowa!
hahaha i got that
OK that is bizarre. I was about 30 seconds away from quoting that tux and saying how disappointed I was that nobody has PM'd me on it. If it weren't too slender on me, that would be a friggin keeper. Its a beauty.
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