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That explains it.
There was a lot of work done to ensure that I was able to grab the best of the best. I also went with @GMMcL who was running interference from the Russians for me. He'll fill you in on the rest of that later Could've also been the margaritas.WUSSUP MECHANICS IN JAPAN! European? Hmm. Interesting. Ill get more pics and send them over.
I want what some of whatever you're smoking tonight.
was free!
Nope, decorative buttonholes.
If you don't see it in completed listings, its probably rare.
yeah that was a mistake.
nice! how much?
and remember that free quindici I found in the pocket of the zegna suit a few weeks ago? happy friday, boys.
One stop. This woman apparently worked for RL in the 90s and bought some very iconic pieces. I appreciate her very much for that. Everything in this post except the crocodile DK belt and the antique silk kimono is Ralph Lauren. Most all of the military pieces are runway from the 90s, the leathers, motorcycle jackets and shearlings are all uber recent and purple label / USA made / collection and retail at like 5K+ each. Most everything is NWT deadstock. The flag t shirts...
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