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Oh no no… so much better than that. Nobody here remembers him?
Who can forget the epicness that was Joel Robinson?Old School menswear sellers you know what I'm talking about.
Its super annoying. Thanks both of you for your experience with this.Is invoicing outside ebay with a PP invoice considered completing the transaction outside ebay, thus nullifying seller protection though?
Shortening it doesn't void it. Making like ROAD Rd and SUITE Ste and TOWER BUILDING twr bldg is fine.But if its going to Manchester England and you ship it to Plano TX, thats a problem.---Side note - has anyone had a spate of buyers who have different addresses registered write you and tell you that they can't choose another address when paying? Like, if someones address is in the UK and has a registered address in the US, before (the last seller update) they could use the...
Its the dirty stuff that we all love, don't let some slick photography fool you. +1@eazyeFUCKING. KILLED. IT.
+100 who's got the contact info!
Thank you man. Still 1200 or so ties to go, so just keep on keeping on.
Nice, PM me the links for the shipping discount. And thanks!You done tore shit up. Were these the death knell bids you mentioned or are there more for a week from now? The bow tie is gorgeous but let me know if you ever tire of the ancient madder RLPL. I had a big crush on that.Nope.Got it. Thanks!
Im drawing a blank on the #1 high priced thing I thrifted. Wow. I thought that would be an easy question.
Which ones did you get?
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