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At the moment no, but if they have more Hermes ties at $5.99 I'm happy to pay a visit.Hold on. Congrats to you Barrel, Imma let you finish imma let you finish but first1. You were sending me PMs about jeans on your wedding day?! YOU ARE HARDCORE BRO!2. Troika you won an auction of mine while AT Barrels wedding?!Y'all some hardcore mo fo's mang.
Im considering doing this sales thread via my WAYWRN/Instagram/Tumblr pics to speed things along. Anyone opposed?
8 bucks, My size, lizard skin, absolutely NA
It was so sad cleaning out the archives. But I know you will give my stuff a good life.Im getting fatter but not shorter… have hope!
Ready and willing. Able? Not so sure but will try lol
DUDE! Wow… CNC for sure! You coming stateside?
Appreciate the knowledge! Here, have a look at what Ive got… [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: