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Record? For July too?
Pretty sure this was made factory this way.
Auctions starting to end in 15m!
Whats a shimmel? Looks like a crop top / muscle sweatshirt.
Congrats! Don't stop!
I know. Don't even wanna sell em. They're awesome.
Besides letting Wes take the finds this weekend, he got a parting gift for the way home
Haven't posted finds in a bit, been busy as hell with the store. But here's some. Wes came and spent the weekend with me, so he got most of the spoils. Check his post soon for part 2 to this. Couple of pieces in here were from the RL haul too. And yes, I know about the Hermes scarf.
Just a few hours to go! Come on guys, the home stretch!
Thanks Wes, and great spending the weekend with you too.You guys need to get bidding on all the #ForBrian auctions - not just ours but from all the sellers across the board.
New Posts  All Forums: