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Don't forget I have like 12,000 posts in the WAYWRN threads during the golden age. Im well used to outfit critiques, lol.
Bugger off you jammy sod. Its sprezzatura.
Thrift fit Dries van Noten overcoat S/O to @omissa Thom Browne OCBD 10% rule by myself Saks cardigan thrifted by me Trafalgar belt thrifted by me RRL jawnz S/O to @TJGent87 Yeezy V2 December release cant tell ya
Word, its brick out there today!Wha hap?
Hey guys - Ive had this on eBay for a bottom line hard sell price for $1500, but got permission to drop it to $1150 for the SF community. This is a NWT coat that goes for $4195 currently at LP : https://www.loropiana.com/en/eshop/outerwear-jackets-icer-cashmere-storm-system/p-FAA0522 You can see all the pics and measurements here.
No, not at all. but these are from a few years ago, and I think the quality of the shell used now is different.I did too, but that changes in 12 hours. That is a forest green Seraphin made Hermes shearling, yes. And all of that goes live tonight.Yup, reversible green chèvre suede and blue nylon.
I dont find caraceni often, but when I do, I expect it to be Leslie Wexners. Seriously, out of the last 5 Caracenis, like 4 of them were his, werent they?
^ Is good. Pro tip - most of the good polo stuff is made in Singapore.
Insane right. Size 41, perfect shell cordovan from the glory days of Vass. I think theyre F last if Im not mistaken. NWOB of course.
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