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I do NOT miss those days. Im so happy waking up at 530 now.Thats a great story. Glad to hear he's still sharp. Im sorry that he's not doing well - my thoughts with you and him for sure.
Prada fits me very nicely over a sweater yes. Are you trying to sell it to me?The gloves - that capeskin is extremely soft, theyre going to stretch a bit. On that note, the pairs that are up now are my very last, so dont sleep on them if you've been after a pair.
Ive been there. They were total dicks to me. I bought a cashmere Hermes shawl from them to flip - they had it at $250. I was coming back from Nantucket and stopped in and looked super scruffy. They gave me such shit about it and reiterated that it was TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS. I paid them and told them I planned to sell it for $750, and thanks on the way out (I did).
Aw damn man, im sorry! Take a few weeks off of buying and save for a plane ticket to come here and kop in person? Prada shearling is heavyweight. Winter, not fall. Its got spots, as im sure you saw, but a dope piece nonetheless and it probably can be cleaned up.
some tie highlights about 48 hours away from dropping...
Ive been in there only once. I haven't been spoken down to or demeaned, but I could sense the snottiness. On the island here, theres tons of womens small consignment shops, which I dont even count as being in the realm of competition, but lots of people come in and tell me horror stories about them. Its all kind of like free information on how to better my business, so by all means, keep letting me know what everyone else is doing wrong so I can do it right
^ real and super old.
pretty nice assortment of shoes for this week... you guys dig the new grid layout here?
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