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[[SPOILER]] TIES- all ties are between 3.25 and 3.75 except the gallo knit is 3. most are 3.5 and have rarely been worn.marinella yellow neat - 59battistoni wheat neat - 29dolce & gabbana wheat with red stripe - 19morty sills england green purple neat - 25morty sills x john comfort green elephants - 25morris italy brown neats - 25drakes x ls ancient madder maroon diamond (xlong about 67") - 59kiton steel blue w/ orange stripe 7F - 69morty sills blue/red diamond neat - 25j...
everyone hands the fuck off
quick tease
took advantage of the day off and did a little culling from my collection. trying to post up a quick flash sale in the next lil' bit. stay tuned. ties, squares, scarves, and gloves. would possibly trade for select and premium only items - so consider that early. LP outerwear, leather outerwear, etc.
Yup, coming home to ya! Today is a holiday so it leaves tomorrow when the PO opens back up. Post a fit pic!
Which ones?About ready to just pack it all up and go to Oman for a live trunk show, would probably be easiest.Congrats on that, hell of a coat. Well done.
Most certainly will, if he demanded something in exchange for it (he did)
I love vintage t shirts more than the next guy - but theres almost no chance of finding something flippable there, and it takes too long to scan properly. The few times I've found cool old ones they've been on the new arrival rack or the first shirt on the end cap.
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