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I saw that guyHe was fucking handsome!
Big thank you to NobleProfessor for the jacket - I made one comment here that just said that this jacket he found was my size and 4 days later it's at my door. Appreciate that bud. Polo Ralph Lauren silk herringbone jacket 
 Barba shirt 
 Saldarini silk wool scarf 
Panta cashmere knit tie
 Drakes X LuxeSwap pocket square
right? i think those are keepers.
This is my Swaine Adeney.
Bet you $20 its real.Glad Im not the only one.Real.
Couple of things.
English only at the tables, guys.
Your call on what to do in terms of communication with the buyer after the fact, but if the tracking shows delivered, its pretty iron clad on the decision.
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