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oh baby
Has to be peak?http://www.styleforum.net/t/379035/7-12-drop-5-295-nwt-ralph-lauren-purple-label-shawl-collar-grosgrain-lapel-tuxedo-custom-fit-38s-77-off
teh pm, you has it
Orphan, and a moth eaten one at that, but I could not believe I saw that sitting there at a dirty ass AMVETS. Talk about high to low It has more handwork and detail than anything Ive seen recently. If you want to just take a look at it, Im happy to send it to you to see and you can send it back. Probably just going in my collection anyway, its too roached to sell I think.
Geez congrats!
She does/did Saks brand stuff.
I know for sure one more SF member won- speak up for a chance at a free tie!
damn son! Were they thrifted?
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