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100% legit, no help from me or my wife, this was all her brain. No mention of swag, which results in a 2 week grounding. haha+1 when she goes to bed its only hoarders/american pickers/counting cars/pawn stars/shark tank/intervention.
my daughter just gave me the fathers day card they worked on in school. first two lines, for those who don't speak "kid", are "Jack" and "Steak". TV show is blank because she's never seen me watch TV. Ha.
i don't get why they would say that?
my traders recently have been so strong, thank you so much guys! @dexconstruct the Dior Homme leather jacket is PERFECT and is in the cleaners now @TheNeedMachine the blackout Carreras are fire and get me questionable looks from my kids friends parents @kbadgley84 the ultra sight Carreras are just perfect, the only thing missing is a plane ticket to Bogota @klay49 thanks again for the vintage Ferrari model - funny enough i met someone yesterday who actually has one...
oh, and happy fathers day to all you dads out there!
this is awesome. and true.i can personally attest to the fact that he does. like, 1,350 times at least.all the most positive vibes to you, friend.
i know… thats a keeper though. but thanks!
$25 for everything here, plus some more keepers for the wife and kiddo for tagging along. vintage maltese cross embellished milk crate plus 4 1930s-40s era tobacco cans schiaparelli scarf, liberty PS, CD/Optyll non prescription shades, Seiko made in Japan pure titanium glasses, pigskin wallet Two books for me, on the left is perhaps @330CK's life story japanese unfired zippo
Fuck yeah. 1973 bill graham original. Fifty cents. Keith moon overdose show
Sure, why not.
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