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That feeling when you pony up to the jacket rack and everything is all rumpled because it just came out of the bags though
Lunch break.
Im all for early birds getting worms but heavy lifting at 5am is insane. The coffee to my lips is as far as its going.However, congrats!
Add, maybe.But Id start with subtracting 30 cents.
Bigger and longer than a Boglioli?
starting to know that feel
Alright, fine. Will be a soft release, so you just gotta keep F5'ing. Need at least till the weekend to get them sorted and shot. Maybe Monday? Maybe.Definitely Simpson, Definitely Robert, didn't even look at the rest of the boxes yet TBH, trying to get the auctions ready for tomorrow.There is one ravello color shell cordovan in a size 5.5 UK that needs to go to one of you though. @ianGP looking straight fucking at you brother
US or UK?
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