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he wants leather, i got leather.
You should come here.
Knew it!Caruso a few more weeks!
lol i love that gif and, thanks to you all - by far and away a record number of SF bidders and winners - you guys swarmed the auctions, I appreciate that! Those with the quick payment get shipped out tomorrow. I appreciate you guys!
all tagged between 50-54, but fit the same body (mine ), so about a L. Shoes are 10.5ish.
jeremy scott errything
and in other news, before there was Mr. Big, there was CEO dude. Well, I just picked up at CEO dudes house and got a pretty bad ass street wear haul. Highlights: Yeezys Shoes : Adidas x Mastermind Adidas x Rick Owens Adidas x Raf Simons Rick Owens x 15 Guidi Reebok x Mastermind Adidas x Yohji Yamamoto Boris Bidjan Saberi Leather Outerwear : Rick Owens x 10 Boris Bidjan Saberi Julius Giorgio Brato Moncler Givenchy Amiri If you're not cool enough for these, please tell...
everyones bidding fingers ready?
Jeremy Scott piece is dope!
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