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i have some things to post.
absolute 100% loss on all levels, I'm sorry to say man.
Those would be awesome as cuffed shorts. Use the extra fabric to make pocket squares
You're usually the one "depositing" the stains, I know.
I actually have those same pants in yellow Hm. I cant help from experience with a narrow foot, but I think that those are on the inca last. I take 1 full size down in Carmina on inca (US 9.5 D = Carmina 8.5). But as you know I'm sure, theres a thread I started on Carmina sizing that has a few thousand different opinions haha.
I havent counted in a while but I think 200 or so. For my stock though, thats a different story, I probably have 1500-2000 ties I haven't listed yet.Anyone who has visited me at the store can attest to this.
Im not sure what algorithms eBay uses to put things in best match, maybe depends on what you're searching for?The Burb trench does fit bigger - its older, so probably from a different weight / place / time.
And how rich do you feel this morning.
Appreciate you looking!I think you're seeing items that have already been bid up though - every live auction we start is at $9.99 with no exception. There are a bunch of buy it now pieces up there maybe 25 or 30 max out of 850 listings up. These are either pieces that consignors have requested to be put on buy it now, which is an alternate option we've been offering for the past few months - or pieces of my own that will be double exposed in the brick and mortar store.But...
did you mean MANLY AS FUCK?
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