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I am too.
I really wanted a pair of the Des Veaux myself…alas, none to be had.
i got that shiti gave you a thumbnow we dance
so @TheNeedMachine tipped me off to this live auction that was going down in Jersey from a seemingly obsessed menswear hoarder. I drove down in the morning to see what it was all about. They had probably 900 jackets and suits, 250 outerwear pieces, thousands of shirts, pants and sweaters, and a few hundred ties. Every auction started between 10-25 bucks for the most part. I scoped out the room and there were only guys who came down to shop for themselves. They tried all...
I tried my same size in both and they felt pretty much the same to me.
Not sure what to say man. Im a 9.5 US and take 9 F in StC. Pretty dead on perfect.
I agree. I tried them as a standard width and they barely made it but too slim for me.
I would put a St. Crispins 8.5E as best for a 9 C US.
Im wearing a pair of the brown cap toes today. Just stunning.
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