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32.6K come on y'all!
$36,988 is my record for best week ever. Right now with 1h to go we sit at $31,672.62.
hope to have you!Sold about 1/3 of it both online and in store. Kept the rare stuff and the fall winter stuff, still about 300-400 pieces to go and $3,000 into profit already.
so very, very close to setting a record tonight... you guys involved in any of this amazing SWD and Big stuff?
anyone who has seen the back office of LuxeSwap please raise your hand and make these people feel better.
that pretty much sums it up
What size are you?
For those of you who have been asking for a Mr. Bigger, we may have found him....
Whats up with that charcoal grey BB with the boater stripes man?
Can I ask what was the cause?
New Posts  All Forums: