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I would disagree - or at least clarify. Is she winning? Perhaps. But is she leaving money on the table? 100% yes.I dont really troll her listings, but from looking at the links you guys post here, I can tally about 5 grand in profit off the top of my head that she gave to other resellers to take in the past 3 months. The only reason she allowed (allows) that to happen is purely because of her/staffs own ineptitude.
those are the pieces that Robert Graham customers aspire to own.
Forget the Zanella, the Piacenza cashmere is the draw here. If youre listing that on the bay, make sure you point full attention to that cloth. Its so nice. Hell, make that label the gallery shot.
I thrifted these over the summer but just getting round to selling them now. So one more pic. Caption this.
Cobija de Skeet!
really, who the fuck spells coca cola wrong.
Good, its a nice tie.
I see what you did there. ^
anyone? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ralph-Lauren-Made-In-England-Mans-Tie-/292001404662?hash=item43fca3d6f6:g:uuMAAOSw5cNYfNVz
I am sorely tempted by those.
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