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And in the matter of two days, Im about to beat the most expensive piece Ive ever offered for sale. Before the first is even here. Bigtiming size 54's, please stand up for a truly once in a lifetime opportunity. You're going to want to be paying a lot of attention to this thread in the next week or so.
Love this.1. x post to vintage thread please, along with picture of label inside!2. Available?
From Frenchy to you -Black dot masks and all.
Guys, I haven't bumped it yet in the B&S thread, but the Drakes and Man jackets are now on final markdown : http://www.styleforum.net/t/417031/price-drops-9-15-nwt-drakes-london-by-caruso-sportcoats-man-1924-army-field-jackets These more than likely will not get to eBay (actually I can say that with all certainty on the Drakes) so if you want it, this is as good as the price is going to get. The Man jackets are really frickin killer, and the work on the Drakes is every...
You have about 3 second chance offers waiting for you.
Auctions ending in 5 minutes!
unrelated to post above
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