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You're not gonna believe this shit
I'm looking forward to tomorrow
The Stronghold? Sorry man, those are great jeans.
Thank you guys ^^ that Zegna is so new I can smell the ink on that tag!
One more stop. Polo Crest is original 1991. My RL game is uber strong lately.
37 bucks man I stay real
Oh, totally. Its such a unique texture - its like a dry, wheaty, fuzzy coarse tweed. Pair it with solid blue shirt and chocolate tie, madder square, wait for September and bam, done.
Quick local estate sale this morning, I forgot to bring money, they only too cash. So I found some winning lotto tickets, went to the gas station and got $37, which I turned into this: Polo set is a throw pillow, 2 twin fitted sheets and 4 standard pillowcases. And some other thrift stuff
Look, I'm trying to get my thrift on here and it's Sunday. I don't want to pull the sheriff card here but if you guys are having an issue that you're considering legal action with, I'm going to have to tell you both to cool it right now. I don't want to temporarily lock the thread or start getting mod involvement but if this keeps up i will have to. I get you're both pissed about something but take it to PM from this post forward, si vouz pleis.
Hi, good morning, what the fuck is going on and have a great day?
New Posts  All Forums: