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Well, time for a jack.
You da man! Kopped.
Anyone can date this? Mint but looks hella old. @Nataku
You were 100% right, this thing is super dope!All of a sudden I want bread!
I haven't posted them yet - its going to be a Premier sale, probably on Thanksgiving day.
All I can find - Probably crap quality as they are only cached in google…
BROWN IN TOWN 20 NOVEMBER 14 1. John Molloy x Banana Republic (!) donegal tweed shacket 2. Ermenegildo Zegna Cashco corduroy jacket (one of several) 3. Agnona cashmere walking jacket 4. Sulka by St. Andrews brown faux tweed suit 5. Vintage Oakley “Minute” in matte root beer 6. Alden shell cordovan belt 7. Steven Alan Raspberry goose down expedition coat 8. Nancy Gonzalez crocodile tote bag 9. 75 new examples of premium neckwear 10. Schott 660 cafe racer...
about an inch -and you can try me quick, but theres 3 hours to launch!
^ looooool exactly my first thought
That is an orphan but doesn't look like it!Pit to pit 23"Sleeves from shoulder seam 25"Shoulder seams across 19.25"Across Waist 20.75"Length from BOC 31.5"P- 19.25Sl- 24.25Sh- 17.75 (from front)W- 17.25L- 28.5YASBISHYASSSS
New Posts  All Forums: