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Well theres one in there but its a damn nice one. Lets see how you do this Sunday and we can knock the dust off some more. ALREADY? Damn man that was fast! Moarrrr picss!--Side note - is anyone in marked for an 18K Cartier trinity ring in tricolor?
He knows I love him.
Not at a size 33 they aren't
You know what I would have? 50 ties. Because ties in my office multiply like ferrets, or whatever animal that humps a lot. I have literally, without exaggeration, 1600+ ties to list. So tie consignors, have patience, please.
I have 65 shoes. I think. What does that say about me? :/Thats true, but different strokes for different folks - not everyone likes the same thing, and thats fine with me. Many times I sell stuff that I would never wear (thank god, because if I didn't I would be broke and homeless) but if it makes someone happy, I am happy.I call bullshit on this. I could justify 50 pairs of GG or Corthay in my closet any day, all day.You guys should be - that sweater is a classic and was...
Dude. Right! Instapaid too. Not thrifted by me, but thrifted by someone (talented).Dude. Bro. This is the greatest 5 minutes of my day. THANK YOU
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