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It shoots like a supermodel! Samuelsohn is generally cut big.
nothing too impressive but finally taking a stab at my tie backlog…the 4th Polo up from the bottom is impressive as hell though. Its about 4.5" wide, and the silk is pretty incredible. Its a very ornate woven one. Its heavy and stiff (thats what she said) and is very cool while being super ugly at the same time. [[SPOILER]]
I can see where the comparisons lie in the font and label layout. But Isaia's tags, each and every one that Ive ever seen are rectangular, not square like this. Ive also seen Isaia for BB and I have also seen this label for BB and the quality is worlds away. And the labels in my Isaia for BB's that Ive handled are accurate to the same Isaia tags that we know (and love )
what. the.fuck.but seriously can we discuss that. now i have to check the adjectives I use in listing.
Well, yes. But would be awesome.
Ive heard both sides to this argument and I absolutely feel this is not isaia and I would never market one as such.
it would be so awesome if i worked at the salvation army. wouldn't that be something.
I didnt say which 9-5.
Get ready for an auction!
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