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SRS? What do they have and how much is it?
Every bid counts! Just a couple thousand shy of breaking the record.
you guys ready?
Im excited to have them end on Xmas night actually! What better time to be drunk with boring family members to ignore while you browse my auctions on your phone!
hahaha nice bro! Fit pic is perfect! The MWM sweatshirt was this close to being a keeper. The Cobra power hat is one of my favorite things ever. Glad you appreciate it all - happy holidays!
The blazer is womens.Bapes are gone bruh im sorry!It is a patchwork robe! I forgot the tie but probably lolgoing to wes tomorrow.pretty sure thats a keeper.
Gotta step out. Will add the rest later!
part 3 added above
they are legit! if you're a horny industrial worker, I've got the pants for you. I have 3 more uploads to do, not sure if ill be able to do them all now but will try
see above
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