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I feel like Ive asked this 100 times and sorry to ask again but whats the brand that just says "shirt" on the label? The label is all woven with tone on tone thread. Its impossible to google.
School us, how come? I would not have looked twice at those (but Bo dont know jack about furniture).
Saga mink is OK, and would sometimes get a few hundred but any mink you find from the 80s/90s is mostly a pass - think of all the mink coats they sold back then, so theres a million of them on the second hand market now. I dont fux with them personally, I leave them at every thrift I see.
for sure. but I have some alternative sweetness too.Just took in another 80 sweaters, all colors and sizes!
thats one of the advanced flipper techniques, dontchaknow.
makes me think I should grab some of the hundreds I leave each time and sell to him in bulk.
sadly no.
Thats 100% me.
I hear youlet me think with a sober mind in the morningbecause now im thinking about the Supreme x LV trunks
Completely thought of you when hitting the launch buttonnot a joke
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