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you wear it very well! Enjoy!
want that. available?still want it.
auctions ending in a half hour guys. some real good ties going for cheap currently.
almost - you want orange label.
Totes available.
I did not take one but its pretty much this :doc, you should be thanking him.
quick run this morning before i started with the cocktails. squares - cottons silks bb england, pissed they are not my size, great last ties hats smooshy vintage for me theory leather valentino nappa leather vtg tommy
I think I've worn socks with loafers once lifetime lol. Black, brown, green, it doesn't matter. I just can't do it.The pants were a slubby linen from Epaulet, and up north was a black and white gingham check shirt by Borrelli, an unstructured tissue thin cashmere blazer by LBM1911, and a $1500 Domenico Vacca black bombe alligator belt
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