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They are awesome shoes. I was, as you know, thiiiiiiisclose to buying those blue ones from you.Shoes are here, for those interested.I agree with this.Just PM'd you.
oh. my. god. i thought i was the only one!!!!! Never leave things a mess or you won't find shit!! Im friends with all the employees at the stores I frequent - but they have no idea what the good stuff is, and Id rather them keep it that way. Let them think the good stuff is a North Face. Its never bad to have an ally in the store for when you need it - extra discount coupon you may not have, tips about when they get deliveries, etc.hahahaha i just PM'd him
I literally get stealth ninja and crawl up underneath the tie rack so I can see all the labels. Nobody wants to be near crazy. I get crazy. Thankfully, Ive already befriended all the security guards, so theres not any "concern".I have long arms and reach over people who are rack blocking. No fucks given. They glare, I smile and keep looking. If someone gets pissy, Ill get super, super hyper and pull anything off the rack and scream "OH MY GOD! I FOUND IT! AMAZING!" and...
yeah son!
Speciale is great, but I like mine topless.What are your thoughts on the 488? I kind of don't like it much, but can be persuaded.
crap, nice haul Van Veen!
I think I bought those. Blue and camel right?
Seraphin. Deerskin.Please buy it so I can get a great deal on a 458 Spider.
A few rare and beautiful pieces below, thanks to my new friend from Ferrari North America. He said if these sell well, theres "lots more where that came from". membership has its benefits.
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