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hahahaah it wasn't but it is now!
I wonder when Mr. Big will start giving me the good stuff. :/ Heres the scraps I have to try and muddle through going live next week.
Donated from a very generous consignor.Oh great, a 3 way bidding war with you yodels.
Thats a dream for me. #fuckthecoldPM sentYup, no outsourcing on the ties.
Taking a look through the listings now and placed my bids on some stuff!! im in the mix on - Polo bathrobe John Lobb bucket bag tried on the purple drakes shantung but outbid :/ green boglioli scarf tried on the turnbull squares but outbid :/ pissed the gucci vintage wide leg pants don't fit me! What are you guys bidding on? Also don't forget I'm offering free shipping within the US for all SF member purchases!
well that Kiton vicuna didnt last long now, did it?
http://putthison.com/post/146757017938/ebay-roundup-were-really-sad-to-hear-styleforum Thank you so much @dieworkwear !!!
No extra work for me. Id list as you please, but try and do it soon as I think the PTO list is coming out in about 20 minutes or so and we should have a spot in there!
The RL is a glen plaid, yep. The Isaia is black, they sell better when I call them dinner jackets.Appreciate that, fixed.I liked that one too lolWhats the worst I could say, no to your offer?
New Posts  All Forums: