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you've missed a bunch since your last post.
Just to expound a bit on the Brook Club blazer buttons. I get a random phone call at the store from a woman who says she sold her house and has some clothes she'd rather not donate and wants me to come look. I leave the store and drive over, and its this amazing old world estate in the heart of the Gold Coast, true old money wealth. Water views, incredible pool and pool house, 3 acres of prime North Shore money. I pick a few things (womens) and she tells me that her...
RIDE ALONG, KIDS OF ALL AGES 20 OCTOBER 16 1. Vintage Brooks Brothers 3 Piece Suit 2. Brooks Brothers Black Fleece by Thom Browne B/W Gingham Jacket 3. NIB Yeezy 750′s 4. Nikon Japanese Made Tortoise Shell French Lens Sunglasses 5. Yeezy Beluga 350′s 6. NWOB John Lobb Medbourne’s 7. Alden for Brooks Brothers #8 Shell Cordovan Full Strap Loafers 8. Ralph Lauren by Corneliani Charcoal Flannel with Purple Check Suit 9. Rare Blazer Buttons from the Brook Club, NYC...
Sounds great! (but do it soon, those are in progress as we speak!)Those fuckers caused so many problems for us, cant say Im sorry. Anyone who has been following this thread for a while remembers when we had the whole sell our house / buy our house debacle, and its thanks to the corrupt situation there. (thats still going on, BTW)
I did. It took a lot of time to do, and there wasn't really any (seemingly, please correct me if thats something thats needed for you guys) benefit to it. The intent in posting them was to allow for pre-buy offers, but I hardly got any. I post Mr. Big and CEO dude's lists most of the time in text format, and if anyone has interest in something I can follow up with pics etc. But it took a few hours to post the preview pics and that time has been converted into getting...
OMG was it!? Im so sorry! Credit where its due. It was in with my winter sweaters with that haul, so I just assumed. In any event its never for sale Not really (classic line is diffusion / not vintage or much money) but would still not kick it out of bed for eating cookies.
Anyone who was waiting for this to go live..... sorry, sold! (four figures+, anyone who is curious) A good theory, but no, I can confirm thats not correct (nor will I confirm any correct suspicions).Though on a semi related note, when I was in college and we used to go out to NYU bars, I would tell the chicks I was hitting on that my family invented the pencil. On other nights, when I was wing-manning for my friends, I would tell them that his last name was Woolworth. "You...
These are going up on eBay tonight at $599, but doing an advance listing for SF here at $599! Free shipping in the US, $25 overseas. Will update with the auction link as soon as theyre live tonight.
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