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He's still typing his reply.
I did, if its the same. Its been there a long time and I was waiting for a price drop. Just didnt have enough meat on the bone as it was. (and as an aside, i was not impressed one bit with the construction for the astronomical retail price)
Thats more jeans than I've thrifted lifetime.Exit 51?Not caruso.And I have beard envy.
just a PM away if you're serious.
oh come on. thats like nitpicking thread counts.
i lol'ed
I know! I used to collect comics. Was always a fan of Jim Lee, met him at a convention in the 90s. I think Rob Liefeld was my favorite though
#onestore probably the most random grouping of thrifts that has been thrifted. the cashier thought i was going to mardi gras. lol nice, small, but quality grip of ties with RT NWT irish tweed hat, torino burnished belt BB/peal/crockett + Chucks (FINALLY) my size made in USA N/A even the sun shines on a dogs ass sometimes. summer weight three piece asks fifth / italy wool huge 56" equestrian shawl can finally check this one off my bucket list and stop looking...
New Posts  All Forums: