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thanks everyone, for sending some great items for a stellar week, and to my numerous SF purchasers tonight!
That tie is so beautiful.
Auctions ending in a few minutes - good luck to you all and don't forget to PM me with the auction link if you win something so I can adjust your invoice!
I guess it was! 80 watchers no less…
Um, no. You still can has bid though.
Am I that obvious?
PM Sent
Guys. Does anyone here have hookups in the sneaker verse? Im looking for some hard to find Adidas for personal use and aren't having any luck finding them (at non-astrononical prices). If you have any Adidas connections, please PM. Thanks!
thats actually mine. a former and nasty ex-girlfriend gave that to me, does not come with karma. LV duffel is also mine, sadly don't travel enough anymore to make it worth keeping
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