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thats a french luggage company piece. http://sassyme.org/2011/05/vintage-louis-vuitton-the-french-company-101/
About once a week or so. I do make mistakes and totally own up to them when they happen.
when i was flipping outlets in like 2010 or so i was pulling $39 tom fords, $19 drakes, $199 Lobbs, $249 LP mainline cashmere robes, $150 louboutins, $29 dingman crocs etc etc… those were the good old days. sadly they are over now. But I enjoy picking up the same items other people bought at those prices at the thrifts for $5-$25 though.
What size are you? Im sure I have something and I reply immediately Sadly, no.
long island represent today
its right.
ALL IN 25 AUGUST 16 1. NWT Ring Jacket Camel/Wool Unstructured Top Coat 2. Sulka Alligator / Surcingle Wool Belt 3. Vintage Genuine Indian Bleeding Madras Pants 4. NWT Man 1924 Carlos Castillo Green Herringbone Jacket (one of many Man 1924 coats this week) 5. Mid-Century vintage Ray Ban / Bausch & Lomb Green Mineral Glass Bakelite Bridge Shooting Sunglasses 6. NWT Ring Jacket Mottled Green/Blue Boucle Double Breasted Top Coat 7. Cesare Attolini 100% Cashmere...
Or he prefers Burger King.
thank yoouuuuuu come again
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