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Got the same message.
i smell a road trip with the top down FYI northeast
looks like buffalo.
@suited This is a reptile called "Karung" most commonly, but for keyword value, its "elephant trunk snake". Its not the most expensive exotic but its one of my favorites.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elephant_trunk_snakeOMG I LOVE IT
Tradtastic donation today! I already ran out of keywords for this. Check this out. STONE MINT Vintage 1960's Unstructured 3 Roll 2 Green Donegal Tweed Flecked Wool Four Piece Suit Reversible Houndstooth Waistcoat MOP Buttons 42 L NR (this is N/A btw, I'm sorry but I've got to put dinner on the plate with this:hide:) (seriously this thing is the fucking ducks nuts) also my 6th ever lifetime pair of shell! Hanovers. And for me, a tremendous hand rolled 120" navajo print...
RISE UP 21 MAY 15 1. APC x Kanye West Blue Hoodie 2. Engineered Garments Denim Jacket 3. Favourbrook Silk Fleur de Lis Waistcoat 4. Saint Crispins Wholecut Shoes 5. NWT Sid Mashburn Purple Corduroys 6. NIB Common Projects Achilles Low (39) 7. Limited Edition Alden Shop San Francisco Full Strap Shell Cordovan Loafers 8. NIB Common Projects Achilles Low (40) 9. Bespoke A. Caraceni for Calvin Klein Jacket 10. NWT Polo Ralph Lauren Cigar Linen Suit NOW LIVE
I don't think thats close to being over still.
welcome to the thread.you get minus one point for not taking the name "SisDeeeeeetz".
^ If they were croc I could And Silverware, holy CRAP! Is it bad that the sweetest part of those finds are the hangers for me?
She will be loved.
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