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always free US shipping on any of my auctions and half off for international.
Im not sure if I would call Barbour street wear.
No more FL? Is 330CK doing jumping jacks?
Vintage Gianni Versace Black Gold Neoclassic Baroque Silk Tie With Giant Fucking Run In Knot
PURE 26 MAR 15 1. Schott NYC Shearling Coat 2. Engineered Garments Army Green Spring Coat 3. NWT Maison Martin Margiela Black Lambskin Motorcycle Jacket 4. Bespoke Brioni Gold Tweed for Joe Bastianich 5. Vass Budapest Loden Green Chukka Boots 6. N. Peal Scotland 100% Cashmere Cardigan 7. NIB Carmina Boots for Skoaktiebolaget 8. Sulka 100% Cashmere Tartan Knit Sweater 9. Duke Artisan Ostrich Leg Ring Belt 10. Loro Piana 100% Cashmere Roadster Pull Sweater NOW...
About ready to crash for the night so if anyone sees any ties, ill get back to you around 4am
Ive never tried, but I think if I did try to use a touchscreen to navigate GS on a tablet, I would shoot myself in the face. Twice.
Definitely. To you would be the same speed as the last boxes - those were the fastest USPS service. I can also do FedEx but that would be likely cost prohibitive depending on what you're getting. Tell her to HMU I have a rack of Chanel on deck.Not usually at the dentist though.Hit me with your best shot, fire away.
@Thrift Vader
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