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i thought i had known all the thrift stores in a 20 mile radius of here by now, but I found one today that I had missed for the past 8 years or so. Some of these had dates on the tag from February 2015!! A $7 NWOT Charvet on the rack for 18 months….jesus. I literally had to knock the dust off of them.
I should have kept one of those. Great tie.A year or so ago?
LOL"put down the bong" is my favorite
I had one of those in red seersucker in my cart the other day and I put it back. I think I fucked that up."thousands" of dollars is ambitious, to be honest, especially for a blend.Its fucking ugly. But no.Come back and visit tomorrow! Holy shit that Vacca jacket!
and in other goings on in the store, a few fits from this week, a nice ass box arrived from a resurrected consignor in the NorthEast, a stack of mostly NWOT gloves, some peccary, mostly 8.5, and me taking one vintage made in West Germany peccary unlined driving glove on a test drive : And something completely fucking awesome we went to last night… this was the front gate (the password was Fidelio ) This was the back veranda view…. and inside, you'll notice a...
100% ^
All Kiton ties are 7 fold.
it looks good from here, but i wouldn't feel comfortable personally listing it as such (only because they are extreme ball breakers about that kind of thing)
^ 100% Attolini. Frenchy I want that skull dude
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