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shout out to my boy Igotpolo for the spot on the latest round two video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvyhtZpk4xE 9:45
I gave you that movie poster juju didnt I?
Hes a keeper!
Thrift fit. : Daks Tweed jacket ($6.99) Saks Fifth Ave shirt (Cant remember, couldnt have been much) Random merino wool cardigan ($4.99) Drakes for LuxeSwap wool challis tie (priceless) Anonymous ancient madder pocket square (probably $1.99) Polo RL/Corneliani cashmere wool flannels (probably $8.99) Vintage bespoke Lotus cape buck two eyelet chukka boots ($7.50)
Chester Barrie made in Italy?
No, DB. Like this.
Serious question. Who would be interested in a NWT solid navy blue unlined, unstructured, airplane runway lapeled signature shoulder double breasted Sciamat jacket in a slim-ish EU 48? Big timer piece.
Those are friggin awesome sir.
FTFYAll of it. Pattern, that crepe material, typewriter font, that shitty "Hand rolling" which it isn't even, "Paris", etc...
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