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You can call us or email a wish list to luxeswap@gmail.com.This woman just came in looking around for herself, so I started chatting with her and asked if she bought her husbands ties or he picked them out. She says that he doesn't wear ties much anymore but he has tons of suits and jackets and stuff that he doesn't wear much anymore. Some "fancy Italian brand thats really expensive". So I say "Canali? Zegna?" She says no…. Cesare something or other…
great talking to you man, thanks again.
Just got a phone call about this bad boy…..
brioni grenadine sold.
X-Post from Instagram/Tumblr/FB : Today and today only we are doing 20% off all in store purchases for ties! Here's a few winners including a solid brown Brioni grenadine, some Drakes X LuxeSwap, and another brown Zegna grenadine. Call us at 516-226-1055 or email at LuxeSwap@gmail.com to order or look for something. Sale ends at 5pm or my first glass of wine, whichever comes first. Free US shipping too.
Very true. Im drowning in ties as it is and hate leaving money on the table but someone should definitely pick that up.
Guys, another rare NWOB shoe thats a staple in every wardrobe. Ive got them at 699 on eBay but can do 599 for SF guys. Deets in the link below! http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-Ralph-Lauren-Purple-Label-England-Edward-Green-Grant-888-Shoes-8-8-5-D-A1P-/361750914924?hash=item543a08e76c:g:DcsAAOSwLF1X7aLw
Fellas - Ive got these up on eBay at 899 OBO but for SF guys I can do 799. These are extraordinarily rare to find NWOB 13 years later! Deets in the link below. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWOB-John-Lobb-2004-Prestige-8000-Last-St-Crepin-Brown-Leather-Shoes-7-5-E-A1P-/361750914941?hash=item543a08e77d:g:H2MAAOSwLnBX7aLv
i thought i had known all the thrift stores in a 20 mile radius of here by now, but I found one today that I had missed for the past 8 years or so. Some of these had dates on the tag from February 2015!! A $7 NWOT Charvet on the rack for 18 months….jesus. I literally had to knock the dust off of them.
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