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ha. ha.
Ce poste est inutile sans images!
Hermes and Versace are women's, the middle one very well may be, but Im offering it as mens and I would wear that all day. Like so :
i stand corrected, i want that hard now.
id love to see : robert graham / smart car drakes upholstered vintage bentley jeremy scott / 300M rick owens / tesla
SUVs are out of my wheelhouse.
if they are old, soft, and an XL, send em my way. (old I'm calling 1989 or older)I saw that, but I've never, ever once heard of a car/designer combination being a success. Marginally, the Versace/Lamborghini one is that I would consider, but I wanted to customize mine with the scheme I wanted and the materials I wanted. Its a nice car, but I like mine blacker, meaner, and more raw.
New Posts  All Forums: