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Waves look right to me.
Long time no post for this thread. Found these two yesterday and would love some other info on them. @Pierson v Post was kind enough to get me info on the medals for the top one, but the bottom one I cant find anything about. Im pretty sure that union label is from pre 1934, but cant seem to place the west point on the label with the real west point.
Nice finds! They look like real gator from here.What happened with the other things?!
Man, please go to bed. I don't want to start a fundraiser for you! Its not healthy. And this is from someone who works 20 hours a day.
Jompers, hit the sack man!
Vintage Blue Horseblanket Tweed Melon Windowpane WILD Check Jacket
I think that could be the rare and not often found alligator taint.
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