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RARE Salvatore Ferragamo Red Foulard Twill Abstract Antelope Banana Peel Esque Fighting Amoeba Silk Tie NR
someone on this page has a PM
I don't have any more dupes in sizes, except perhaps the suede chukka - everything else is last of each size. Ill post the previews for the following week here before they go live.
the carmina was a confusing sale, I get that. sorry about that. They came in blips, so it was hard to put together a massive sale at once.Ive already sold about 20 pairs on ebay - the rest will go up in the coming 2 weeks (no carmina this coming thursday).
100 pictures. A decent week for mid tier flips. [[SPOILER]]
How about yesterday?
good morning, star shine. the earth says hello!
same kind of stuff? 212, 718, 516, or 631?
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