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I got drunk and threw up at a White Zombie concert once.Two pairs of Buscemi on this thread in the past few weeks is 2 more than I thought I would ever see.
man, i wish I could list using my iPhone.
but at the right price, they do well…
THE LOVERS, THE DREAMERS, AND ME 11 FEB 16 1. Antique Brooks Brothers Tuxedo Jacket 2. Gravati Peccary Skin Shoes 3. Brunello Cucinelli Reversible Suede Puffer Vest 4. Brunello Cucinelli Tan Suede Parka 5. Polo Ralph Lauren Italy Grey Herringbone Storm Coat 6. Vintage Cowichan Sweater 7. Vintage Apple Computers x Levi’s Denim Jacket 8. American Optical Aviator Pilot Glasses 9. Hermes “Guepards” 140cm Mouselline Silk Scarf 10. Burberry Cashmere Blend Shearling...
Good lord why aren't those a size smaller!!
still looking for that Databank every time I go to a store.
I love the watch.I just now took that Omega I thrifted (was non functioning) to the watch repair shop to see if they can get it to tick again. Fingers crossed.
They are awesome shoes. I was, as you know, thiiiiiiisclose to buying those blue ones from you.Shoes are here, for those interested.I agree with this.Just PM'd you.
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