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Just a few things from a quick stop....
turkey hangover FTW
26 NOVEMBER 15 A record number of auctions launched tonight, 275 new ones to bring in the holiday season! 1. NWT Loro Piana aubergine cashmere lined vest 2. Sunspel grey hoodie 3. Lock & Co navy blue spotted tie 4. Ralph Lauren gold aviator sunglasses 5. Kiton emerald green cashmere blend jacket 6. Bernie Madoff’s Tom Ford hacking jacket 7. Vintage ivory silk evening scarf, made in England 8. Crockett & Jones Handgrade tobacco suede double monk shoes 9....
Im most thankful for all of you guys.
*up there and yes, it would. but I've got a hankering for a green chesterfield, if anyone sees one.
tactful avoidance of the pee river, frenchy!
FYI, received message from the same buyer that a BB tie I sold them was fake.
those are marketed to an entirely different audience.
Aside from business cloths, I've seen lots of "fashion" places market "fun" suits as separates. Be it to wear alone, or for pricing - sometimes these cloths are very expensive and its easier to sell a 4,000 dollar jacket and then a 1200 pair of pants than a 5200 suit. Also for sizing yes. You won't see this on any classic cloths, but you will on cashmeres, bold prints, etc.
Unless the jacket and the pants were sold separately as separates….
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