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I don't have much info on what's coming yet, but should soon. I know it's only about 20 pairs across a bunch of styles. So likely lots of one offs.There is a possibility some of them may be cordovan though. Maybe.
Both vicuña eagles slated to land tomorrow.... And yes. I do hope there is storm system. Lol.
I'd think you would feel pretty damn good in a vicuña 54. No?
That's what I mean. What size were you again?
These things cannot get here soon enough. I mean, really. Anyway, until then, working on some great stuff to get up in about 48 hours. Oh, and did I mention I have a new delivery of Carmina arriving next week too? Stay tuned luxeswappers.
Will you ask her to send back the LP vicuna on consignment then?
Exactly your size.What year is the Range?
Overcoat.Im looking directly at you, sir.
Loro Piana Mainline. I think $42,000 retail.
New Posts  All Forums: