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Well done, Woofa - welcome home!
no sweat. you want to look for the bigger, allover logos. unless its a bear.
Looks completely common and even if real, likely not worth the time spent listing if you're selling it.lol the dude moved fast I didnt have time to get there.
I had it on an old computer that crashed - i will try and see if I can find it!
Thats sad man. I had the privilege to be shot by him once. Super nice guy to boot and extremely humble. RIP Bill.
No paypal, just check - but if you prefer to have information stay confidential, you can always get a USPS money order too.--And, heres the rest of my auctions #forbrian - some very nice ties in here!
Awesome. Hope to see you in the winners circle!
Bid now and scare em away!
Yeah, I put in a revision this morning - should be 25.5"!
New Posts  All Forums: