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me - suit aisle, diligently checking one by one. no competition in sight. storms in - two flipperish looking dudes, obvi on a hunt. hits scarf rack, overheard "dude thats that burberry good good" me - motherfuck. (speed up label check and moves over to outerwear) flip dudes - march over to outerwear rack, other end from me me - digs in heels, prepared to battle, locks eyes, pulls out bluff material in a london fog overcoat and toss in cart to feign noobness flip dudes -...
thanks everyone, for sending some great items for a stellar week, and to my numerous SF purchasers tonight!
That tie is so beautiful.
Auctions ending in a few minutes - good luck to you all and don't forget to PM me with the auction link if you win something so I can adjust your invoice!
I guess it was! 80 watchers no less…
Um, no. You still can has bid though.
Am I that obvious?
PM Sent
New Posts  All Forums: