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True story, when I feel like I can't even think about staying awake anymore, I snuggle up in my dogs chest. The sound of her heartbeat and her smell is instant sedative. Matter of fact, time to go grab her and do just that. Catch you guys in a few hours.
Just a permutation of pattern, material, and label font. Jacquards, like his top one, were really from 1991-1994. Twills, like the bottom, were from about 1996-1999. The white label crosses over both from about 1995-1999. He died in 1997. There you go.
The top one yes, the bottom one is borderline but you should be able to call it that. Vintage Pre-Death Gianni Versace Couture Gold Barocco Coral Medusa Silk Tie (guess is 60 x 3.75) Vintage Gianni Versace Couture Black Twill Greek Key Bar Medusa Pendant Silk Tie (guess 62 x 3.75)
Rarely, and when I do, Im working.
nailed that
1990s Pre-Death Gianni Versace Couture Gold Medusa Greek Key Silk Tie(also known as Meandre or Greca in GV world but greek key is most popular)Bet you a buck its 57 or 58" x 3 7/8"
You've been up a looooong time today mango!
Just busting chops man. Here you go -http://www.styleforum.net/t/92795/difference-between-kiton-and-ciro-paone-per-kitonAnd thanks for the kind words - though if its lighting and photography for ebay you want to discuss, you should talk to @Brianpore, thats his expertise. But do so in the ebay thread.GLWS!
absolute shite. not even worth listing. 40R is the worst selling size, they go for like 20 bucks. You're new here and Ill kick start your education off with a $50 donation, send me the suit and we're good?
Yeah cmon G fess up!
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