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Nothing ticked off my list today, but thats OK. Found a bunch of great stuff, not limited to these rare keepers for myself! Billy Reid Ferrari red fishermans jacket, LNWOT Duesenberg book BB NWT paisley madder tie Skein dyed rare purple regimental twill tie Hand knit mocha/cream vintage Tino Cosma knit tie
Good moooooorning Doctor!
Saturday morning premonitions - Today, someone will find and/or post : Schott leather motorcycle jacket Hickey Freeman 100% cashmere jacket Alden shell split toe shoes a seven fold tie with no name One kiton shirt I just have that feeling.
So sorry for your loss man, my sincere sympathies for you.
Purchases over $1000 include a small vial in the pocket.
That it looks dead sexy on?That one was mine and I miss it already. Vintage, from about the 60's. No labels inside but cut beautifully.
RUSTICA 23 OCT 14 1. Vintage double breasted checked long coat (from my personal collection) 2. Persol James Bond Casino Royale 2720-S sunglasses 3. Tiffany & Co. Alligator belt 4. Over 40 NWT Anonymous Ism socks 5. Engineered Garments ivory pants 6. Brown elephant skin belt 7. Sulka 100% silk dressing gown 8. Alden 405 Indy Boots 9. Schiatti cashmere and wool lined suede bomber 10. 75 ties, including about 30 from my personal collection NOW LIVE
Holy shit what a day in here
Nataku did I just waste 6 bucks? 60/40 down fill coat
RARE Salvatore Ferragamo Red Foulard Twill Abstract Antelope Banana Peel Esque Fighting Amoeba Silk Tie NR
New Posts  All Forums: