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Only this variant of them, I'm sorry guys. But who knows what the future holds.Man, I don't want any more kids!
^ not really but I would have Kopped all day, its awesome.
^ Neither, and AFAIC its not a "major" maker.
only solids, b.
Thanks again to all for your Sozzi orders. Working on the reorder for the colors I already listed, and theres three new color options to add. Show of hands for anyone interested in these in all the same variants as before, so I know if I should invest or not? Black Red (no image to confirm shade but Im assuming a true red) Lighter Grey (the ones I had up on Friday are a very dark grey, I'm assuming mid-charcoal)
Corneliani doesn't color code tags, you cant get anything from that. Use "melange" in the title?
PM Sent
good looking out Razl!
I want all those shirts! XL?
Three button notch lapel V neck designer sport coatJust let me know when it's live.
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