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you are "damaged goods" … tsp tsk lol
I think that auction still has some legs yet. Erryone wants to look like Rosay in the Elvis Presley Blvd video.I guess you found one LP better than the one you originally wanted from me, eh?
waddup you creepy crawlers
if you think the gucci gator was good, wait till you see my halloween costume tomorrow.
LOL. Sure, go for it. But lets not play for cash, could complicate things. Ill donate a prize to the winner though. Someone else has to manage the pot/guesses though - I got another 250 auctions to crack out, and trick or treating tomorrow.
Go for it!
Auctions launched an hour later to compensate for the daylight savings time that happens while they are live. They are now live!Vicuna - http://www.ebay.com/itm/Loro-Piana-100-Vicuna-Double-Faced-Peru-Rich-Brown-Suede-Trim-Jacket-Coat-54-/351212064589?pt=US_CSA_MC_Outerwear&hash=item51c5decf4dNO RESERVEIm shaking.
Jompso you like to TYPE man lol
^ this is not one of buzz's jackets. This is mine
Sup morning Crue lol those italian sliders are pretty good but the sriracha burger was off the charts
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