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Good, Im glad to hear it! Because I just got in a massive new delivery. Ive got these on deck for a week from tonight, but many other sizes coming in these same styles behind it. Let me know if anything sounds appealing to you!
I hate that panicky feeling I get when I miss something but feel so at ease when they arent my size.
LOT x 2 Tom Ford Replacement Labels for Shirt Jacket Sweater + 20 THICK Mother of Pearl Buttons NR
For those of you who bought some of the Man 1924 stuff I had en masse a few months ago, how are you enjoying it?
That the collar was applied by hand.Would still cop regardless of condition. Labels alone are probably worth 40 bucks.Hornback Croc.Edit - woot!
gonna need more details
Buy this :https://www.amazon.com/Lo-Life-American-Classic-Jackson-Blount/dp/1576878120
very cool.
All of it!
edit - I agree Chet, sorry. Last I say about it here.I hear you. But I hold no secrets in my job and freely share information with my team. Mostly because they stay in the store and work while I go out and source haha. But the most important thing in any business is placing the right person in the right position. My talent is my knowledge of menswear and thats why I spend most of my time authoring titles and finding the right product for my customer. Granted her volume is...
New Posts  All Forums: