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How do J.FitzPatrick's shoes compare to brands like Crockett & Jones and Carmina in terms of leather and construction quality?
Is theloftoutlet really trustworthy? I see items that are reduced from 3200 euro to 500 euro. I happen to know the original price is really 3200 euro...
I have been looking for a high quality cotton sweatshirt. I found one by Tom Ford at Mr Porter which is rather expensive: Does somebody know who produces these sweatshirts (or other knitwear) for Tom Ford? Which brands would you recommend?
Sold, please close thread
I would like to thank Kirby for his great service. A customer from Europe!
$300 or best offer.
New price: $350
I would like to offer a pair of high-quality shoes made by Crockett & Jones. I only tried out the shoes twice in house. Unfortunately the shoes turned out too tight. Brand: Crockett & Jones Model: Ealing Leather: Snuff suede Sole: Rubber Last: 360 Construction: Goodyear welted Size: UK 8E Original price: 369,95 euro which equals $492 (USD) Shoe store: Zwartjes van 1883 (Amsterdam) Asking price: $375 (USD), please note the asking price does not include shipping costs. I...
When I buy shirts or cashmere sweaters there is always some tissue like paper wrapped around it. This tissue like paper is also used to fold up the sweater more neatly. What kind of tissue paper is this? Is there some name for it? Where can I buy it?
An amazing overcoat that fits you well! One question though: why is the right (from the wearer's perspective) lapel curling?
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