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Good stuff. What's the fabric weight on #48?
Just sent pymnt for the sam hober tie.
Thoughts on how much the GF 40S notch lapel tux can be lengthened in the sleeves? I'm a Regular, but would love to make it work. Also what is the rise on the pants?
Can you please post the inseam, rise and actual waist measurements?
Nice stuff, what are shoulder and P2P measurements for the 15.75" shirts?
Do you still have the APCs for sale?
I'll take it for $49 shipped, just let me know your paypal info. Thx
It's not clear to me from the link - is this Gustin's Classic or Slim fit? Thanks
Are these slim fit or regular fit? Measurements for p2p and shoulders on the 16/34 would be great!
Nice pants, do you have the rise measurement?
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