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yes it is a two-button collar. I think, one is enough for the collar-height, however.
my take on Claps-collar close-up:
x-post from the challenge:
Some great entries so far! Keep 'em coming, guys! Here's mine:
No offence taken I do not need to wear my suits very conservatively & I like my pants with no break. I understand this is not to everyones liking.Men in Austria most often wear their suit pants way too long, like everywhere in the world
The trousers do come finished already. Suitsupply has a pretty awesome MTM-program, better use them over IndoChino-Crap.
this weeks Friday challenge is up: http://www.styleforum.net/t/381634/friday-challenge-2014-2-28-the-uniform
new challenge is up. you can now start calling me "boring" http://www.styleforum.net/t/381634/friday-challenge-2014-2-28-the-uniform
This weeks challenge is about one of MC's most classic combinations:Blue jacket, grey trousers, brown suede shoes.While on first glance this challenge might be boring & too easy, you should focus on fit, accessoires & textures this week.The jacket can be any shade of blue, the pants any shade of grey. Brown suede shoes are a must.Shirt & tie mandatory.I hope for many contestants this time, because most (all) of you guys on SF should own those three pieces Please submit...
네. 제 아내는 한국인입니다.
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