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http://www.styleforum.net/t/141581/allen-edmonds-appreciation-thread/40140#post_6980245Better show some pics of your fitting at b&tailor
Meermins do look good, though, while AE will always look like crap.
new Vass of a friend of mine more on his tumblr: http://pictoturo.tumblr.com/
Looks like lbm to me
Sure. Luxire is known to make everything work.You could also scan or draw a collar you like and send the image to them for replication.They are very flexible.Check the googledocs in my sig for reference on some collars.
What is a "non-solid white shirt" anyways? Blue-striped?
1-2 weeks for shirts.Just tell Luxire to copy the design of Claps collar & let them make it 1 or 2 cm higher.
There will always be the chance to use a proxy living close to Budapest
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