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@Claghornshow a fit pic!!
Welcome to the rest of your life
The Lazio looks quite good, but you really should size one up to 36r
Thanks. Suit is Partenopea.
x-post from challenge:
The weather also feels quite Italian
So much in!
Every five year old can count better than you! 1. Linen is a fiber made from a plant (flax)2. I'd say yes, def. a summer fabric.3. not always. Depends on yarn count & waive & fabric weight5. not sure it is more expensive6. oh yes. Some like it & embrace the wrinkles.7. imho, yes. Others might disagree, but with the wrinkels and slubby texture it is more casual than most cottons imhoI would not suggest to get a linen shirt first, better start with cotton.
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