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It isn't free anywhere.
If suitsupply pants are big on you, you better not skip leg day again!
Really excited to see their work on you! They sure so some great stuff!Too bad l wasn't in Seoul long enough last time to get a suit made...
BNtailor had a great grey striped shirt on their tumblr!
VOTE NOW for the BEST UNIFORM http://www.styleforum.net/t/381634/friday-challenge-2014-2-28-the-uniform
So many great fits this week, thanks for playing, gents! I editet the start-post with all fits in the spoiler & added the poll. Happy Voting!
Great looks! Please keep in mind, that there are still 12 hours to submit your fit!
yes it is a two-button collar. I think, one is enough for the collar-height, however.
my take on Claps-collar close-up:
x-post from the challenge:
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