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long time no post, first one in IV
He is Jort Kelder, a pretty well known journalist and TV host in the Netherlands.
Get suspenders
It was 760€
Long time no post, guys. I placed an order for my first MTM suit last week- they do have many great options! I chose a Ariston cotton Solaro in navy, will post a detailed review after I received it!
Looks like the Lazio. Fit is very good for RTW, but the jacket looks too short. Is this a L-size already? Brown Suede Loafers, Double Monks or Captoe-Oxfords will work.
You are on their insta @Claghorn:
For a girl? Looks super short & not cut very nicely...
Both look bad. Havana is a pretty shitty cut, imho.
Yes, I have now two Partenopea Suits. Quality is outstanding.The pants are fuller & cut better than suitsupply. They drape nicely. @Monkeyface
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