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Second MTM order
Iirc, the top one is MTM.Both fit great, no need for bnt in your case imho.
Thanks. There's no chance to lower the gorge in the MTM system, though (I like it that high, just as a general info).
Seems like The Armoury is getting in business with bntailor. Better order your stuff now before 300% price increase
Thanks for the comments. The pants are indeed not draping perfectly, but mind that they are: - cotton - traped by my knee sock. I will, however slighty increase the leg width on my next order. Jacket fits pretty good (so I ordered another one ). I had them make the chest a bit wider so there's some nice drape. Of course, the result still has some flaws, it is my best fitting jacket by far.
Solaro MTM
Of course Formosa, Partenopea etc are all in an entiterly different league.The La Spalla is made in China, I should have written "Neapolitalian Inspired". Not everything made in China nowadays is crap.It is, however, a pretty nice suit which is easily accesible for Rudals (with a SS-store in DC).So he can try the suit in different sizes, snap some quick pics & get feedback here before buying.
@Rudals Get into Suitsupply, ask for the La Spalla (do not try on the other cuts). It is no Formosa surely, but a very nice Neapolitan suit. Make sure to get the right size & take pics and post them here.
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