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Congrats to Butler & thanks to everyone who submitted a fit!
just got my new green-stripe shirt today. had to try it on before the first wash, so don't mind the awful tie knot. Got the premium MOP-buttons for the first time. They are worth the 20$ imho. Fabric is: http://luxire.com/products/white_green_dress-stripes Collar is a creation by Beatelguese
ich liebe diese Kombination
*gets credit-card ready*
at least we have none on the autobahn
couldn't resist the blue one aswell: Again, an amazing tie! Can't beat that value. I hope there will be released some more untipped ties, especially looking for some silk/linen blends or 100% linens for summer.
It isn't free anywhere.
If suitsupply pants are big on you, you better not skip leg day again!
Really excited to see their work on you! They sure so some great stuff!Too bad l wasn't in Seoul long enough last time to get a suit made...
BNtailor had a great grey striped shirt on their tumblr!
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