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nice fit! Also +1 for 5.5cm cuffs!Who makes the suit? Suitsupply?
get a tumblr, no more shitty imageshack etc.
link to the Korean SF?
Die Stilmagazin-Invasion geht weiter ;-)Nice fit & color-combo.Welcome to SF!
AAS, imho that jacket should not be worn with a tie. Also, try a light-blue button-down-shirt next time. I think the jacket fits you really well, but with the formal white shirt + tie it looks "meh" to me.
Thanks for the informationThat's really disappointing. Seems the quality is really going down with every new collection.
I really like this suit. Fabric looks real good. The fit on you is also good.
I really hope they do not start using poly...
too hot for a tie:
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