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Thanks for the informationThat's really disappointing. Seems the quality is really going down with every new collection.
I really like this suit. Fabric looks real good. The fit on you is also good.
I really hope they do not start using poly...
too hot for a tie:
One of your best fits imho, aas. I really dislike the shoes & the bowtie, but the rest & the fit is nice.
I just write to service@suitsupply.com - until now they always had in stock what I requested, even when not on the website.I think you can do that in Europe, too.Generally, I do not really like the "sale-system" as it is right now (not at Suitsupply, but generally). New winter-stuff came in stores in June, meaning that the summer-stock was on 50-70% sale in July.Same thing happens in the winter.Just not right imho..
Actually, this is the first time I saw a price drop on either the Suitsupply web-shop or the brick&mortar-store. Usually their old (not-basic-staple) stuff goes to the outlets or is kept in the usual stores until it sells out. I wrote them an email recently to get a suit from 3 seasons ago and they found it in one of their stores and will send it to me. I will have to pay full retail price, though. IMHO, I quite liked the system with no price drops. Sure, you cannot get a...
still under 30°C, so I am wearing a suit again
I am 183cm with around 77kgs (DYEL?) and wear a 48 in Lazio & Sienna and a 98 in SOHO & Havana.This is me wearing the blue SOHO in size 98, fits pretty good imho.
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