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Yes. They still have almost all sizes on stock. It is a really nice jacket. I almost bought it for the regular price, at €99 it was a no-brainer.
Nice outfit (I still do not like the shoes)!
Not sure why some people need to discuss their measuring mistakes in this thread. Luxire has a great customer-service via mail. If they made a mistake, they will be happy to replace the shirt.
Thanks. Only the sleeves where shortened a bit (on the picture it looks like they can use a bit more shortening, though...).
the extreme heat of the last weeks is over, so back to wearing a jacket:
I am wearing it today & also took some pics this morning. Will post them here tonight.
looks nice. Is this the standard-BD-collar?
nice fit! Also +1 for 5.5cm cuffs!Who makes the suit? Suitsupply?
get a tumblr, no more shitty imageshack etc.
New Posts  All Forums: