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Not too hot for suit&tie today In other news: new tie sample of my wife's "TIOCTIES" project & a new camera.
your shirt collars could all use longer collar points, so they can hide under the lapel.Also, I would remove the belt loops when the suit is worn with braces.
Test driving another tie sample of my wife's little project. Full shots tonight.
Nice + really great fit!
that's real fast. Post some pics!
so, is this "the bad-taste thread"?
hot, humid & my pants do not drape well. oh well...
Because it's not true.
Sander + Braddock: nice seeing you posting a lot recently.
my next luxire-project: Source: Voxsartoria in this fabric: http://luxire.com/products/dugdale-light-grey-plain-8960
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