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They do have a navy donegal from VBC, had it made up recently:It is a great fabric & was only 419€ for the fully canvased red line MTM.I chose the natural shoulders this time & am very satisfied.
Nice colors! Not digging the very sad gorge angle & buttonhole, though.
[quote name="Gianni Cerutti"Bespoke vintage overcoat by Mimmo Pirozzi via Chiaia 197[/URL]Bespoke vintage overcoat by Mimmo Pirozzi via Chiaia 197 Naples, bespoke shirt D'Avino Naples.[/quote]Great post¡¡¡¡ compliments! The tie must have many years on its shoulders???? Inkjet??
Sell. Go to Suitsupply & get a LaSpalla.
I meant "iirc" not "imho"
It wasn't possible to change the gorge imho, but I'll check again on Monday.
Thx. They do have a wide range of options now. You can choose shoulder types, db/sb, button-confuguration (2b, 3b, 3r2), pocket (I take 3 curved patch pocket a la P. johnson).You can also adjust a lot of measurements. I lowered the buttoning point and made a lot of other small changes.This jacket is made of Ariston fabric and came out just under €600, which really is a steal considering fabric and construction (full canvas etc)I have another appointment on Monday to order...
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