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Where do you find such nice things at Thrift Shops? I live in a part of Southern California where I might be lucky enough to find one good sport coat or a couple of good ties. I have been able to to find multiple Zegna Ties at once while going to thrift shops. Otherwise I'm usually finding 1 good piece of clothing. I went a couple of week ago to my local goodwill and I was able to be find 1 nice Etro or Eton Shirt. There wasn't anything else I could find.
I guess there is a reason this happens to people on Ebay? I got stuck in a similar situation. I was trying to list a pair of Gucci Casual Shoes and it won't let me to do it. It gives me a similar message and tells me "To list this item, you will need to confirm your personal information through PayPal Verification." I guess there is a reason for this? I just listed an Etro Shirt on ebay and it let me do that. It's not like I list that many items on ebay. Just last week I...
Where is this Marshall's? I live in Southern California. We live in area that is mostly middle class along with some nicer areas. We have a Marshall's and they never have that type of stuff. They used to have suit section 10 years. Now they usually only get a few. I guess it has to do with the are we live in. I remember last year going to Marshall's and they usually would have no more than maybe1 dozen suits. Just a few near where the dress shirts would be. I remember once...
We have a goodwill. I was able to find a Tom Ford Shirt that I just sold on ebay. Most of the time I don't find anything good. Last Time I went to Goodwill I was able to get myself a pink Hugo Boss dress shirt that looks unworn. It's not something worth selling on the bay.
Where were you shopping? There is goodwill near where I live and find nothing like that. Maybe I will find one good tie like that. How did they have 100? I guess you could say found the pot of gold.
I was shopping at our local goodwill on wednesday when they have one their 50% of sales from 5 to 9 PM. I got some stuff including a leather Dell Laptop bag for only $5. It doesn't look like it was used much. Inside none of the fabric lining is ripped. I also got a little Luis Vuittton purse or cosmetic case for $5. I don't know if it is even real. I can't tell if it's fake or not but would guess it probably is.
Our local goodwill had a few good things. I got an Ascot Chang shirt. Not sure if they are worth anything. I was looking at fleebay and it doesn't seem like their is much value in trying to resell them. It only cost me $2 because they were having a 50% off sale they do every other wednesday.
They have been talking about how Ralph Lauren is the outfitter of the USA Olympics team. People have been pointing out the stuff is made in china. ABC News even did a story today about how the clothing is Made in China. I thought the more expensive Blue Label stuff was Made in Italy. The suits and stuff were made by Corneliani. Looking at the Ralph Lauren website All the women's stuff seems to be imported even the coats and the expensive silk skirts. Some of the Men's...
I got a Brooks Brothers crewneck sweater at thrift shop for around $5 or so. It's 92% Merino Wool and 8% cashmere. I was thinking of selling it on ebay and I figured I couldn't get much for it. It seemed like something that could sell for $15-20. I'm very careful though. I want to make sure their aren't any holes or anything. I want make sure what I'm buying is in good condition.
Quote: Originally Posted by lenahan I have a blazer and an SC by LPL. I bought them because they were heavily marked down (end of season sales), so for what I paid, I got a good deal. The quality is not up to par with Polo, but I wear them because I like the patterns and the colors, and they fit me well. and the brilliance of the TJ Maxx, etc... is that they sell things that other higher end stores could not at a discount. I have seen very good quality...
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