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Hi, keen for Paul Smith 'Karlson' Aviator Sunglasses 60-14-140 Brushed Platinum/Riviera Gradient forums PM not working, are u open to some reductions?
Payment made for this jacket already. Thks
PM/Email sent for interest.Pls reply R
BUMP for a wonderful seller
Quote: Originally Posted by mat135ta I am moving soon and I want to get rid of a few Loro Piana and Colombo pure cashmere blazers made by ARNOLD BRANT and JACK VICTOR in sizes 42, 44, 46, which I originally bought to trade with SF members. I am thinking to charge $60 for the LP ones and $70 for the Colombo one, plus actual postage. If anyone is interested, please let me know the size and I will post pictures later. I am keen for Pure...
In fact trouser no. 11) NWT Jos A. Bank black/white donegal tweed with pleats. Size 38, fits TTS. Made in Mexico - IS ALSO SOLD I ordered no. 7), 9), 10), 11) and 13) Total 5 Trousers Thanks
I am interested, if u could send some Images
Is this PRL Grey Herringbone Sport Coat – Italy – Cashmere Blend still available ? What can be the MINIMUM Price
Quote: Originally Posted by stylesmurf Price drops on everything! Is this still available ??? 4) Polo by Ralph Lauren Blazer. Tag Size: 42R. NWT MSRP $1095 -> $100 What's the dropped price on this ? Thanks
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