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I had a pair of Dainese Redgate gloves and they worked fine until I got into an accident. I took a little spill going around 15 mph and the leather on the palm tore. My hands were alright though, the gloves did their job. After that, I decided I wanted a pair of gloves with palm sliders so I went with the Held Phantoms. They're hand made out of kangaroo leather, stingray hide, and Kevlar stitching. Best gloves I've used so far.
Have you considered pursuing a post-doc yourself? That would probably fluff up your CV more if you're interested in becoming a PI than lecturing basic chemistry to bunch of community college students. There are job listings here you could check:
Ohh cool.. a thread for people who fucking hate those non-stick skillets.
The tattoo is disappearing just like her career.
I don't understand why anyone would want one of these things?
Love Ghost Rider Love Nic Cage Don't love the combination Like The Hulk and Spider Man, they should've recast the lead to a younger a guy. They should also get Christopher Nolan to direct and write the screenplay.
Where in CA is that?
Office 2011 for Mac OS X Snow Leopard or Lion works just fine. I made the switch from PC to Mac earlier this year and it was a pretty seamless transition. Anything you can do on a PC can be done on a Mac. I don't do anything that involves complex formulas/macros on Excel. But I'm sure it's capable of it. The way to access those features might be a littler different. But for functions like AVG or STD, graphing charts or making tables, it's all there on Excel 2011 for...
G+ sucks. I joined earlier this month and this is what it's like:
It started off so slow. The first aliens didn't even show up until a third of the way in. This movie reminds me of Battle Los Angeles except in the form of a western. On the bright side, Olivia Wilde is hot.
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